The Best Print On Demand Sites

The Best Print On Demand Sites – Sell Your Creative Design Online

Print on demand marketplaces have provided the best solution for designer that wish to start up a business. Imagine ordering large amounts of plain T-shirt and printing machine upfront with ready cash. It kills the dream of moving forward to be a business owner.

Time have changed these websites provide you with no up-front cost, print your design on your behalf, ship order to the customer and you sit back to collect your payment. Be it T-shirt, mug, phone case, artwork and you name it they have it.

Here is our list of the best print on demand sites.

1) Teespring

The Best Print On Demand Sites

Teespring have their own design platform with ready fonts and images. You can upload your own design. They are moving forward now to have more variety of products such as phone case, mug and legging wear

One down side of Teespring is that they use campaign goals to determine the profit you going to make. Heavily depend on Facebook ads which not a benefit for beginners who will enter the competition.

Learn How to Sell on Teespring 

2) Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt has a big marketplace for buying and selling of design. It has over 100+ products for the designer or customer to make, pretty cool.

You can have your own online store or upload as many as design to the marketplace. When a customer uses your design to create a product you make a sale. It’s a winner for everyone.

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3) Zazzle

Zazzle platform is amazing. You are loaded with over 1000+ choices of items to further customize and design. They have ready templates that you further add in your design and customize to finalize your products.

Zazzle profit margin is up to you to adjust. From 5% to 99% of royalty to the base price. But of course end of the day, don’t set too high which turn interested buyers off. You wouldn’t buy the super duper expensive stuff as well right?

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4) Merch By Amazon

Merch by Amazon is obviously owned by Amazon. They just want every piece of the pie on the table LOL. They do not have a design platform, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad either. You simply have a soft copy of your own design with 4000px by 4000px and then upload on it. Fill up your royalty and description. Amazon team will review it, if nothing violation or abusive it will approve and go live.

The down side of Merch by Amazon is that you apply to join. It may take months to approve. So is not advisable to wait for them. After you apply and while waiting for approve, you can explore other print on demand sites.

Learn to Sell on Merch by Amazon

5) Printful

Prinful started in 2013, they progress pretty fast. They do provide fonts for simple design, but clipart and images are coming soon. They have a variety of products such as T-shirt, tank top, hats, bags, phone cases, pillow, wall arts and a whole lot more.

Printful doesn’t have any marketplace but they integrate will sellers online on other sites. Amazon, Etsy, Shopfiy, WordPress and many more. Depend which you comfortable and currently selling on.

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Time have changed, most of the things, can source online. You do not need big capital to start up a business. Worry about inventory or customer service. With these print on demand sites you can kick start your online business the very next minute.

Let say you right now you have come out with ideas and killer design. Don’t just put it up on one of the sites. You can put it as many sites as you like. Which means one design with many opportunities. Another important thing to take note, never ever use other people design or trademark, is a no no in this industry.

Bare in mind, be it online or offline business. Effort and time should always put in. There are
no easy or simple ways out to make tons of money. With every print on demand sites I have recommend proven courses and training. They are there to guide you but they can’t make money on your behalf.

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