Spreadshirt Vs Zazzle – Which Is Better?

Back in the days, almost all clothes and garments were set to a standard design and look which made them not only looking dull but also lifeless. With the modern advancements in technology, clothes and garments have also drastically become better not only on the features, material, design but also on the prints. Today, personality can be worn on the outside through prints. It details the person’s believes, ideals, desires, preference, and everything else.

With prints on clothes, one can freely express his or her feelings. Seeing that prints on clothes and garments is a common trend these days, many designers and printing companies start to emerge in the market. They provide design and artistry which fits any customer’s requirements and budget.

Among the best providers of such services include Zazzle and Spreadshirt. This leaves us which among the two providers is the best. In this article, we’ll tackle this very question. Between Spreadshirt and Zazzle, which is the better designer interface?

To understand which among these two the better option is, let us first have a look at what each has to offer along with its features. Let go head to head Spreadshirt And Zazzle.

Zazzle Custom Printing Service


One of the most popular and well trusted custom printing service provider today is Zazzle. It features a designer interface for artists and designers who want to customize or personalize their own items and merchandize. This web-based retailer likewise allows artists and designers to both purchase and sell items in just one user interface. It even presents the user with tools and settings that he or she can use whenever creating designs.

Zazzle has been around a lot longer than others thus it has gained a higher level of popularity and also has established a good number of avid users.

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Spreadshirt Custom Printing Service

The other competition that stands in Zazzle’s way is Spreadshirt. It is also a great custom printing company that helps designers and artists create artworks over garments, clothes, coffee mugs and anywhere else that needs branding and self-expression. It also provides users a range of tools that allows them to conveniently personalize any design and art. In addition, the wide range of colors fit any color and hue requirements of every idea.

With spreadshirt, any idea can materialize. With its platform, designers can satisfy their ideas and also improve them without having to do much work and having to spend more money.\

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So Which One Is Better?

Now that we’ve talked about a bit of the details of each candidate, we can now talk about what makes one better than the other, and which one is really the better choice. Probably the best way to gauge which company is better would be to compare them based on their performance.


Just like everything else, the price of an item, goods, or service is of essential value and can prove if a company is worth it or not. In this regard, Zazzle proves to be the cheaper option as they offer a number of services and items which may not only be lower than Spreadshirt but also on other competitions. An example of which is a $30 printed shirt on Spreadshirt would be offered in Zazzle for $19 and goes up from there. The only thing to bear in mind however is that quality usually tags along with the price. If you want more quality then you may want to invest more.


One great thing about both companies is that they offer great commissions to their users and buyers. While users are able to take advantage of their platform and create their designs, they are also able to make a good amount of cash by selling their creations.

In this regard, Spreadshirt seems to be the better option seeing that it provides a higher commission rate that starts off from 20% as opposed to Zazzle that offers their marketers with a 10% starting rate commission. Although 20% would sound really impressive when it comes to commissions, it is important to note that commissions can only be taken advantage of when a sale is made. Also, having an increase in commission usually means having to increase the price as well. With this, it becomes a challenge to market goods and items with higher commissions since they are more expensive.

User Interface

When it comes to the user interface, both websites provide convenience for its users. They both come with platforms and tools that are easy to navigate, manage and set up with any design or drawing. It allows designers to easily and quickly put their ideas immediately from their imagination to the computer or paper. Probably the only difference is that Zazzle offers a design tool that is geared towards having images and designs ready for upload or transfer to other devices and directly ready for printing.

Other Services

Along with the other services provided by both candidates are their payment options. Both Zazzle and Spreadshirt provides their customers with convenience on which payment option they want to choose.
Customers can pay via credit card, Paypal or even through gift cards. Bank transfers can also be an option however it may require confirmation from the staff.

Both websites also come with a 24-7 customer support service. They cater to the needs of each customer and make sure that their needs are met. They can be conveniently contacted through their phone numbers anytime and anywhere.

Return policies are also a great feature for each website. Once a customer is not happy or wants something else on their merchandize, they can simply request for an exchange or refund. Of course, the customer should have valid reason for this venture and the items should still be in its original state.

Our Final Thoughts

So which among the two is the better choice? We would say Zazzle is the better choice whenever you’re looking for a custom-printing company that allows you to work on designs using easy to use tools and settings and want a price that is flexible for each merchandize. However, Spreadshirt would be a better option if you are simply aimed at earning commissions. One thing to bear in mind however when considering Spreadshirt for commissions is that the items and merchandize to be sold can be pricier than Zazzle.

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