making money with drones

Making Money Sky High

5 Ways on How You Can Make Money with Drones

making money with drones

Today’s technology is just awesome! Everything seems to be possible with just a click of a button and nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. I for one have experienced such privilege and have also enjoyed its perks. It may take some amount or sort of investment, but at least you will be earning more than a buck or two.

I have been fiddling with drones for the past 5 years and all I can say is that it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life. It helped me a lot in bettering my financial status and has made me more than a few good friends and connections business wise. It’s like an angel sent by God to help you out with your daily tasks, and to me it has grown to more than that.

Now if you are one hungry entrepreneur whose goal is to reach the heavens, I can give you 5 ways to get the best out of drones so that you will be one step closer to achieving your heart’s desires.


  1. Freelance Photography/Aerial Shots

making money with drones

Now one of the first ways of getting money from these flying golden critters is by venturing into the field of freelance and aerial photography. Drones can get to heights and places where most photographers can’t, and that’s the sky! There ain’t a person in the world who won’t pay when it comes to getting the best aerial views and believe me, they will empty their pockets out just to get a chance at this.


  1. Inspection Contracts

making money with drones

Most companies now turn to drones when they want their buildings or projects to be inspected. It gives them less worries about accidents happening from human inspections because drones can reach the highest levels of high rise buildings and other facilities, meaning another opportunity for a quick buck.


  1. Wedding Videos/Photography

making money with drones

Perhaps one of the most famous use of drones today is for wedding videos and photography. Wedding photography and videography have evolved through the years and more and more companies offer competitive shots, angles and services, and drones are responsible for never before seen angles for a couple’s lifetime memorabilia. This is a great way to earn because with the number of people getting married everyday, most of them will likely spend more than what they planned just to get a nice shot of them expressing their love for one another.


  1. Aerial and Geological Surveys

making money with drones

From taking selfies, the drone has now evolved to scanning the horizon for surveys and information. Companies hire drone experts to make aerial surveys about the land or area they want to develop, and this will be great news for drone experts, providing them with more money in the bank.


  1. Wholesale and Retail

making money with drones

Lastly, I would suggest that you venture into reselling and wholesaling drones and drone parts and supplies because with the number of drone users around the world, it will be wise to be one of the suppliers so you can double your income from clients and drone enthusiasts as well.


These are just some of the ways that one can get money from drones, and honestly, there will be more ways in the future where drones will be the star of the show. You just need to research and master the ways which these drones were built for, and that is both easy and will be a lot of fun as well.


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