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Wholesale2b Review

PRODUCT NAME: Wholesale2b

OWNER NAME: Wholesale2b

WEBSITE: www.wholesale2b.com

RATING:  8/10


Drop shipping offers an opportunity for retailers to have a supply chain management method that will make selling more convenient especially when they do not want to keep stocks on hand but instead to use the process of transferring customer orders and shipment through the manufacturer or another retailer who will ship the order directly to customers. This is usually a widely used online business by modern retailers who prefer to simplify the selling process to earn a profit.

To make drop shipping easier Amazon retailers need a platform where they can find goods to sell and fellow retailers or sellers to order the goods from. One of the common platforms for Amazon drop shipping is Wholesale2b. It supports a drop ship service with features that are helpful to Amazon retailers. If you are considering what platform to use for your Amazon drop shipping business, you may consider Wholesale2b as an option based on our review.

What is Wholesale2b?

Wholesale2b is considered to be your one stop shop for all your drop shipping needs. Its platform is designed to provide convenience to Amazon sellers or retailers to find a wide range of product varieties. All the products on the site come from different sellers. There are also multiple plans to subscribe for in order to meet your dropshipping preferences and needs. Its feature includes inventory and exporting products capability which is integrated with eBay, Shopify and Amazon. There are more than 1.5 million of product categories like entertainment, electronics, home, entertainment, health and sporting goods and supplies.

There are four different plans that you can subscribe from Wholesale2b. It ranges from $24.99 to $82.99.This is paid on a monthly or yearly basis but you can save more once you subscribe for the yearly rates. There is also a free plan that allows you to use and explore the features of the platform but it has limited feature which will not help your Amazon drop shipping business really grow more.

Placing you drop ship orders

Amazon sellers have the option to deal with the supplier directly by contacting them and to negotiate the placement of their orders or by letting Wholesale2b contact the supplier and place your order according to your preferences. The disadvantage of the latter is it will cost you additional processing fee and charges to cover for the facilitation of your order. If you are a newbie in drop shipping this can be a good option to consider, however if your drop shipping business already has its own infrastructure to attend to large or bulk order, it is best to communicate with the seller directly.

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Drop shipper can add products to their watch list and will be able to receive notification the moment they run out of inventory. The best benefit from using the platform is when an Amazon seller does not have his or her own website, you can subscribe from Wholesale2b service to build one for you that will be compliant and compatible with Amazon. You can sell from your site goods that sellers and retailers who are registered with Wholesale2b are selling online and can even directly place your order from the convenience of your admin dashboard.

Unlike Wholesale2b, other platforms will require you to log in and place your order directly from the site of the drop shipper. This feature is highly convenient and will save you the time from visiting one drop seller site to another just to place an order.

Another good feature of the Wholesale2b is that it can provide data feed of the products which are always compatible with the shopping cart software providers. However, a custom feed will require you to pay extra.


While there are good features available for Wholesale2b, there is not much additional features on sales and performance tools. There are also additional charges aside from the fee you will subscribe for using the platform like a restocking fee which is variable depending on how much the individual supplier will charge. While there is no dropship fee whenever you buy goods from Wholesale2b you will be charged with a processing fee on your credit card.

Wholesale2b is also reported to have a poor customer support. It does not provide a contact number or an email address where you can communicate for support. The only means to contact them is through a live chat and an online support ticket system. It is only possible to talk through the live chat during office hours and the response time can sometimes be longer than it should be.


Wholesale2b is a useful platform that can take your Amazon drop shipping business to grow with better productivity and efficiency. With its features of providing millions of product category from millions of sellers worldwide, it becomes a one stop shop for Amazon drop shippers to place orders and earn profits with convenience.

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