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The Cons of Wealthy Affiliate University – Things You Should Know Before You Join

At this point I believe you have read, watch and heard enough about how good Wealthy Affiliate it is. You can easily find at least 10 websites of highly rated reviews on Wealthy Affiliate and recommend you to sign up for free.

Why should you trust me? I have been with WA since 2013 till today. So I know what is really the insight of WA which I should let it out before you commit into it.

Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

Here are the top 7 cons of Wealthy Affiliate you should know before you join.

1) It is free – Seriously, I don’t think so

Yes, you can sign up the free starter account without any credit card information that is plus point. But you get a 7 day period to decide it is suitable for you and need to upgrade if you want to learn the real thing. As for the 1st level course is very limited knowledge that will allow you to make money online. To me it is free trial rather than free.

2) 2 Free Website – Not Free after all

There are some WA members using the so call 2 Free Website as an entry point to promote. WA using their unique WordPress website builder within the membership. It is very easy to use and I am really impressed with it. But here the catch for non premium member the free website have very little limitation. I can say it is a warm up to have a feel of how WordPress work. You can give it a try below, just fill in your a domain name.

You can’t change any themes or install a new plugin. Which makes it very difficult to build your site in future unless you upgrade. And for lot of premium members doesn’t know that, when they decide to leave WA their free website will not longer belong to them. Which means it is not free at all.

3) Expert Wannabe Be

Within WA every member has their own profile where you can put up your own bio. Pretty cool and I do like it. You can use it to make your blogging as well. There are members who blog almost every day, which nothing wrong at all. But giving a lot of online business advice does annoy me when some of them are complete newbies and not making money yet.

4) Create Your Own Training

Same as above, once you join premium at least 3 month. You are allowed to create training on any internet marketing skill or online business model. You can find repeated training that totally can find it on the internet for free. Hey! But some training I have seen is truly created to help fellow folks which I need to mention.

Here are some of the Awesome Free Training Within WA

15 Reasons Why Your Site Isn’t Listed In Google, Generating Traffic, or Making Money

Comparing Wealthy Affiliate SSL Install VS “Other” Places

How to Write Content for Affiliate Marketing that Ranks

5) Be an Ambassador

Every member has a ranking system. When you just join your rank is like 5 digits and it will slowly rise up when you join as premium. The more you blog and help the community your rank get higher and higher. I really do not bother about my ranking after all.

You can see some member all the top 100 but seriously, they don’t make any big bucks yet.

6) Getting Help Fast From Kyle and Carson – Be Realistic Keep In The Queue

You can see a lot of WA reviews on how fast Kyle and Carson respond to you when you need help. You can send them a private message if you upgrade as a premium member. I use to private message Kyle for help as I stuck on my website. It takes almost 2 days before I get a reply.

Is this bad? After being mature on how internet marketing works I don’t think is that bad. Just imagine there are 800k over active members. How can they be that fast to respond. There are lots of answers within WA and all you need to raise that question. Help will be on the way.

7) Buying Domain With WA

Last year WA started to sell domains on their platform. It makes new members easier to get their own domain, but it does cost a few bucks higher. Let make a little comparison here. WA $15.99 and Namecheap $12.48

I recommend you buy it on Namecheap and then host it within WA as the hosting for premium is included.

Con of Wealthy Affiliate




So many of the cons of Wealthy Affiliate then why I still with them? My success today for learning how to make money online is through them. Without learning the training they created I won’t be here telling what you should do next.


The hosting is excellent which is so easy to install your own domain. WA Hosting – Setting Up Your Domain DNS

The weekly live webinar is a steal which you could never find from other program.

For Whom

If you are complete newbies and want to learn affiliate marketing from scratch. Yes, this is for you if you will, to invest both your time and little money. You must willing to put in the effort to learn how to build your own website, write content and SEO. I started getting in Amazon FBA is all from affiliate marketing first. The affiliate commision I make I use it to start up my FBA business. Check it out here Christmas Came Early But We Celebrate Today

There are no such things as Done For You within Wealthy Affiliate. You have to get things done on your own.

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I wrote this review is to show you a bigger picture and prepare yourself as there will be lots of hurdles in learning and taking action. Yes Wealthy affiliate training and material is there for you. You are the one who sets your goals. The free trial will let it have a feel how things work for you.

Check Out Wealthy Affiliate – Free 7 Days Trial

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