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OWNER NAME: Brandon Checkettes


RATING:  9/10


Have you been into doing business in Amazon? There is no doubt that the competition on using this platform is getting tougher considering the growing numbers of Amazon sellers online. That is why there is welcoming thought that every business in Amazon will need all the help it can get. Amazon tools are spreading like wildfire in the industry today and there are different training references that are offered as well as applications to make your Amazon business work more productively and efficiently. One Amazon tools that are being used today by numerous sellers for their Amazon business is the Seller Labs which provides both Amazon training tools and applications. Here is our Seller Labs review that will show you what its software and tools can do for your business on Amazon.

What is Seller Labs

Seller Labs provides different Amazon tools and applications to help sellers on Amazon optimize the outcomes of their business. Brandon Checkettes initiated the creation of the Feedback Genius which is an application designed to solve a seller’s feedback issue that he used for his used book business. Its initial feature allows an automated messaging between the buyer and the seller which was effective and efficient for his business. Later on the Seller Labs grow to expand in developing other Amazon tools and software that are created and designed to optimize the business of Amazon sellers. These SaaS tools became very popular in providing seller reviews, search engine optimization, seller feedback and many advertising solutions that provide thousands of Amazon sellers the advantage in building their Amazon business.

In 2015 Seller Labs has helped generate over $1 Billion of Amazon sales. The company then continues to grow with numerous professional software engineers and teams that are responsible for the consistent project management and software design of its Amazon tools. Among the Seller Labs software applications are the Feedback Genius, Ignite, Scope, Quantify, and Snagshout which will be reviewed in detailed below.

The Seller Labs Amazon tools and software

There are different Seller Labs applications that are useful to Amazon sellers. Here are some of its major products and a review on each:

  1. Feedback Genius

This Amazon software generates a lot of positive reviews because of its efficiency and features. What it does is automating emails to Amazon buyers and asking them for their feedback about the seller and the product. There are a lot of customizations that come with your messages based on MSKU and ASIN and others. One good thing about this software is it can monitor negative feedback from the buyers which gives the seller an opportunity to resolve an issue. There are also variables that you can choose from to create user friendly emails to send to your customers. It also allows you to include your brand logo for a more personal feel and to reinforce your brand and image within the email messages.

Feedback Genius also has an automated feature of sending message to customers about the status of the product they ordered, from the time it is ordered, delivered and received. This innovative tool boosts your Amazon business as it builds trust to your customers by keeping in touch with them about the status of the shipment of their order. This gives them the confidence of ordering from your Amazon products and encourages them to provide a positive feedback which is good for your business.


                Feedback Genius will help save a lot of your time sending out emails from your customers. By asking from buyers some product reviews and feedback you will be able to improve the way you do your business and improve your sales. You will spend less time on controlling your Amazon account and customer feedback system. It is also Amazon compliant so you can use the tool smoothly and hassle free.

  1. Ignite

This application is designed mainly to optimize Amazon sponsored product ads. It syncs data and reports automatically such as historic data, charts and statistics for a campaign ad on Amazon, Product Ads, keywords, ad groups, and individual customer search terms. You can easily manage your Amazon products to optimize sales and your account for pausing product campaigns and adjusting bids. The software is integrated to the Amazon MWS and sponsored products API that gives you a data driven marketing and sales campaigns on Amazon. The data are also organized in a chart for easier reference and information details on keywords, customer searches and statistics.           Ignite also provides an optimized campaign management that allows you to move keywords from your group campaign and to adjust the bids. It also provides algorithms that can assist you in your business decision making process.


Ignite is a useful Seller Labs tools when you are concerned about optimizing your Amazon product advertisement. By using its data driven application you will be able to make a better judgment and decision on how to market you Amazon products to drive better sales. The system is automated thus saves you precious time in enhancing your Amazon product ads. With its rich data you will be able to find opportunities of reducing your spending on useless ad campaigns and focus more on the ones that can deliver better results.


  1. Scope

This Amazon software by Seller Labs is designed to provide an intelligent keyword research tool for better product discovery. By using the keyword data driven application you will be able to optimize your sales pages using high traffic keywords. You will discover the keywords used by top selling products to enhance your Amazon search engine optimization and Pay Per Click strategies. Using Scope will give you the ability to discover profitable products on Amazon by using the information about the product review history and the historic pricing data.


Scope provides you an opportunity to conduct a profitable Amazon sale by using keyword driven sales positioning and helps in reducing your PPC spending. Amazon sellers can have a profit estimate by using the keyword ranking score when conducting their sales page management. It is easier to compare the performance of keywords and the products widely used in Amazon and help you find the top performing keywords and phrases to optimize your Amazon product sale campaigns. Another benefit from Scope is you can use the keywords data in finding the right niche for your Amazon business.  Amazon sellers will also be able to mitigate the risks as the data provided by the application provides information regarding the FBA fees and Amazon commission on a particular product. By understanding the sales velocity, profit and monthly revenue on each product you will be able to decide smartly whether to sell or not.

  1. Quantify

Quantify allows Amazon sellers identify opportunities and determine product trending. Its features include consolidated financial information where the application will automatically pull financial data directly from your Amazon account to show the breakdowns on profits, profit margins and financial forecasts that helps eliminate doubt regarding your financial health. It also provides an inventory management regarding your Amazon products thus eliminating guess works. The software will check and alert you when your inventory is running low. Amazon sellers can also use Quantify to gain an overview regarding product trends, promotional success, seasonal sales and provide more detailed sales information.


You can optimize your business sales and income opportunities by seeing your earning potential using the software. The advanced financial information provided by the application will help you determine your market positioning and which sales strategies work best. You can use the metrics gathered by the application for smooth and simplified tracking on reports.


  1. Snagshout

Snagshout is a social deal platform where Amazon shoppers will find great deals from Amazon sellers and they need to do social activities like leaving feedback about the product. This helps Amazon sellers obtain organic traffic about their Amazon product in exchange of providing promotional deals for their products.


Snagshout can help give your Amazon products some social publicity especially from Amazon influencers with numerous followers. This strategy will boost your sales and you will be able to obtain better sales traffic. One of the factors considered by Amazon when ranking products on their platform is the sales velocity. Snagshout can be a useful tool in boosting up your sales and increase your traffic.


Seller Labs provides useful tools that can boost your Amazon business performance. Everything is automated which gives a hassle free way of managing your business. It provides different products with different business benefits. This allows you to subscribe only for the software that your business needs and you can grow your Amazon sales with less effort and time to spend in managing your product marketing and sales.


The Scope and Snagshout are exclusively compatible only with Amazon and its support is mainly for the US users only. The Feedback Genius has support only for the EU, US and UK Amazon marketplaces only. This indicates that Seller Labs Amazon tools are not used internationally and this is something that Amazon sellers from other countries cannot enjoy.


Seller Labs is one of the best Amazon tools there is in the market today. The applications and training materials they provide are highly relevant in growing an Amazon business. There are options to choose from with different software applications that offer distinct benefits. Amazon sellers will find these Amazon tools very useful. However, there is limitation on its availability in some countries which gives the advantage to Amazon sellers that can use these amazing Amazon tools to their advantage over their competitors.



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