Sellbrite Review: The Best Way to Simplify E-Commerce

Product Name: Sellbrite


Owner: Brian Nolan and Michael Ugino

Overall Ranking: 90 out of 100

Sellbrite Overview


Cutting edge technology helped boost sales of different companies today. According to studies, 53% of global internet users already made an online purchase in 2016. That is equivalent to an estimated 1 billion individuals. In the US alone, the average amount spent online per customer is at $1800. With these numbers, businesses have all the reason to focus their attention towards using the World Wide Web in selling their products and services.

However, it is a reality that a lot of businesses make use of different e-commerce platforms from Shopify to Amazon. According to studies, merchants that sell on three or more channels sell 156% more than those sellers that only rely on their online store.

Unfortunately, for a small business owner, things can be quite overwhelming especially when handling inventory and tracking sales from different channels. There is always the chance of missing your inventory, or not being able to have the money to pay for the necessary manpower to track of your products alone.

For this particular scenario, Sellbrite offers a simplified approach for small businesses to track and remove complexities in selling their products online. What exactly is Sellbrite? Sellbrite is a multi-million company that has an estimated revenue of $3.8 million.  It operates with the help of a total of 83 employees. Its mission is to help small business owners expand their business with ease by integrating different marketplaces such as Sears, Rakuten, and Newegg.

What it does is help you import existing listings into Sellbrite, sync your inventory listing and prevent the most common scenario of overselling. What it does is for every order made on different platforms that you use, it gets pulled into Sellbrite, and their system automatically adjusts synced with the other channels.

The Good

  • Integration with some of the best platforms including Walmart, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Big Commerce, Rakuten, Sears, Woo Commerce, Etsy and much more.
  • Prevents overselling
  • Allows easy monitoring of inventory and sales
  • 14-day free trial with no required credit card

The Bad

  • It might be a bit intimidating to use in the beginning
  • Small businesses may not be able to afford $260 per month or $345 per month additional cost.

Who Benefits from Sellbrite


There’s a lot of potential in selling online. In fact, Amazon alone generated hundreds of billions in 2016. What it means is that there is so much room for growth for everyone.

What Sellbrite offers is expansion made easy. Businesses that benefit the most are those that have small budgets without any capacity to hire additional manpower to track everything. Since Sellbrite automates everything, it covers the job of quite a number of employees from virtual assistants to inventory experts.

Regardless if you are using Amazon, Shopify, Sears, Etsy, or any other popular e-commerce platform, Sellbrite gives you the chance to transact with your audience without too many complications.

Sellbrite tools and training

There are a number of tools that can come in handy with Sellbrite. However, some of the tools they offer are a bit different depending on which package you opt to go for. For instance, Sellbrite offers inventory tools regardless of which package you signed up for. However, the more expensive package has additional multiple warehouse support and API. As for the listing tool, the premium package has the ability to remove Sellbrite branding on eBay Listings.

Sellbrite Support

Sellbrite is known to provide superb support to their users regardless of what type of package they chose to have. They even have a Dedicated Success Manager for those who chose to sign up for the $345 per month Premium membership.

One of the most common problems of different companies offering these types of service is the lack of manpower. With Sellbrite, they have a total of 83 employees that can handle your concerns.

Sellbrite Price


There are two options to choose from if you opt to sign up for Sellbrite. The Standard package costs $260 per month. This package allows you to make up to 1,000 orders per month while you can integrate up to 5 channels. Included is a Listing Builder, Inventory Sync capability, Order Fulfillment, and FBA Integration.

If you are already dealing with higher sales, there’s the Premium option that you can go for. The Premium Package costs $345/month which includes 15 channels and unlimited users. It also has everything included in the standard package plus multi-warehouse support, FedEx and UPS Support, Premium Sales Channel, API Access, Dedicated Success Manager.

Final Opinion on Sellbrite

Is SellBrite a good option if you are selling products online? Definitely, it is a good tool that you can use to make selling more organized. In fact, it can help your business grow. It is a great option if you wish to simplify your expansion. It also has the potential of lessening the incidences wherein you are dealing with complaints. One common complaint that customers have of small companies is overselling.

On the part of businesses, it can also help simplify the process of listing items that are up for sale. That means you can automatically put your items on sale on different channels that you are using without any problem. It helps save time and lessen the effort, allowing you to concentrate on what you really do best.

But of course, though it offers everything a business ever wanted, it is still not that perfect. Though they claim that it was designed for small businesses, there are might only be a few small business owners willing to spend on this. Sellbrite costs at least $260 per month. If you are going to pay annually, which costs a huge amount for a small business, you get two moths free.

Other than the price, this product can be seen as a great way to revolutionize e-commerce. It allows you to operate smoothly between different channels and avoid problems such as overselling. The good news though is that you can try the system entirely free for 14 days. That means that you can judge for yourself whether or not it is a really good deal or not.

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