VideoPal Review

VideoPal Review – Pro Vs Con

VideoPal Review


OWNER NAME: Paul Ponna and Gross


Price: $39 (one time payment)

RATING:  9/10

What Is VideoPal?

VideoPal is a game changing, cloud based video software package that allows users to create 2D and 3D animated avatars or use realistic human avatars that are based on studio recordings and motion captures of real actors to make their websites more engaging. These animations can capture viewers, guide them through the site, point out specific products or a just provide helpful tips.

The platform uses very advanced text to speech technology to deliver high-quality audio of recorded voice content. A training course in creating your own avatar is available here. The steps are simple enough that you probably won’t need for technical support. Once your pal is created, a guide on how to paste the code into the website is available.

What Can The Avatars Do?

So, what most people are curious about is what these animated or human pals can actually do? Mainly, they are designed to maximize the profit you get from your existing traffic. This new technology is very entertaining and can work as a very good persuasion tool for an e-commerce site. The interaction between the viewer and the avatar is highly customizable.

You can limit your avatar’s action to simple greetings or have it provide a full concierge service on your website. Regardless of which type of avatar you decide to use, all of them can be personalized with a specific voice and language. What’s more, you can even use a particular accent. You can also add texts and buttons so that viewers can interact with these virtual pals instead of just listening and following instructions. Additionally, you can program avatars to receive and answer questions on issues you think viewers are interested in.

Speech Patterns, Text, Audio and More

With VideoPal, you are given the opportunity to build an avatar that can represent you or your business exactly the way you want. From selecting the language to choosing an accent that will resonate with your regular viewers, all of this can be achieved within minutes. Initially, you get a few premade speeches, and while some of them are really good, you just won’t capture anyone’s attention if your avatar says something already heard on 10 other websites.


The option to create original content is the key feature that will make your avatar unique in personality if not appearance. Your message will be heard loud and clear. You can also set up your own voice or someone else’s not featured in the VideoPal library. The same goes for the avatars themselves.

2D And 3D Animated Avatars

While the graphics are good and the mouth movements synchronize well with the speech patterns, don’t expect too much realism when choosing the animated avatars. The main difference between the two choices is that the 3D version will make your website harder to load. All that aside, there is little reason to ever choose the 2D over the 3D because it should be clear which one looks best and offers the most entertaining experience.

VideoPal 2D and 3D
There are some interesting models available too. You can have something that fits well within a site centered on dining, construction, consulting or life coaching. As the platform grows more models will surely appear to satisfy more niches of the online marketing industry.

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Human Avatars

The use of voice acting doesn’t stop at just the audio. Real actors are used as human pals and they can really add another layer of professionalism to a website. Operating a serious website becomes much simpler when you have a stylish and sharply dressed looking man or woman interacting with visitors, pointing out key site features and promoting products.

This is one of the best choices for anyone that runs a serious online business. Anything that offers financial advice, medical advice or even legal advice will look more professional when it uses a human avatar. Because they are real people doing the talking for you, it will make your business appear more genuine.

How to Get the Most Out Of VideoPal?

The next big question people have after learning what avatars can do, is how to maximize profits by using the VideoPal software. There are actually a few different ways in which the use of an avatar can improve your earnings. Because this is a very interactive tool, the main focus of the platform is to help you to gain more from the traffic you already have rather than generating leads.

You can use the avatars from VideoPal whichever way you want but they were designed for boosting incomes. So, to make the most of the platform, you should aim to pair this technology with affiliate websites.

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The Exit Technology

One of the biggest selling points VideoPal has is the way the combine the so-called exit technology with avatars to try and keep potential customers listening for just a bit longer instead of leaving a site. The way this usually works is that when a visitor decides to leave the page he or she will be greeted by an avatar who has one more offer to show, one that is nowhere to be found on the page itself.

VideoPal Social Media

You can keep special offers hidden or as a last resort option for dire situations to increase your profits. Some people can still fall for the “but wait, there’s more!” phrase, so commonly used in telemarketing. Even special giveaways can be arranged with the exit technology, and these can generate some leads if not sales.

We, however, feel this can have mixed results. On one hand, some people may be intrigued that there is something even better out there and will want to know more. On the other hand, it can be frustrating to have to skip animations and close additional ads just to leave a page.

