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Product Name: Paid2YouTube


Overall Rating: 10 out of 100


The reality is that people these days want videos rather than texts. 6 out of 10 people online prefer watching online video platforms as well rather than watch TV. Also, 8 out of 10 individuals aged 18 to 49 years old watch YouTube. Now that YouTube is so popular, what if you can get paid just by viewing videos on YouTube?

Before anything else, let’s first start with the basics. It is important to point that there are channels that earn a decent living from a YouTube channel. Now, Paid2YouTube is a platform that claims to exploit the idea that you can earn money just by watching videos and subscribing to other people’s YouTube channels. And it doesn’t end there. You can also earn some money by commenting on their videos and by giving a thumbs up.

How exactly does it work? Paid2YouTube offers an opportunity for both YouTube channel owners and those who love watching videos. And also, according to the site, you can refer people in order to earn more money. Also, there is a portion on their website that allows you to buy and rent for more referrals.

The Good

If there is anything good about this particular website, it is the fact that it is quite simple. The website claims that you can get $0.001 to 0.005 cents for every video that you watch. And also, you don’t need to finish the entire thing in order to get compensation.

You can earn 10 cents for commenting, 15 cents for subscribing to a channel, and 1 cent for giving a thumbs up. Now, In order to take the cash out, you will need to earn a minimum of $10.

And because of this, it is a seriously easy way to earn via YouTube. These days, if you think that you can just make a YouTube channel and start earning money from it, this isn’t actually the case. You will need more viewers and views in order to start generating money from Google.

In addition to this, Paid2YouTube also offers a program where you can promote your own videos and get people to watch it for you and generate more comments.

The referral program allows you to get more money. However, it is easier said than done. For this, they have the referral program that costs around $3.25 for 5 referrals and $8.76 for five referrals. You can earn from the referrals for around $0.001 per video that they view, $0.01 per every comment, $0.005 for every rating, and $0.05 for every subscription.

The Bad

paid2youtube price

Now, let’s discuss the bad things about the platform that you might need to know first before you decide to try it out.

First, let’s discuss the fact that there are a number of people who claim that they were somehow kicked out of the platform when they are about to reach the $10 minimum that allows withdrawal. And for this reason, it is already fishy.

Next, there are only just a few videos available on the website. And this means that you will not have an easy time recovering your investment. So is it really worth it to rent referrals? In reality, it isn’t actually worth it.

As for those who are starting their YouTube channel who probably wants to boost their views, comments, and rating, the package starts at $2 for 100 views. Now, you have to pay $35 for 100 subscribers. Though there is really nothing wrong paying for more subscriptions and views, there is no way of telling whether or not Paid2YouTube is using BOTs that can violate the YouTube policy that can even get your website banned from YouTube.

And also, the payment proof section isn’t reassuring as well. In fact, you can’t find anything convincing in the payment proof section that can make you want to sign up and invest your money on their platform.

Who Benefits From Paid2YouTube

The good thing about Paid2YouTube is that it benefits both ends of the spectrum. It can benefit those who are looking to improve their views, ratings, and get more comments while it can also give people the opportunity to earn just by watching YouTube.

But of course, you have to also consider the reality that it isn’t really a high-paying venture if you plan on making it your full-time job.

Paid2YouTube Tools and Training

There are no tools and training included or needed on the website for you to start. Though this is the case, you really don’t need to be technically sound in order to understand how everything works.

Paid2YouTube Support

paid2youtube payment

Paid2YouTube is also showing very minimal support. It offers an FAQ where you can see a number of common questions that you want to read first before you decide to send them an email. Next, when asking questions, you can choose between General Question and Advertiser Question.

Paid2YouTube Price

The good news is that joining the platform is free if you want to earn some money out of the platform. If you are looking to increase your views, you can start with $2 for 100 views and even go as high up to $475 for 50,000. As for ratings, you can start paying $4.50 for 100 ratings and as high as $250 for 10,000 ratings. As for comments, the price starts at $3.50 for 10 comments and can go all the way to $190 for 1,000 comments.

Final Opinion on Paid2YouTube

So is this a good or a bad thing? The reality is that Paid2YouTube may look good on paper but upon scrutiny; you might want to try other means of earning from YouTube. It doesn’t have a solid reputation, to begin with. Next, you also have to consider the fact that it takes a lot of time in order to get to $10 minimum. And if you are planning to get your views, comments, and ratings from Paid2YouTube, you just don’t have an idea whether or not they are using BOTs that could even jeopardize your YouTube account.

Is this something that you should try? We wouldn’t recommend this whether you are the owner of a YouTube channel or you are attempting to earn some extra money just by watching YouTube videos.

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