JVZoo Academy Mastery

JVZoo Academy Mastery – Mystery or Mastery?

Product Name: JVZoo Academy Mastery

Owner: Sam Bakker

Website: academy.jvzoo.com

Overall Rating: 90 out of 100


If anyone thinks the best digital marketers get to the top and stay with the grace of Lady Luck, they ought to think again. Saying that this is not the case would be a huge understatement. These professionals get there because they are able to find the right business and marketing tactics on a consistent basis, while understanding the market well enough to know when they have to mix it up a little.

Business is constantly evolving, almost on a day-to-day basis, and only those, who can change along with it, can ever hope to reap its many benefits.

One can get to that level in two ways, on their own, or relying on someone else’s expertise. The former is an amazing thing to achieve, but it usually takes decades of hard work. What about the second option? There is nothing wrong with it, and most people should follow that road. If someone else is making a lot of money, there is nothing shameful about listening to them. If they offer a tool like the JVZoo Academy, the decision is ever easier.

When it comes to digital marketing, one of the people currently worth listening to is Sam Bakker, the foremost expert in online marketing. The JVZoo Academy is his training program, which gives people the opportunity to accumulate the knowledge they need to succeed in business. If done well, marketing can be the tool that changes a company’s fortunes forever.

JVZoo Academy Review – Who Is Sam Bakker?

Born in 1988, Sam Bakker is one of the youngest online marketing experts in the world, and his history of success is not to be sneezed at. Like many entrepreneurs, he started his first business while still in high school and has managed to build a small marketing empire since. He excels in anticipating market changes as well as creating tailor-made marketing strategies for his clients.

His training program JVZoo Academy takes this notion to a new level. With its help, budding entrepreneurs or experienced veterans can develop their own marketing strategy based on Bakker’s proven model. He is also an experienced speaker with a penchant for understanding how to create quality products.

What Is JVZoo Academy?

JVZOO Academy is a comprehensive, “all-in” type of marketing course that can help virtually anyone master the fundamentals of online marketing. The tutorial was developed for people without extended marketing experience, but the training course can help any person, regardless of expertise. Anyone, who wants to put a quality product on the market can benefit from the program. JVZOO Academy is the marketing tool everyone deserves.

The Core Components of the JVZoo Academy Program

There are four basic training segments in the program, and they cover virtually every aspect of online marketing. These four components are fundamentals, business foundations, product marketing, and affiliate promotions. All four of them are available in an overview mode, allowing the user to learn about them one by one and understand how they affect each other.

1. Fundamentals

It is easy to get overwhelmed when someone jumps into the world of digital marketing. With so many available tools and tactics to choose from, not to mention the ever-growing social media trends, any person would be spoilt for choice. The fundamentals program was developed to help alleviate that.

It allows users of the JVZoo Academy program to have a starting point. It covers all three fundamental digital marketing basics the participants need to build profitable campaigns with a high customer conversion rate.
At the start, participants decide who the target audience is. This is crucial because the target market dictates how, where, and what one advertises. If the target audience is 60+-year-old retirees, who enjoy gardening, the marketing strategy will be vastly different compared to a campaign aimed at 20-year-olds.

The JVZoo Academy program explains the importance of this to detail. The second area of the fundamentals is the creation and usage of native content. The program emphasizes the use of native content, which refers to materials that look like they belong there.

Whether the marketing strategy is built around an online web shop that sells footwear, or it is a catering service, it is important to use content that’s highly relevant to the topic and engages the target audience. Not only does the program explain this notion to the user, but it also offers unique suggestions.

The third important area of basic digital marketing is tracking. The program shows the user how they can track their progress, and how to measure the results using analytical tools. This is a very important area of online marketing, and the JVZOoo Academy program covers it comprehensively.

Furthermore, the user learns how to differentiate between the good and bad data. Digital marketing can be overwhelming, and among other reasons, this tool was created to make it a little easier. It concentrates on the truly important aspects of online marketing and delivers a comprehensive, detailed guide to anyone, who is interested.

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2. Business Foundations

The program shows the user how to create a sustainable, profitable business set for ongoing growth. Participants also learn about operational efficiencies, which is something that can drive costs down. What’s more, the JVZoo Academy program offers an in-depth look into branding, outlining why it is so important and how can it help a new business.

Anyone who wants long-term success and sustainability has to realize the importance of branding. Brand equity is what creates a sustainable business and not the other way around. If someone figures out what the brand is and why it is genuine and has potential, he or she has the foundation for a potentially lucrative business.
The program helps the users to understand how they can develop a brand that reaches their audience, connects with them, shapes their customer habits, and positively influences their lives. The next important aspect of business foundations that JVZoo covers is partnership and collaboration.