Fortunately, there are more ways in which VideoPal comes in handy apart from this somewhat hit or miss feature.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are in this line of work then you understand the need to intrigue visitors enough to click on the products you promote. People will often read the story if they appreciate the niche but won’t dive in further if they’ve got enough information. Avatars can give you a means to change the way in which you deliver your message.

VideoPal Affiliate

Imagine a reader is half-way through the text, or even close to the end. An avatar appears online and promises something even better for your viewer, something, that is accessible with one click on a targeted link. This may seem trivial but techniques like this have been successfully used in regular and online marketing for years. Your avatar could be designed to appear as the knight in shining armor, ready with the solution.

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An Assistant Vlogger

Let’s say you do have a blog and don’t usually upload videos. Walls of text can be more boring than you think, no matter how good the information you provide is. An animated avatar made with VideoPal can keep your audience awake by pointing out specific key points that could be missed by the readers. You can even create a fully interactive avatar that can answer inquiries and direct people to the information they are looking for.


Even a Vlog can benefit from having one of these animated or human pals because they can add extra information at key points of a video without you having to constantly edit every recording or upload new content. Many people in the industry have to re-upload and keep the information up-to-date quite frequently. With just a few clicks and new text, you can paste the code of the avatar that makes the desired changes to parts of older videos so no misinformation is being presented. In that sense, using a VideoPal avatar could keep your content fresh and save you a lot of work in the process.

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Business Presentation

We’ve found that one of the most interesting ways to use an avatar from VideoPal is to customize one to act as a host and promote a business model for visitors. The voice acting is so good and the text to speech technology so stable that you can easily eliminate the risk of stuttering, forgetting phrases or mispronunciations.


It is certainly cheaper to use a human pal and still look professional than to hire a real actor to do the job for you. VideoPal also makes sure that all human avatars look the part and can promote anything from an entertainment website to a financial consulting firm. The option to customize language and accents will make the experience even better as you can tailor it to your customer base. With an avatar, your web content can become alive and keep your website visitors entertained, informed, and engaged.

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The Decision Is Up To You

Of course, you will be the one who ultimately decides what avatars to use and where to use them. Depending on your industry, you may opt for animated pals instead of human avatars to target certain demographics. You choose the avatar, voice, accent, and positioning to convey your business in the most professional manner possible. The avatars are made with motion capture technology, and the audio is great, to say the least. The customization options are vast and will let you create a unique persona that cannot be mistaken for someone else’s. All the tools are at your disposal to generate a code that will blow the minds of your visitors.

Your imagination will be the only limitation to how the avatars interact and how helpful they can become in generating more income for your business.

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• Easy to learn
• Excellent Training guide
• Cloud based so no downloadable software is required
• Takes less than five minutes to create and upload the avatar code to a website
• Innovative solution to improving profit from traffic
• Very realistic movement and speech patterns of3D animated avatars
• Human pals look very professional
• Voice actors deliver believable speeches
• Multiple languages and accents can be used
• The level of personalization can create unique personalities
• Avatars can act as guides or sellers
• You can upload them on websites you do not own
• You will not be restricted to their library of text, audio, and appearance
• You can use your own videos and voice
• You can create your own avatar following their video recording guidelines


• 3D and Human avatars can affect website loading times
• The exit technology can be more of a nuisance than a selling tool
• Great content is required to make avatars stand out
• Not all the statistics they offer on performance are accurate
• Countdown timer feels a bit forced on the customer
• You need to judge for yourself when more is less in terms of how often you should use avatars to express something or to promote a product


At the end of the day, VideoPal is a great software package that allows you to create a tool to explain a topic or promote and sell a product on your website. The main goal is to help you to maximize your already incoming traffic and potentially generate new leads. It brings a new level of interaction for businesses and e-commerce sites that can help even struggling websites rise from anonymity.

While the end result is fully customizable, it will not do all the work for you. The premade speeches are generic and will only get you so far in terms of keeping more viewers on your site. You will still need to put in the effort to come up with great content and interesting selling points that your avatars can then deliver.


Luckily, VideoPal also offers some tips and guides on how to fully implement their product with affiliate marketing sites. That, combined with how easy it is to create and personalize the avatars, is why this service can work wonders for both beginners and experienced online marketers. As long as you have some traffic already incoming, you really have nothing to lose by trying VideoPal at least for a while.

Check Out VideoPal Here

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