Leadpages.net Review – Is it the best landing page builder?

Among the leading digital marketing websites this date is Leadpages.net. It made its debut in the early 2012 and was originally stationed at St. Paul, MN. LeadPages is a website builder and digital marketing company that help businesses create their own specific brand and design of website having their own personality and level of uniqueness.

They assist each client in developing modern and up-to-date websites incorporating HTML 5 landing pages and all the technical requirements which the modern internet marketing industry requires.

One thing that users love about this website is that they always come up with unique and the best converting landing pages on the internet. Also regardless of the competition, this company can definitely level out the field for the products and services sold by the clients. If you’re looking for a cool landing pages to capture leads, take your time to read this Leadpages.net review.

How it works?

Leadpages.net builds and designs their websites based on a specific rule which is the 95/5 rule wherein 95% of the total leads will be generated out of the 5% of the website pages. While this may be a bit complicated and difficult to do for other digital marketing companies, LeadPages is able to perfect it. This approach was brought to fruition by creating a subscription-based system that aims to achieve 5 specific benefits which include:

Leagpages.net Review

• Landing pages that can be accessed through mobile devices within minutes. This is done by making use of various templates that are specific to the needs of the customer. Some of the templates include sales pages, reports, Adword pages, webinar registrations, and many others. Managing content for this application is effortless as well as fast.

• All the templates can be published through any platform. Among the popular platforms used by LeadPages include WordPress, Facebook, and other social media websites.

• Data such as trends, latest news, latest fashion, and others can be located as well as customized in order to develop high-converting landing pages that guarantee a high performance rate over the internet.

• Convenient and manageable on-site analytics along with the conversion rate data allows users to track and monitor website performance along with other metrics.

• The landing pages can be tested before it is launched. With this benefit, the website owner will be able to gauge which design and which option is best and could make the most profit. Also, the designer or website owner will no longer have to go through the tedious landing page rebuilding or changing once a certain approach has failed.

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Comprehensive guide

Another thing that is worth mentioning about LeadPages is that it provides comprehensive guide to building as well as marketing a website effectively in today’s ever changing demands and internet design trends. While this website offers the opportunity to simply sit back and relax as they do all the hard work of building and designing a website for you, they also walk you through the entire process. With their collection of knowledge base info about the steps, the website owner is able to keep track of their progress and is able to know the expected results as well as the processes involved.

The website’s knowledge base is a collection of answers to specific questions regarding website design and marketing a website. It gives detailed information not only to specific questions but also to all related information relevant to the question.

Adding to the knowledge base page of the website, it also comes with a collection of blogs which talks about the practical obstacles in website design and the best solutions to counter these obstacles and issues. The collection of blogs is also based on personal user experience with their clients and aims to educate and support clients who are dealing with the same challenge.

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The perks of using Leadpages.net

Obviously, the best perk to have when opting for Leadpages is that you don’t have to lift a finger when creating your website. With the experience and well-skilled staff of this site, you are sure to get a website that can compete with bigger and mature competitions over the internet. As they build your website, they will also guide you through the process with details on what to expect, how long a process would take, and how much it would cost, how to manage the finished website and many others.

You will also get much valuable advice while you work with this company.  This company also comes with well-trained and responsive customer support team which is reachable anytime and anywhere. These individuals will be able to guide a customer through the whole process of building his or her website or pages.

Of course the service fees and rates for Leadpages are also worth the mention since it is way cheaper than its leading competitions. This company provides flexible monthly subscription rates that are depend to the specific demands of a customer. Of course more requirements would simply more money on the bag nevertheless the results are as amazing and impressive as those provided by more expensive digital marketing companies today.

Leadpages also makes sure that each page and website is fully integrated with relevant sites such as social media websites, WordPress, and others. Through integration with other sites, a website is able to draw in more prospects as they link to the places on the internet where most people converge.


Lastly, LeadPages.net provides convenience to their customers their easy to use controls and settings which allow a website owner to fully manage his or her website without having much technical or coding knowledge. All the controls and settings are simplified to the basic needs of a website owner. Through simplification, managing a website will be easy and fast.

Digital marketing is actually the center point of all businesses today. Having to work with a sloppy company that provides such services can just leave you throwing your money off the trash. Whereas if you work with a seasoned and well-knowledgeable digital marketing company such as Leadpages then you can guarantee the success of your business.

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