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Profit Scraper Review: Best Tool for Retail Arbitrage

Product Name: Profit Scraper


Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100

Retail arbitrate is a practice that has been used for years in order to generate money online. What exactly is retail arbitrage? It’s basically when you buy low in order to sell high. You can get items from Amazon for a small amount of money and sell it on eBay for a higher price. That’s where Profit Scraper comes in handy.

A lot of buyers are not really aware of the fact that some items on Amazon and eBay have different prices. Profit Scraper is this cloud-based software that allows retailers to find items that are sold for a lower price on Amazon. What this tool does is to help save you time in looking for items from a particular eBay user. It then allows you to clone items and even adjust the different fees in order to have an accurate idea of the profits that you are going to make.

profit scraper

The Good

One of the things that make Profit Scraper useful for online entrepreneurs is that it allows you to have zero risks when it comes to selling online items on eBay. It also helps automate the process as well. You can price your items competitively depending on how much you actually pay from Amazon.

Another great thing about this tool is the fact that you can simply just get everything all at once in order for you to upload the list of items by bulk in your eBay account. The whole process is simply automated once you have this tool working for you.

And if you don’t like anyone to “scrape” your eBay account, Profit Scraper can give you the protection that you need as long as you are a member of their website.

This tool also allows you check the price every 45 minutes guaranteeing that you are going to sell your item with an updated price. Another feature that makes Profit Scraper a great automated tool is its Full Auto Ordering function. How exactly does it work? The software automatically places an order on the supplier’s website within 10 minutes upon receiving an order on eBay. It only costs 15 cents per order being processed.

Profit Scraper also allows sellers to track their performance from cost to fees whether you want to check things daily, weekly, or monthly. Profit Scraper also makes use of Listing Conversion Report which comes in handy to understand which listings perform better in order for you to increase your profit margin on eBay.

The Bad

But of course, it isn’t really a perfect tool that you can use for your online venture. You still have to check things manually. There are instances wherein the software makes mistakes. You have to check a couple of things before you clone them. For instance, you have to check if the items placed on eBay and the ones placed on Amazon are the same. Next, you also have to check the shipping cost on Amazon. It is important to consider the shipping cost because that can also affect buyer’s decision and you also have an idea how much shipping cost should you include in your listing. Aside from those two things, it is already a great tool that you can invest in.

Who Benefits From Profit Scraper

profit scraper

As for the obvious, the Profit Scraper tool comes in handy for those who are selling on eBay. But what makes this a game changer in retail is the fact that it automates everything. It also gives you a concrete idea which items could potentially give you the profit that you are looking for. You can also adjust the fees to give you an even more accurate estimate how much you are going to get from different items.

If you also are the type of online retailer who plans on selling a good number of items on eBay while having Amazon as your source, then this is the best tool can definitely help you in your endeavor.

But does it mean that you no longer have to check the list provided by Profit Scraper? This isn’t exactly the case. You will still have to do some checking though it is simply minimal compared to doing everything manually.

Profit Scraper Tools and Training

One of the things that make the Profit Scraper useful even for beginners is the fact that it offers training videos and a basic help desk. It also offers a one on one session that you can take advantage of especially if you want to fully maximize what this tool can offer to the table. And if you still feel that you are confused and you still have questions, all you need to do is to go to their support.

Profit Scraper Support

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Profit Scraper has the necessary support that you will need. It has a number of articles distributed depending on the questions that you have from Repricing Listings to Getting Started. If all of the articles still didn’t answer your question, users can send a ticket to Profit Scraper and they will get back to you immediately.

Profit Scraper Price

How much does it cost to use Profit Scraper? The cheapest plan is $67/month. Here, you already get 500 active eBay listings, and all the things offered by Profit Scraper including:

  • Scrape Hot Sellers
  • eBay Bulk Upload
  • Price/Stock Monitoring
  • Protect eBay Account
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Auto Ordering Support
  • Add Multiple eBay Accounts

As for the most expensive option, you get to pay $497/month for having 10,000 active eBay listings.

Final Opinion on Profit Scraper

Profit Scraper is a great tool for retail arbitrage. It helps automate the process especially for those who want to sell multiple items that have a price discrepancy between Amazon and eBay. This tool helps lessen the amount of work that you have to handle as a retailer from checking the price both on eBay and Amazon.

If you are a beginner in retail, this is a great option to minimize risks. You don’t have to buy an item anymore and even have it stored in some warehouse. Instead, you just have to buy the item on Amazon once someone bought from your eBay.

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