Jungle Scout Review – A software that can help you on Amazon FBA

Product Name: Jungle Scout

Owners: Greg Mercer

Price: $39/month (web-based), $89 one-time (Chrome extension – Lite) or 147 one-time (Chrome extension – Pro)

Website: junglescout.com (Affiliate Link)

Rating: 9/10

Amazon FBA is a tricky platform for some of us especially when you are new to internet marketing. The first step is the hardest and when you are excited your heart will take over control of your decision making.

You got to see a hot selling product on Amazon and bam! You got excited and starts to contact suppliers from Alibaba and 2 hours later. you made your first order. IT can be 500 units or 1000 units, who cares, as long as you are selling it on Amazon and making sales. I think you might have heard this but it is true. I am one of the suckers when I started Amazon FBA.

Did I make money on my first product? No I did not. I bought the product by impulse and only sold less than 15 units in 3 months! I was screwed and eventually, removed the product from the inventory as I do not want to charge for keeping the inventory for to long.

I found this software when a friend introduce to me in one of my Facebook group which I am about to review. It can help you find your product and this product has helped me to find a suitable product to sell on Amazon.

Well, let’s get on to review this product.

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is created by Gary Mercer and his software will help you find profitable products, relatively in Amazon, in just a click of a mouse. So if you are a user of Jungle Scout, you will have an advantage against your competitor. The software will assist you in your search to find a profitable product in terms of product size, number of reviews, day-to-day sales, selling prices and more.

Moreover, you can track and monitor your selected product and know how this product are doing in terms of sales. This is a good way to check on your competitors product and to ensure a profitable product opportunity. I like this software a lot and have tracked quite a lot of hot-selling products versus newly listed hot-selling products. You will be amazed that the newly listed hot-selling products are not selling in Amazon.

So why not? If you are new, please do not rush and follow the big guns in Amazon. Don’t buy on impulse and look for a product that can find you sales.

Jungle Scout is a software which will find a product based on the product size, number of reviews, day-to-day sales, selling prices and more. You can filter what you want and look for the product. It will be helpful and you got your selection of products with just a click of a mouse.

Jungle Scout

You can see the filter options in Jungle Scout and I can assure you that you can find a selection of products that can make sales for you. So, don’t ever select your product on impulse or checking the hot-selling product on Amazon. Jungle Scout will help you indeed.

Another good option on Jungle Scout is the tracking of other products on Amazon. You can just add a product ASIN on the tracker and done. You can track the sales of the products and get vital information such as the average ranking, average revenue, average units sold per day, etc. This is vital and you will know whether the product can sell on Amazon.

Jungle Scout

Should you buy Jungle Scout?

Yes, you should get it and start getting the right things done soonest possible. If you are into Amazon FBA or want to pursue into online eCommerce, this product is 100% useful. I have tried and tested it and it works for me. It makes a lot of difference in selecting your product and tracking other competitors sales.

One thing for sure, Amazon does not publish sales numbers on the product and Jungle Scout provides you with this. It will make your research easier and faster by a mile. You cannot get this data by doing a thorough research and it will take days or weeks to get a product that can be profitable to you.

Whether you are a normal seller or a professional seller, you will need need the Chrome extension or Jungle Scout Pro. This function will let you see data such as product dimension, weights, FBA fees and many more. API Keys are required to use this function and this will help you decide on the product according to the raw data from Jungle Scout.

The video training is good and you can check out their webinars which are transparent. Greg Mercer is a guy who is willing to help you on your journey to achieve success in Amazon FBA. I have seen a couple of his webinars and although they are rather long, an hour or so but I have benefited from it.

There is also a Facebook community and it is very active with information by members all over the world. Where else you can get such information.


Jungle Scout is a highly recommended product for your Amazon FBA. You should try this software and I am 100% sure that you will benefit from this when you see result in your Amazon FBA.

You can search for many products or software that are related to Amazon FBA but you want to get your result fast. So, by getting this software, you will do your research fast and get your selected product listed when your competitor are still searching for them. You will uncover proven products that sells and that’s what you want.

There is no shortcuts but this is a software that will assist you. It is a no brainer for me.

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