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OWNER NAME: James, Andy and Greg

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Amazon has become one of the largest and most popular platforms for online selling and the competition is getting tougher among Amazon sellers. Getting a good Amazon sales marketing strategy is the key in order to be ahead of the competition. Amazon sellers need to optimize their business in order to enhance their sales and make their competitors steps behind them.

That is why split testing on Amazon has become one of the keys to success when selling products on the site. Some split testing tools like Splitly is getting known among those engaged in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) in order to boost their product exposure and sales. If you are into FBA, you might want to check out this Splitly review to consider whether this product is good for your Amazon business.

What is split testing?

Split testing is the process of doing an experiment between variants in order to determine which version performs best. Split testing in Amazon can yield a good overview on how your infographics and content will perform and allows you to choose which combination will be most profitable for your Amazon business.

Considering that Amazon is now a highly competitive marketplace it is important to be steps ahead of your competitors. By split testing you will have an overview which FBA web pages will deliver higher conversion.

Splitly is an Amazon Split Testing Software

Splitly is an A/B testing tool that is intended for obtaining statistics to crush your FBA competitors. With its advanced features of analyzing your business as against your competitors you will have a better chance of making more sales and in growing your FBA listings. The software will help you find the most appropriate pricing for your products by split testing to see how your product pricing will affect your ranking and conversions.

It comes with an automated feature of price optimizer for re-pricing of your products. It is also easy to test your web page whether it works well in making a sale on Amazon. You can test a copy of your page by uploading images and texts and find out which one can produce the best profit on Amazon. As a result of split testing you will be able to try out the most ideal copy that can boost your conversions and revenues.

The product comes in different subscription plans of $47 for the Starter plan, $97 for the Growth plan, $197 for the Business plan and $497 for the Enterprise plan. Each plan differs on the number of keywords that you can use and the number of tests that you can do for your FBA account.



How Splitly benefits your Amazon business

Splitly comes in software that is capable of measuring different variants from your web page and to measure whether it can yield good conversion for your Amazon business. By split testing you have the opportunity to adjust your pricing, product description, features and images that will increase your sales page conversion and sales.

Predicting the performance of your page is quite difficult but by using a split testing tool like Splitly you will be able to obtain better overview on the performance of your sales on Amazon. The software will be able to frequently update your product listings and will periodically help you find the most profitable Amazon page by using different variants.

Splitly also does other work for you such as constantly doing research on pricing of products similar to your competitors and help you make price adjustments according to the supply and demand. This will boost your FBA sales and will grow your profit using its automated pricing optimization feature and Profit Peak tool.

The Pros

Splitly is a tool that you can use in order to get predictions on your FBA sales performance by using different variants which you cannot do manually by yourself. The software is automated and it provides a convenient way of measuring how your web page will work as against your FBA competitors. You will be able to get an overview which approach is best in promoting your products with the best pricing and content that will increase your revenues.

The Cons

Splitly is merely a test that you can do to your FBA sale pages but there is no guarantee that its system is accurate and will yield reliable results. Just as any tool and software that does not explain in details how their algorithm works the consumers will have to rely mainly on the credibility of the product and the people behind its designs and features.


Amazon is no doubt a highly competitive marketplace. Amazon sellers will benefit if they can get the most appropriate pricing for their product as against their competitors. Splitly is one of the tool that can help Amazon sellers get the most of their image and text ads and become ahead of their FBA competitors using the software’s split testing features.

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