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Shoppers these days always have an eye for freebies and other perks with their purchases. The consumers are now becoming more selective in terms of their shopping options and they tend to give favor to merchants that are offering them better shopping convenience and freebies.

When you are selling your products on Amazon, you will probably need to offer perks to your customers to make them loyal to your brand, products and services. That is why you need the help of an automated tool that can optimize your online store with good features that can boost your sales.

One of the marketing tools that offer help to Amazon sellers in enhancing their sales marketing is Jump Send. It claims to be the number one Amazon email automation and coupon distribution tool. This Jump Send review will help you get an overview about the product can offer you and whether or not it can help boost your online sales from your site.

Jump Send

What is Jump Send

Jump Send is primarily an automated tool with software that helps sellers on Amazon to increase their online sales. boosting the site’s organic reviews and feedback by using email campaigns.

One of the objectives of using the software as an online marketing tool is to promote an automated email marketing to offer new products and services to your new and existing customers. It also provides an email follow up on your customer’s purchases and encourages them to provide seller feedback, thus generating organic reviews for your business.

One of the features on Jump Send has is a tool that will help to promote your products to entice customers to make new or additional purchases thereby increasing your potential sales.

The additional feature also includes on time email notification regarding requests for a refund from your customers which helps in allowing you to take action immediately to address the concern and prevent the negative feedback coming from this transaction. Moreover, the tool is compliant to Amazon’s terms of service which makes selling on the site hassle free.

More on Jump Send

Jump Start comes in different pricing plans from $29, $59, $99 to $199.

This includes features to all subscription plans are unlimited email campaigns, premium analytics, access to the Jump Send shoppers and the distribution feature of unlimited coupons. The main difference from each price plan is the number of products that you can advertise in Amazon using the software. The cheapest plan at $29 only allows 3 products, 10 products for $59, 25 products for $99 and 100 products for $199.

Who can benefit from Jump Send

Jump Send is designed for Amazon sellers who want to optimize their marketing and sales campaigns online. The tool has the feature of an sending automated email to your target customers and provides better convenience and customer experience to your business. You can integrate your brand logo to your emails with pre-made templates to help you save time in designing your and customization data input so that you can add the name of your customer to engage them further.


The Pros

By using Jump Send, there are benefits which can elevate your sales on Amazon as follows.

  1. You can benefit from getting more exposure of your business to the public because Jump Send has more than 100,000 registered online shoppers.
  2. An automated software to boosts your leads on sales and you will spend less time on marketing new released products and services to your targeted shoppers.
  3. The tool is designed to obtain feedback from your customers that can be used in boosting your potential organic sales and rank.
  4. The product comes with FREE trial which gives you an opportunity to decide whether you find its features beneficial to your business.
  5. Jump Send also has a database of online shoppers that you can use as leverage in finding potential customers for your brand.

The Cons

When there is Pros, there will be Cons.

  1. When you are starting  off as in Amazon FBA, you might find Jump Send a bit confusing to start with. So, it might take awhile to understand where you are heading to.
  2. There are a few Jump Send reviews that you can find online. So, you have little information on the product.
  3. Your niche or product might not get the kind of sales by using Jump Send. Why? If you have a different kind of niche or audience (out of the norm), it maybe a bit difficult to see this software works for you. Not all products are tune to this software and some of the products you are advertising may not be suitable for the community.


Jump Send appears to be a legitimate business that mainly focuses on helping Amazon sellers to optimize the results of their email marketing campaigns and boosting their ranks on the search engine through organic feedback from their customers.

This is a good product and if you are into getting your sales ranking as high as possible and believe in email marketing strategy, this product might be the one for you.

Greg Mercer has a couple of products that can elevate your sales in Amazon. His best product is the Jungle Scout and it is one of a few software which is recommended.

So, Jump Send, what do you think? Considering that there are only limited reviews regarding the product, you might want to try out their Free Trial first and see how it goes.

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