Webtexttool Review: Making Your Content SEO-Friendly

Product Name: Webtexttool

Website: https://www.webtexttool.com/

Overall Ranking: 80 out of 100

Google has updated its algorithm to the point that it only ranks websites that are useful to its users. This means that websites with great content are usually the ones that you see on top of the search result page. There are various strategies that copywriters do today in order to make their content “readable” and user-friendly. By combining both readability and high-quality content, it becomes possible to rank in your niche.

But what if you can’t rank your website? If you are lacking in on-page SEO strategies, consider this as a huge drawback. This means that you have limited visibility. If faced with this kind of predicament, consider changing the way you write your content.

It is quite challenging to have a content that readers could enjoy while doing wonders for your SEO. That is when Webtexttool comes in handy. This online software’s specialty is to help content makers improve their overall SEO strategy. This tool works as a plugin for WordPress, Joomla, and Microsoft Word.

The Good

There are a lot of good things about the Webtexttool. It helps evaluate the content in order for the editor or copywriter to make the necessary adjustments that can make the content more SEO friendly. And not only that, by making the necessary adjustments, Webtexttool can also make the content more readable boosting reader experience on your content just by following the suggestions given by Webtexttool. Basically, it works just like Yoast SEO in this aspect.

A great feature of the Webtexttool is that it offers keyword competition data as you are making your content. This means that the tool gives you an idea about the optimum keywords that you should be going after. It has an easy interface that even gives you alternatives.

The Bad

But of course, though it can definitely help you with your content, you still have to consider the cons of this software. The biggest deal breaker for this particular tool is that it is quite pricey. In fact, you have to invest more than $1,000 in order to enjoy the tool annually. And in most occasions, this isn’t actually practical.

The cheapest subscription that they have is under $20. The downside is that you are not getting the most out of the software using this subscription. But if you are willing to spend $1,397.16 annually for this SEO optimizer tool, then why not?

Another reason for you to think twice before going after the Webtexttool is the fact that its WordPress Plugin isn’t exactly the best option that you have. Instead of making things easier for you, it does provide additional steps. Not to mention the offers that Webtexttool offers can be done by Yoast SEO.

Though the Webtexttool SEO optimization suggestion is applicable to different languages, you have to consider the different syntax and the different rules per language.

Who Benefits From Webtexttool?

Who exactly benefits from the Webtexttool? This online software is for those web owners who need to boost their SEO efforts via their content. It helps determine many things that you could easily tweak your content and turn it into a more SEO optimized version. Aside from web owners, it also helps copywriters enhance their skills and their knowledge regarding the type of content preferred by Google’s algorithm. And for this reason, you may also consider the Webtexttool software as a training tool that can help in honing a web copywriter’s skill.

According to the company’s website, the Webtexttool helps websites’ Google ranking by 300% and twice on the page reading time. It is a handy tool both for beginners and for expert content makers in guiding them of having the most SEO friendly text. And of course, it yields higher position in Google and more traffic as well.

Webtexttool Tools and Training

The good thing about Webtexttool is that it can be integrated to virtually any platform that you are using. Regardless if you rely on WordPress or Drupal, Webtexttool can be downloaded in these formats.

It also offers a blog wherein you can learn more about SEO in general and how you can improve your content. Here, you will be given tips on how you can adjust your content for World Wide Web’s overall consumption. Other than this, the tool is quite straightforward and you don’t need any special training in order for you to understand what it offers to the table.

The Webtexttool is a handy option not only when you are writing in English. In fact, it is also a great tool that is available in Dutch, English, and German. However, its SEO optimization suggestion is applicable to all languages.

Webtexttool Support

The web-based subscription tool also offers superb support to its clients. It offers not only support in English but also in Netherlands, and German. The support is usually active from Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 to 18:00, something that makes Webtexttool a premium subscription tool.

Final Opinion on Webtexttool

Let’s admit that content is a big deal in the online world today. It matters for several reasons. One, content is one of the main things that make visitors stay on your website. And for this reason, Google sees it as an important factor when it comes to ranking websites.

What Webtexttool offers is a fail-proof solution that can help guide you towards crafting content that can rank in search engines. It is a smart approach that works on different platforms regardless if you write using Word or when you edit using WordPress.

But of course, this tool isn’t exactly the perfect SEO tool in terms of its price. Though it has a lot of features, you have to take into consideration the practicality of what it actually offers. Could you imagine paying more than $1,000 to enjoy Webtexttool? And because of this, it isn’t something that beginners would love to use. Perhaps, large companies that have a large marketing budget are the ones that would try Webtexttool. You also have to consider the many alternatives available online today. To be honest, it isn’t really something worth it.


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