Internet Jetset Review

John Crestani Internet Jetset Review – Lot of Upsells Other Wise is Pretty Good

Internet Jetset Review

Internet Jetset is an online program that has been meticulously designed in order to teach a huge number of people how they can all successfully use affiliate marketing to make as much money as they can. It was originally created by a businessman named John Crestani, a person who is well known among internet marketing circles, and who has been featured on a number of popular online platforms and magazines, including Forbes.

One of the downsides of most of the affiliate marketing courses that can be found on the internet is that a lot of them have a marketing plan that has a similar structure to an MLM (otherwise known as a pyramid scheme). This is where the person at the top of the chain makes a lot of money, while the people at the bottom of the chain make a pittance in comparison.

There is some evidence of this with regards to Internet Jetset in the way that new people who have signed up to use the platform are then talked into the fact that they can go on to sell Internet Jetset to the people that they know for a small commission. This is a rather dangerous marketing technique because you are supposed to be taking the course to learn about affiliate marketing, not to be used so that you can sell the course to other people.

Before we get started with this review, you also have to be made aware of the fact that there are a lot of fake reviews for Internet Jetset that all contain exactly the same sentences and phrases. We would suggest that you do your own research to make sure that you don’t get lulled into a false sense of security.

What does Internet Jetset actually offer?

When you first access the Internet Jetset website, you will be met by a welcome video that introduces you to the site and then goes on to introduce a number of top entrepreneurs who are successfully making a huge amount of money online. The video then explains that exclusive access to these inner circle members has to be paid for separately, but it is completely optional.

For the purpose of this review, we need to consider the fact that at this point you would have already paid for the service. Why should you be immediately expected to pay more money in order to access “elite” areas and people who have high profiles? This first video is nothing more than a sales pitch disguised as a welcome video.

After you have navigated your way around the rather cleverly disguised sales pitch, you will finally be able to access the actual Internet Jetset Training dashboard that you signed up to use. This is where all of the members who are present on the website can access the main training course. The course itself initially covers a thorough introduction to the world of affiliate marketing and what it can offer you.

It is worth noting that John Crestani, the man responsible for creating Internet Jetset, talks like an entrepreneur in these videos. It is really important that you remember that he makes his money using Internet Jetset, not by doing what he is teaching you to do. He covers a variety of topics including how to choose your own niche in the market, linear and nonlinear techniques and how you should market your own unique products and services.

He then goes on to show you how you can join a multitude of affiliate networks and use them all to your advantage. The networks that he recommends all cost a lot of money when compared to alternatives, but some do cost more than others. He also brands them as high-paying affiliate sites in order to capture your attention.

But, you should not be fooled by this second disguise in the Internet Jetset course. Remember that Internet Jetset will receive a commission when you sign up to use an affiliate site that they have recommended, meaning that it works in their favor to make you sign up for as many of them as possible. Should they really be doing that if you are already paying them quite a bit of money?

The courses then go on to focus on areas like social media. They teach you how to get free, targeted traffic to your website from Facebook, YouTube and even Google. John Crestani also goes on to teach everyone about SEO and his own keyword trick that involves creating long-tail keywords. If you read other reviews, then you will notice that this specific technique has been used in them. Using certain long-tail keywords can help you get higher rankings and more traffic to your website.

It is worth noting that the full course is approximately eight hours long from start to finish. This time frame does not include any of the additional case studies that can be seen on Internet Jetset, but you do have to spend more money purchasing these to access them.

How does the pricing work for Internet Jetset?

You can access a basic form of Internet Jetset by paying a one-time fee or a monthly fee, depending on whether or not you get sucked into any of the sales pitches that happen throughout the duration of the course. Unfortunately, the monthly fee is known for rising. Right now, it costs approximately $47 per month to access Internet Jetset.


