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What is The Best Niche for Affiliate Marketing 2018?

If you are thinking of becoming an affiliate marketer and be able to earn from commissions, it is imperative that you know exactly what niche you want to go for. By choosing the right niche, you will be able to maximize the commission that you could generate. Also, keep in mind that there are also some markets that are easily convinced to purchase items based on reviews and recommendations online.

The fact of the matter is that it involves both research and brainstorming. To give you an idea of how difficult the situation is for affiliate marketers, only 10% of affiliates drive 90% of the total conversion and sales according to studies. This means that only a select few earn serious money from this.

affiliate marketing

Why Choose Your Niche?

Before we provide you with the best niche for 2018, it is important to first have an idea why you have to select your niche. A niche is a high-specialized market that includes people with specific interests. It can be a smaller market than the usual generic products that can be bought without even thinking.

For instance, laptops can be considered a broad classification of product that can be mass produced. However, gaming laptops is an example of a niche that targets a specific crowd.

So what are the best possible niches for 2018?

Travel Industry Related Niche

With the proliferation of budget travel options, a good number of people today can travel even if they don’t have a large budget. In 2016, travel and tourism has generated around $2.3 trillion worldwide. It is also responsible for generating 109 million jobs worldwide.

However, let’s admit that the travel industry is quite broad for affiliate marketing. Instead, you can narrow down your options.

In addition to this, there are many types of travelers out there. Some prefer to travel with only their backpack intact while others prefer to travel like a VIP.

Whether your goal is to earn from your travel website or YouTube channel or to just have a few credits on Airbnb, there are many travel related websites that you can check. carries a great affiliate program for the travel industry. It caters to almost all types of travelers regardless if you are the type who stays in a hotel or you prefer to sleep in a hostel. Their affiliate program is offered for travel agencies, for apps, and even for blogs and websites.

A commission can range from 25% to as much as 40% depending on the number of bookings that came from your channel. Their payout is made via Paypal which even makes it easy and you can also integrate search box on your WordPress blog.

Aside from websites that can provide accommodations, you can also be an affiliate for different travel related products from backpacks to gadgets that can make things better for a traveler.

Health Industry Related Niche

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Another popular niche for 2018 is health-related products. The thing with health-related products is that there are a lot of products to choose from. Whether its vitamins and minerals or weight loss products, the list goes on and on.

The global sales of nutritional supplements and vitamins worldwide are at $37 billion based on the data produced by Nutrition Business Journal.

One of the most popular niches that fall under this category is bodybuilding related supplements. You have whey protein, casein, fat burners, and BCAAs to name a few that are becoming popular today. These products are not only catered to men but even to women who are looking to build muscle or those who are simply looking to live a healthier life. is a prime example of a website that you can apply for an affiliate program. They offer three affiliate options from becoming a store affiliate to all access affiliate.

Latest Technology Related Niche

We are all obsessed with the latest technology. However, the thing with this tech is that it changes every now and then. The key towards becoming a successful tech affiliate for the tech industry is to keep up with the latest innovations. You also want to subscribe to other tech blogs within the niche that you have chosen in order to know the trends.

Even big companies offer affiliate marketing programs. Microsoft is one of those companies that offers commissions between 5% to 10% depending on the product that you refer.

Online Income Related Niche

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A lot of people today attempt to earn from the World Wide Web. Whether it’s from passive income via affiliate marketing, or via actively doing online work, the internet provides a livelihood for a good number of individuals today.

A lot of people are looking to learn how to earn from YouTube or how to generate money from ads on their website. The good news for affiliates is that there are plenty of options to choose from. You could be an affiliate for a plugin, an app, or even an ebook. In fact, there are many products and services to choose from.

If you are targeting aspiring bloggers and online entrepreneurs, BlueHost offers an affiliate program for those who plan on dwelling on this specific niche. It offers a flat fee for every time you refer a customer to them. This only means that you can earn $65 every time someone who came from your website purchased from them. Now, that’s not a bad deal at all.


There are a lot of highly profitable niches that you can check for 2018. However, always make sure to stick to an evergreen niche. An evergreen niche is a niche that has an everlasting appeal. Also, make sure that you stick to one or two sub-niches.

These niches that we have mentioned have a great potential. These could provide your site with a good amount of traffic and commissions as well. But of course, you will have to do your homework and more importantly have a plan when it comes to your content. Whether you are simply going to review a product or you are going to promote it, be sure that you have a strategy when it comes to selling items from these niches.



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