Amazon Superstar Review

The Amazon Superstar by ZonLife Success

Product Name: The Amazon Superstar

Owners: Chris Jones (ZonLife Success)

Price : $489 onetime payment

Rating: 92/100

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is one of the best platform to sell your product and as an entrepreneur, FBA makes it generally easy for you to list your product and start your online business. There is a growing potential in FBA and most of us especially home-makers grab this opportunity to start with FBA.

There are a couple of start up do’s and don’ts you will need to know in FBA. If you a new to this, you should be cautious and I would recommend you to go through a program to get a better understanding when you start up with FBA. You can go through Amazon Seller University to understand more but, however, in Amazon Seller University, you can only learn the basics fundamentals on your start up to FBA.

To make your listing to the highest ranking as possible, makes sales and reviews, you will need a good program that helps you. A couple of good programs are available online and some of them are expensive and can considered a spam. The programs can cost you thousands of dollars but it doesn’t teach you much in the end.

So what do you need to do? Keep on searching and buy the programs available on the internet?

Afraid not. I am here to assist you.

The Amazon Superstar is one of our TOP Recommend Courses on Amazon FBA. This course teaches on the knowhow of FBA that will elevate your business in Amazon to the next level.

What is Amazon Superstar? Amazon Superstar Review

The program is by Chris Jones from ZonLife Success. He is an experience online entrepreneur who currently has 3 Amazon FBA businesses and has been running this business for the last 16 months. He mentioned that it was a success.

In the program, Chris will teach you from A to Z on how to sell your product on Amazon FBA. There are a lot of information and tutorials within this program, the main one is “Starting Your Amazon FBA Business”.

You will get good information on how to do your listing, using keywords, promote your product on PPC (Where and When to promote), how to list your product to rank on page 1 on Amazon product listing. If you are new to Amazon FBA, you will find it hard and most probably, you can’t see your products on top of the ranking.

Course Overview

Chris Jones knows what he does and the way the system works.

There is a start up cost or an initial investment which will be around $500 onwards, depending on your product cost. Chris will guide you on how to buy products at a low cost and how to sell it on Amazon. You will need to remember that doing retail business is to buy low and sell with a profit. There will be FBA charges when you got a sale and you will need to get your priority on this one. Most of the new sellers didn’t know on the FBA charges and it can be a real pain when you got this wrong.

Just remember this.

Cost from supplier + Shipping cost + FBA charges = Base Cost.

This is just simple math and once you get the base cost right, you can play around with your retail price on your listing page.

In Amazon FBA. you are given two options to start selling your product on Amazon. You ask to sign up as an Individual Seller or Professional Seller. So, my recommendation to you to sign up as a professional seller if you want to take this business seriously.


  • Free first video course before you decide to enroll in Amazon Superstar
  • Step by Step tutorial and training
  • Facebook Group Support
  • Clear outline of what the course cover
  • One on One Interaction with Chris Jones


  • Need an initial investment to start up
  • Need at least $500 onwards for first product to launch

Are you ready for Amazon FBA?

I have always heard from friends and fellow online marketers that there is another alternative aside to Amazon FBA, Building your Online Store.

Building an online store is a cool idea. First of all, you will need a website and the best advantage is to do an affiliate program so that affiliates can promote your product and get a certain percentage of the sales. It is Great!

There is a one set back. It will be a difficult one if you are new and not well-verse in internet marketing.

Building an online store will be a nightmare if you are new to online marketing and you will be worried about building a website. With limited knowledge, it will not be easy peasy.

You may need to hire a website designer to build your online store and may cost you at least a few thousand dollars. You will need to draw visitors to your online store which is a separate cost. This will take a few months at least to see a reasonable traffic to your website.

The money you spend hiring a website designer is better for you to invest to buy new products. With Amazon FBA, almost 70%-80% of  the backend work are done by Amazon. The advertisement part will also be taken care by them.

This business is suitable for anyone of you out there. It is simple to do but you will need guidance and most importantly, learn on how to do it. It will take time but if you believe in The Amazon Superstar, this course will guide you through.

Results! This is after applying The Amazon Superstar to my listing

Remember: It is all about following and applying on what you have learn from the program.


I like how Chris create this program and he didn’t create this training program to promise that you will be an internet sensation in a few months. His training program is simple and easy to understand. However,  you will need to do the backend work like finding a suitable product, shipping your product to Amazon, etc. You will definitely need guidance on the backend works and I know you can.

If you are interested in selling product online on Amazon, I highly recommend you to join this program.

Alternative on selling on Amazon FBA, if you feel investing at least $500 is too much for a start, how about selling Amazon products and earning commission. It is call affiliate marketing, you do need to find a suitable product in Amazon to get started. Just apply on Amazon on the affiliate program and link any of the products to your blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any of your social media platform and start promoting. There is at least 4% commission for each sales. You need to build from somewhere and this is a definitely a good start.

Alternative Program related to Amazon FBA 

Whether you find Amazon Superstar a wee bit off your budget, you would like to try out an alternative program that is also suitable to you as a starter. This is a core program if you are getting started in Amazon FBA. It is a $39/month and a 30 days free access. You can really learn a lot from the program and if you like the program, you can continue to stay on as the community support is great.

You can read my partner review on which is our #1 recommend product in Second Skill Studio.

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