Many startups fall victim to their CEO wanting to take on too many roles and doing too much. This educational tool helps the user to understand the downsides of that kind of thinking and sets them up for a different direction. With the boom of online marketing services providing a wide variety of specialized resources, this should not be a concern for any new startups.

JVZoo Academy’s business foundation materials also cover the problem of customer retention, one of the main requirements for sustained growth. Without customer loyalty, no business can hope to achieve consistent, long-term success. Businesses that can retain their customers, on the other hand, can look forward to consistent expansion.

The program helps the user to understand how important these aspects are. An average business in the United States loses about 50% of its customer base every five years. The main culprit is often a lack of long-term vision, including online marketing. Without it, consistent growth is virtually impossible.

JVZoo Academy features content about the community aspects as well, letting the user know how an economic community can make or break their business model. The comprehensive digital marketing program covers all potential scenarios, along with the topic of repeatable sales.

Having the right product and creating a potent brand is not nearly enough. Without repeatable sales, the business can, and is likely to fall apart. The company has to implement sales processes that allow for consistent returns. None of this works without a high repeat customer rate.

The last aspect of business foundations that the JVZoo Academy program covers are flexibility, and adaptive leadership. Any CEO has to understand that the company has to be flexible, and adapt to the actual business landscape, which can change on a day-to-day basis. Flexible leadership willing to adapt is good leadership.

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3. Product Marketing

Bringing a product to the market is just as important as creating it. Having the right product is a very good start, but it still has to be marketed the right way to make it effective. The goal of product marketing is to drive interest and set the product up for success. JVZoo Academy covers all the important phases of this process, including attraction, conversion, and closing.

The program does a good job of introducing the concept, and detailing any potentially important aspects, including positioning, messaging, how to drive the demand, and even usage considerations. The role of the competitive market also comes up. There are important outside factors to consider, and the JVZoo Academy wouldn’t be as good without covering each of these factors.

JVZoo does a good job in the specifics as well, teaching the user to consider the product line and range, and even the shape and packaging. Pricing policies are another aspect of the product marketing process. The user can rely on different templates, which only adds to the value of the JVZoo Academy as one of the most comprehensive training courses ever made.

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4. Affiliate Promotions

One of the common problems of startups is the lack of post-product resources. This is where affiliate marketing can help, and the course explains this really well. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s performance based. The marketer only earns money if they actually drive sales.

The cost per acquisition price depends on various factors. The JVZoo Academy teaches the user how to be an affiliate marketer, so they can be vendors and affiliate. Once this materializes, the user can use these tools to create business for themselves, and do deals even on autopilot.

For those, who already work as an affiliate marketer but for some reason, cannot make as much money as they would want to, the JVZoo Academy course is an excellent opportunity. Each year, there are more product creators and affiliate marketers than the year before. On one hand, this is a welcome development, but it also means the market is being watered down. One has to understand how to stand out from the crowd, and this comprehensive tool teaches how

The course material shows users how to advertise their own product as well as how to find the right affiliates. Affiliate marketing is one of the safest ways to earn money through online advertising, hence the sudden increase in popularity.

Once the user learned how affiliate marketing works, he or she will be able to build an affiliate network that drives sales, and further promote their product. JVZOO Academy also has a cross-promotion thing going on, which allows the users to promote others’ affiliate offers.

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Basic Features

• Comprehensive layout: The layout of the website is impeccable. It contains all the important information for the decision making process, without allowing non-users to see too much of the program itself. The descriptions are very detailed and easy to comprehend.

• Four major overviews: The program divides the process into four phases, offering the users to see each in a different overview mode. The four modes are fundamentals, business foundation, product marketing, and affiliate promotions. The training is only complete if one goes through all four phases and comprehends the full course in its entirety.

• 200 Video: JVZOO Academy offers more than 200 video tutorials. Any user who’s signed up for the program can find valuable materials that can help them to fine-tune their business and marketing strategy.

• Multi-purpose tutorial: The JVZOO Academy is a comprehensive program that allows people with very different marketing skills to succeed. If someone wants to be an affiliate and make money, it is possible. The same goes for potential email marketers, vendors, and of course, affiliates. The fundamentals, the business foundations, the product marketing, and the affiliate layout, which teaches anyone how to promote products at a high level, are all covered comprehensively in this program.

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• More than 200 videos
• Very in-depth course material
• Diverse, not just newcomers can use it
• Course components support each other well
• Bonus software and goodies


• Too complicated for some: Despite the excellent layouts, some of the tutorials are still a little complicated.

Final Thoughts

The JVZOO Academy is a comprehensive, in-depth tutorial program that can offer help to any beginner and even well-informed businessperson. The JVZOO network supports the course in an extremely efficient way. The network is where Sam Bakker perfected his methods, before the company asked him to create JVZOO Academy, arguably the best digital marketing course on the web.

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