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What is The Best Web Hosting For WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s best content management system today. In fact, WordPress goes beyond just a blogging platform that people can use. WordPress has a number of free and premium themes to choose from not to mention plugins that you can use in order to make your website run according to your requirements. Top websites from Disney to Bloomberg are all running on WordPress. In fact, even high-traffic websites are using WordPress.

However, it is imperative that you also have the right hosting whenever you are running your website. Most web hosts today offer some form of WordPress to give users the chance to handle their site in an easy manner. But of course, not all hosts are the same. There are hosts that offer automatic data backups, page caching, and even automatic updates for your CMS.

So what makes the best WordPress hosting option? Here are some of the things that you should consider.

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Know exactly your requirements

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The very first thing that you want to consider is the type of requirements of your website. Are you planning to build a high-traffic website? Perhaps, you are going to sell products to customers worldwide?

Or perhaps, you want nothing fancy? Maybe, you just want to have a WordPress blog along with some pages that your audience can find out more about your company or brand.

Shared or dedicated hosting?

It is a no-brainer most of the time for beginners to stick to shared hosting option. Shared hosting is offered at a very minimal price. It is also easy to maintain and sufficient for most websites’ needs. And also, you can always upgrade later on if you think that you already need a dedicated server to accommodate your growing audience.

Check Out #1 Recommended Hosting for WordPress

Server reliability

Having a website means that you should be visible to your audience almost 100% of the time. In fact, if you will ask the experts, 99% isn’t acceptable. Keep in mind that there should be minimal downtime. For big brands, being offline for just a couple of minutes could already translate to millions of dollars being lost.

What you want is to take a closer look at the server and check their uptime info via reviews or via tools available online.

Aside from uptime, you also want to check the speed of your website. GoDaddy and other websites have been known for making sites load insanely slow. For this reason, you may also want to check alternative hosting options such as Wealthy Affiliate, which is a relatively unknown company that can help boost your website’s speed.

Familiarity with the database being used

What type of database is being used by the hosting company? Though MySQL database is the most common that you’ll encounter, there are also other types of databases such as PostgreSQL and SQLite. Whenever you are using WordPress, it needs PHP as well as MySQL.

Ability to update your subscription

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Next, you also need to find a host that can provide you with the necessary upgrade if you wish to scale up your business or your brand. As rule of thumb, 30,000 to 40,000 monthly unique visitors can still be handled by a shared hosting account. However, you should still give your website room to grow especially if you really have big dreams for your site. This makes a web host with a number of packages popular. By upgrading, you can have better processing power, memory capacity, disk storage, and even improved security features as you wish.

There are hosting companies that offer more than just the usual basic plans for bloggers and small businesses. There are even some hosting companies that bring in custom packages that can cater to sites that have millions of hits every month.

Why not just stick to a decent package from the get go? There are other hosting companies that offer just one plan but meant for those websites that have high traffic. Wealthy Affiliate costs $49/month but you can get for only $19/month for the first month. You can get an instant DNS setup, unlimited email accounts, daily backups, not to mention a express WordPress Site Builder.

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Does it allow multiple domains?

Next, the web host should allow multiple domains. A lot of people invest in different domains for different ventures that they do online. A good number of shared hosting options can even allow at least 25 additional domains in one account.


Take a closer look at the cost

You will also need to take a closer look at the cost of your web hosting option. There are some hosting options that can be very cheap but renewal becomes a different story. You want to make sure that you don’t just accept a cheap hosting option instantly without digging a bit deeper into the renewal. For a lot of webmasters, this is the reason why they even switch from one host to another every few years.

However, it is a trend among hosting companies to have a higher price for renewal. As rule of thumb, it is a good idea to sign up for a very long time on your hosting company especially when you have done all the research that needs to be done.

Refund policy

There are instances when you are not satisfied with the services provided by the hosting company. Now, be sure to also take a closer look at their refund policy just in case. Will there be any cancellation charges along the way? Do they have a trial session?

Compare different web hosts

You also want to have a point of comparison when it comes to choosing your host. In fact, you would want to consider at least five hosting companies first before you ever make up your mind. This will make sure that you know industry standards. Also, you will know the pros and cons what each company can offer.

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E-commerce feature support

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If you are running your own business, perhaps, you want to pick a web host that has sufficient features and support for your e-commerce website. Among the things that you want to consider is an SSL certificate, a dedicated IP, and even a one-click shopping cart software installation.


User-friendly hosting control panel

Lastly, you want to consider having a functional and easy-to-use control panel. Whether it’s a cPanel or even a third party control panel, it is important to be easy to use with all the necessary functions. If not, you will most likely need the help of the tech support staff every now and then.

Wealthy Affiliates Hosting, for instance, offers a super easy to use option that can even be enjoyed by beginners. You will be able to setup everything in just under 20 seconds. There are even free themes that you can try.

Hopefully, you will be able to find the right web host for your WordPress site. Be sure to check these things before you even commit to a host. Keep in mind that your performance will be affected by the host that you choose.

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