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Yoonla Review – Is It Really Free?

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RATING:  7.5/10

What Is Yoonla

Yoonla is a CPA (cost per action) platform developed by New Zealand entrepreneur Reno Van Boven aimed at helping beginners to understand the affiliate marketing basics and start making money online.

Still in its infancy, Yoonla comes with a free membership plan that offers lessons in a five step plan, and tools that can help an online business earn from affiliate links. The CPA method works a bit differently because it offers a guaranteed payout per click or form completed, instead of giving out money only after a product is purchased through the said link.

There are two ways that can earn you money when using Yoonla. First of all, leads that you bring to the platform have a fixed value. People that create accounts through your referral link will generate income for you, the size of which depends on which country they reside in. Some zones are worth more than others.

The second income avenue is through affiliate links. Each click that leads to someone signing a form through your website will generate some money depending on the CPA value. This article reviews the mechanics of Yoonla, the training provided, the promises made and whether it is worth using it as a passive income source or even as a full-time occupation.

Support Offered To Members


There is no difference in the training offered to free and premium members. The same five step program is available to all people that join Yoonla, and there are no hidden mechanics or special guides available just for those that pay. Reno has quite a few successful projects under his belt, so he understands that for him to make money, all members must receive the same level of information and support.

Yoonla Review

The only real difference between free and premium membership comes in the form of earnings. Free members will always be paid less per click and less per leads, sometimes even as low as 50% of what a premium member would get. That said, you can always take it slow and start with no investment, learn all there is to learn and if satisfied, upgrade for the chance to earn more and get some juicy bonuses.

Yoonla offers accurate and easy to follow facts and guides on how CPA works. But although the platform is promoted as beginner friendly, you do require some previous knowledge in other areas to get the most out of the experience. A background in sales, web design or SEO content writing goes a long way into monetizing your business with Yoonla because the program doesn’t teach you any skill during any of the five steps.

User Interface

The user interface on Yoonla can show you detailed information regarding payments, traffic, records, promotions, and much more. It does not have a tutorial available but everything is so straightforward that such a feature is not required. After going through the five step program and learning all there is to learn, you can setup your affiliate program and monitor everything that’s going on through your personal page.

Additional Tools Required

Yoonla may be free to join and the premium membership might be optional but many misleading facts have been spread about how to actually earn money from using this platform. The fact that no fee is taken upon registration should not qualify this service as free when it takes so much more investment in additional tools to get even the smallest amounts of cash out of your work.

If you are not a beginner in the digital business world then you probably already have some favorite tools you use on a regular basis. However, if you are, new at this, Yoonla offers suggestions on which auxiliary products can help you to make a good profit. Some of these are great, no doubt, but some feel a bit forced as they are products promoted by Reno and not necessarily the most affordable or lucrative ones available.


Get Response

One of the tools that Reno favors and will steer you towards is GetResponse. While this auto-responder comes with different monthly payment plans it is important to understand that the leads generated are not a sure thing when it comes to covering your costs. It is handy without a doubt but there are no guarantees.

My #1 choices will be AWeber 


Another tool wildly popular is LeadPages. Investing in this will expand the range of products you could promote and of course, you will also contribute to Yoonla by registering through Reno’s affiliate link. Generating leads on your own is close to impossible these days so starting out by buying premade packs is not only easier, it is also highly recommended in Reno’s lessons which I really agree. Before I get into Yoonla, I already have LeadPages for building landing pages.

Check Out LeadPages


 Domain Name and Hosting

A web domain and hosting service will cost money on a monthly basis. That money will come out of your own pocket since Yoonla does not offer such benefits. It does, however, offer specific advice on how to get the most out of a premium membership and a partnership with Yahoo for their hosting service.

For anyone unclear at this point, all these tools recommended by Reno as the best ones to associate with Yoonla, are what make the platform most of its revenue.

For my personal experience with Yahoo hosting is not a good one. The support is very difficult to get through, there no direct email where you can contact for some hosting issue.


What Yoonla Doesn’t Explain

It doesn’t take an affiliate marketing expert to understand that all sites on the internet depend on traffic. It affects everything from their rankings in search engine queries to revenue from ads and affiliates. Although Yoonla does not promise a guaranteed lifestyle, they still don’t point out key factors involved when it comes to success in this industry.

