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Sells Like Hot Cakes Review: User Friendly Approach to Learning Amazon and Shopify

Product Name: Sells Like Hot Cakes


Owner: Mike Sole

Overall Ranking: 70 out of 100

Sells Like Hot Cakes Overview

sells like hot cakes

E-commerce has changed the landscape of doing business. Two of the most prominent platforms in e-commerce are Shopify and Amazon. As we all know, Amazon is now worth billions of dollars. In 2016, it was even believed that Amazon made $136 billion in net sales.  In addition to this, the average expenditure of an Amazon Prime Member is at $1,200 yearly. Among the most popular products include electronics and books.

As for Shopify, it has recorded generating $555,716 worth of sales in a minute during Black Friday. Today, Shopify has 100,000 partners.

Now, finding success in either Amazon or Shopify is something that a lot of online marketers would love to experience. How do you do this? That’s the dilemma for a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs. That is where Sells Like Hot Cake offer something that is enticing even for intermediate and experts in e-commerce.

For instance, they are bold in their statement that they can make you earn thousands of dollars a month. And with a free three-day trial, you can see for yourself whether or not what they offer is actually for you or not.

The Good

  • Free three-day trial
  • Three types of packages
  • Simple and easy to follow steps
  • No technical knowledge necessary

The Bad

  • You may not be able to hit the $47k target monthly
  • May have overhyped promises

Who Benefits from Sells Like Hot Cakes

sells like hot cakes

Online entrepreneurs of different levels of expertise can easily benefit from this product. From someone who is clueless on where to begin, to someone who already invested some time on Amazon and Shopify but is stuck, Sells Like Hot Cakes can definitely be considered as your game changer.

It offers training that can be used not only to introduce yourself to the seemingly complicated world of Amazon and Shopify but even an opportunity to learn more and improve what you currently do online.

If you don’t have any technical knowledge about coding and SEO, this product is definitely something that is worth your attention.

Sells Like Hot Cakes Tools and Training

What makes Sells Like Hot Cakes different from other products is the number of tools that they’ve provided. In order to discuss everything, it is a good idea to separate which tools are for Amazon and which tools are for Shopify.

Amazon Tools

  1. Amazon Best Seller Finder

The Best Seller Finder is a self-updating database of products. You will have the chance to see which products are considered top-selling in each niche. And not only that, you get complete information about these products from prices and estimated sales every month. And most important of all, you get to see an estimate of the profit they are making.

  1. Supplier Finder

It is hard to find the right supplier or OEM when it comes to Alibaba or AliExpress. What Supplier Finder does is simplify the process for you. Instead of paying almost $100 to a sourcing agent, you already get the best fitting suppliers and trusted companies in your niche.

  1. My Tracked Products

The Amazon Product Tracker tool allows users to track not only their own products but even that of their competitors. You will be able to see the history of sales, price, and performance of these products. You can easily learn more and apply effective strategies that are done by your competitors.

  1. Niche Finder

If you are not yet set on which niche to explore, the Niche Finder, which comes as a bonus tool allows you to find niches that have great potential. It scans “seller friendly” niches and finds out more about the products that sell on these niches.

  1. Keyword Rank Tracker

Another bonus tool is the Keyword Tracking Tool that lets you have valuable insights on which keywords you should be using. This tool can also help correct some of the most common mistakes you are committing that prevents you from reaching higher rankings on Amazon.

Shopify Tools

  1. Dropshipping Finder

One of the most difficult things that you have to deal with is to find the right supplier for dropshipping. With Dropshipping Finder by Sells Like Hot Cakes, you no longer have to manually search. Instead, you get quick access to reliable suppliers out there.

  1. Competitor Spy

Ever wished you can have access to information such as how well your competitors are doing? What kind of traffic are the other companies getting and where does it comes from? Shopify Competitor Spy is a tool that gives you all of this and more.

All in all, that’s total of 8 tools that you can use for your business. These tools can come in handy whether you are a beginner or you are already an experienced online marketer.

Sells Like Hot Cakes Support

sells like hot cakes

If you will look at each of the different packages by Sells Like Hot Cakes, they provide support regardless if you availed of the Just Starting package or the Enterprise Package. On the other hand, you can get premium priority support and even a personal support manager as you purchase the more expensive packages.

Sells Like Hot Cakes Price

There are three packages for Sells Like Hot Cakes. You have the Just Starting, Professional, and the Enterprise Level. For the Just Starting Package, you pay $39 monthly but you don’t get the Reverse ASIN Search, and early access to new tools, and simply have limited support.

Once you pay the $49 package, you get everything except a personal support manager. And lastly, Enterprise package price wasn’t disclosed since it depends on the number of products you sell but you get to enjoy everything that Sells Like Hot Cakes offer.

Final Opinion on Sells Like Hot Cakes

Regardless of the number of products, you are selling on Shopify and Amazon, and whether or not you are a beginner or an intermediate online marketer, Sells Like Hot Cakes can be a useful tool for you. It offers tools that are very much useful to any business online.

Check Sells Like Hot Cakes!

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