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SaleHoo Review: Access to Thousands of Legit Suppliers!

Product Name: Salehoo


Owner: Simon Slade

Overall Ranking: 95 out of 100

SaleHoo Product Overview

salehoo, amazon

Worldwide e-commerce sales for 2016 alone reached $1.9 trillion. By 2020, experts believe that it can even reach $4 trillion dollars. These numbers simply mean that people are shifting towards purchasing online than on actual stores.

Drop shipping and buying items in bulk are two of the most common practices done by online businesses today on eBay, Amazon, and other e-commerce sites. In fact, 22% of online retailers today are believed to adopt drop shipping methods. Unfortunately, most businesses believe that the lack of suppliers can impede the growth of their business.

That’s where SaleHoo’s network comes in handy. What SaleHoo offers to the table is their list of verified suppliers of different in-demand and highly profitable products. According to SaleHoo, they have over 8,000 suppliers as of 2016 and 1.6 million products from these suppliers.

Established in 2005 in New Zealand, SaleHoo managed to build its network from New Zealand, US, Canada, China, and the UK. They offer 75 categories to choose from ranging from electronics to furniture and entertainment.

If you are looking for a legitimate source of information regarding suppliers online, SaleHoo is one of those options that you definitely have to check. With SaleHoo, you avoid the chances of getting scammed by some supplier online.

The Good

  • Verified sources
  • 75 categories to choose from
  • Popular products
  • 6 million products listed on their system
  • Affordable membership

The Bad

  • You can do your own research for free
  • Suppliers are not guaranteed to offer the cheapest option

Who Benefits from SaleHoo

salehoo, dropshipping. amazonWhether you are just starting to sell different products on Amazon and eBay, or you are already experienced in selling items online, SaleHoo offers a great solution that you wouldn’t want to miss. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always provide you with suppliers with the most competitive price. However, it is a good benchmark especially if you have zero idea how much certain items cost when bought in bulk.

If you plan on finding a legitimate partner offshore, SaleHoo makes things easier for you. Entering the business world is filled with risk. And most of the time, it involves encountering counterfeiters and businesses with bad practices. Signing up with SaleHoo eliminates these problems for you.

It also gives businesses with small capital to earn some money without dealing with a large capital. As a drop shipping website, it has a number of suppliers that sells you an item on its wholesale price and then directly ships it to your customer. This helps solve a number of problems including inventory and importation taxes.

Apart from having access to verified suppliers along with millions of items in the market, you can also take advantage of the training that they provide to their members. They let you learn the in-and-out of eBay, Amazon, and other aspects of online business for free. In addition to this, they also have an active community with their forum that can help you connect with the right people also using SaleHoo.

SaleHoo Tools and Training

As we have mentioned, SaleHoo is dedicated to helping businesses grow using their platform. It has a number of tools and training that is already worth exploring regardless if you are going to pay for its membership or not.

For instance, its forum offers a number of information on different topics that you’d commonly encounter. The forum is highly informative providing answers even to the most interesting topics ranging from members wondering if someone is making serious money from drop shipping, or simply looking for suppliers that can meet their needs.

Free lessons on the training portion of SaleHoo website include eBay Selling, Amazon Selling, Importing and Shipping, Product Sourcing, Scam Prevention, Business Setup, and Your Website.

The modules weren’t just made by random people online, as well. People behind the modules are highly qualified experts that have sufficient knowledge and experience on how to run an e-commerce business. Included are eBay Power sellers such as Edward Koester and Marc Ransom.

SaleHoo Support

SaleHoo has a great support for its members. They have assigned support staff that is going to connect with any of your inquiries. They also have an organized support page for some of the most frequently asked questions. And if your inquiries don’t fall on any of those questions, you can either call or just drop send them an email.

SaleHoo Price


SaleHoo offers a $67 annual membership. It also gives a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not pleased with their product. The annual membership will include perks such as access to their directory, access to market research labs, access to members forum, and personal email support.

Final Opinion on SaleHoo

Part of doing business is encountering errors that may cost a lot of money. A common mistake that entrepreneurs usually make is finding the wrong offshore supplier to work with. In these scenarios, it is even possible to ruin your own reputation when you sold one of these low-quality items to your customers.

SaleHoo helps you solve this dilemma. It prevents you from making costly mistakes for just $67. What it offers is a great opportunity to get connected to verified and legit suppliers whether your intention is to connect with a drop-shipper or a wholesale supplier.  And not only are you going to get access to a number of suppliers, you also get the chance to learn from successful individuals in e-commerce. The modules provided by SaleHoo should be enough to convince you that SaleHoo membership for less than $70 is already a great deal.

Is it the best option though for people planning to enter the world of e-commerce? Let’s admit that it isn’t a perfect platform. For instance, though SaleHoo verified their supplier, you still have to do your homework. It is possible that you are not getting the best deals with some suppliers from SaleHoo. It is possible that you aren’t maximizing your profits if you blindly go with some suppliers from SaleHoo.

For more experienced business people in e-commerce, what SaleHoo offers is merely an option to explore. It is still important that you do sampling, product research, and always check the reputation of the company you are dealing with.

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