The way Reno makes his money from subscribers is clear and easy to understand. The issue comes when members on his platform are attempting to do the same thing and hope for a little success. All the people that sign up and set up a business will generate income for Yoonla no matter how successful they are. Even those that tank within one month, still purchased some products for that month that generated income for Reno’s business.

The same thing cannot be said about many people that crash and burn with their projects. Yes, a deep understanding of how CPA generates income and how to attract traffic is on offer but it is not nearly enough to help people to grow a new business. Although the platform is still in early development, key information is left out from most of the lessons.

Anyone that joins this service without any prior knowledge of web design and SEO content writing, and lacking an overall creative mind will have no chance of succeeding with a generic website designed as a CPA bait. People are very careful with what they click on these days, and it is more than likely that a click bait site with random walls of text and out of context pictures will not climb the ranks no matter how much investment is made for leads and back-links.

While it may be easy to make money from CPA and affiliate marketing, it is important to remember that the entire process takes a lot of time and effort. However, those who persevere have the potential to earn sizeable amounts of money with the help of Yoonla.



No doubt, this platform can be a good starting point but it works best if you already have some idea of at least how to operate and manage a website that can keep people entertained and willing to help you out by clicking on your links.


Leads vs. Affiliate Links for Generating Profit

For an untrained eye, the system that Yoonla promotes may seem similar to an MLM (multi-level marketing) scheme. You convince people to join and get something in return, and the more people sign up through your referral, the more money you stand to gain. If you are a premium member and one of your sub-affiliates upgrades you get an even bigger commission.

The big difference between this platform and traditional MLM baits is that there is no promise of making money by doing nothing after a while. You can only earn so much from the people that join through you; because you do not get a percentage of their earnings, you basically just get a signing bonus.

Sure, earning some serious cash through leads might happen quicker than through CPA but that is a finite amount. Long-term, you need to generate traffic, have quality content and promote good products so that you can have a passive income through clicks or sales.

Think of it this way. There are so many people trying to convince other people to join that the more people that join, the more competition there will be for generating leads. If you were to bring in 200 people, you will then have 200 extra competitors fighting over signing up new members.

The CPA method will guarantee you an income regardless of whether or not a product has been sold through your link. It still requires people to sign a form or perform other similar tasks that just take a bit of time to complete, but because they don’t ask for any payment, users have more tendency to comply. This is the main attraction of CPA platforms.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Yoonla

As with any similar platform, nothing is 100% great, so here are some of the features that make Yoonla stand out, either in a good or bad way.


  • You learn from an online affiliate marketing expert, Reno Van Boven
  • Free members and premium members both get the complete training program
  • Reno responds to inquisitive emails quite fast
  • The five steps program shows you everything you need to know from a beginner level
  • You can familiarize yourself with other popular tools used in the industry
  • You will master the skills of juggling different tools used all the time in affiliate marketing
  • CPA can generate profits faster than traditional product sales commissions
  • Free to register and to start the learning process
  • The platform is in its early development so having a front row seat could prove fruitful in the future


  • It requires you to make substantial investments in auxiliary tools to monetize your site
  • Often steers you to products Reno sells instead of the best ones available
  • The discrepancy between free and premium membership revenue potential is quite huge
  • Being in its infancy as a CPA platform, Yoonla could prove to be a bust, and you would have wasted the large investments made so far
  • Many members don’t understand the concept of CPA marketing, and they promote the earning by leads aspect a bit too aggressively
  • It often gets a bad reputation from people that misrepresent the concept of affiliate marketing and that could have severe repercussions in the future
  • The minimum payout threshold has increased drastically over the past few months
  • Just one payment method through PayPal
  • Leads from some countries generate no income
  • People from certain countries are forced to join as VIP members



Affiliate marketing has been around for such a long time that it’s getting harder and harder to make a living from it. Platforms pop up all over the place, and they all make promises of free time and a rich lifestyle in return for minimum investments. Some are still doing great while others have peaked and then tanked.

What makes Yoonla so different from the rest is actually the lack of false promises. They promote the learning aspect more than anything else and make it a point that all members understand how much investment is needed in terms of time and money to make a living from this. Even those interested in a passive income source still need to put in the effort to make it happen.

Some say the jury is still out on Yoonla, and it will be interesting to see whether the company manages to establish itself as a serious player in online marketing. The experience so far has been 50/50, and because this is such a young platform, the conclusion based on the achievements made by Yoonla so far, is that things can go either way.

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