Once you are inside of the platform you will immediately be met by a number of different “upsells.” Upselling is an immoral technique that companies use to try and get more money out of people who are already paying a monthly fee. They involve telling the consumer that they can pay an additional one-time fee, or an additional monthly fee, in order to access more information that might be valuable to them. The upsells that can be found on Internet Jetset include:

Access to the “Jetset Inner Circle”

This includes private access to other people who have become millionaires by using affiliate marketing to their advantage. The promise is that they will be able to offer you a real insight
into what they do and how they make their money. We would strongly advise against paying for something like this if you are new to the business, especially given the fact that it costs an extra $187.

Access to the “Super Affiliate Case Studies”

The idea behind this upselling technique is that it could give you the opportunity to see real affiliates in action, as well as how they create and earn their money. But, why would you want to do that rather than going out and earning your own money?

Does Internet Jetset offer a good level of support?

Support is actually plentiful on the Internet Jetset website, as long as you need to talk about a billing problem that you are currently having, that is. If you have any other problems, then you would be best off trying to find your support in the member’s area, where other people could be just as confused about your question as you are.

It is worth noting that if you are having a month where money is tight, Internet Jetset does give you the opportunity to decide to “skip a month.” You do have to consider the fact that this might not be the nice gesture that it appears to be. It could simply be a marketing ploy that has been designed to make you feel as though you should stay. Consider this, if you did not have the option to skip a month, would you close your account?

Positive and Negative Factors

The world of affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing training is always full of factors that are both positive and negative, regardless of where you look. Unfortunately, when you are looking to learn how you can make money online, you are more than likely going to be paying someone who has the same intention. They want to make money, just like you do. Are they really interested in helping you make money?

Internet Jetset is no exception to that generalization. In our opinion, the positive and negative factors that should influence your decision as to whether or not you join the platform include:


Internet Jetset has been specifically designed in order to keep you on board for as long as possible so that they can profit from you. This means that you should be able to earn your first commission online quite quickly. Remember that this would work in favor of Internet Jetset because it might tempt you into going along with one of the upsells that they offer.

Some users on the platform believe that the overall cost of paying to use Internet Jetset on a monthly basis is a form of worthwhile investment, but given that you have to then pay more money to access all of the additional features on the platform, the opposite could also be argued.

A lot of the explanations that you are offered in the training videos are both incredibly thorough and really easy to understand. But, sometimes John Crestani, the owner of Internet Jetset, can begin to overcomplicate explanations that should be simple. You should always take notes to make sure that you know exactly what he is talking about. Otherwise, you might end up getting a little bit lost.


In the world of affiliate marketing training, a lot of platforms rely on their high-quality tools and software as a training tool that can teach people how to market their products properly and help them along the way. The tools section that is present on the Internet Jetset website only contains tools that have to be paid for separately.
The website itself can end up running really slowly. This is only a small issue until you are trying to watch one of the training videos. Remember that less productivity equates to less money.

It is worth noticing that the Internet Jetset training course tends to focus solely on what could be considered to be free traffic sources. The only way that you can get information on paid traffic sources is if you pay more money to access one of the upsells. Remember that upselling is something that most people would consider to be morally wrong, especially when you are already paying a high monthly fee.

If you usually need a little bit of help when you are learning about a new topic, then you should look elsewhere. This course includes no 1:1 training and no personal attention. Both of those factors can make it difficult for most people. There are courses out there that do include the personal attention that you need to succeed in areas that you might be finding difficult.

After you have enrolled in the course, you have the option to become an affiliate for the course. This would involve earning a commission with each sale that you make. Most people would then advise you to try to sell the product on your own social media, a technique that can result in you being permanently blocked from a number of different platforms.

The course itself is less than 10 hours long. It is aimed at both beginners and seasoned professionals, but there is no real middle ground between both of those categories. This means that beginners would struggle because they would be going straight from simple information to advanced information.

Unfortunately, this course is full of upsells, affiliate links and invites that have all been strategically placed in order to try and get even more money off of you.


There is no real shortage of amazing marketing courses online, so you have to ask yourself, why would you really want to pay for one that uses techniques involving upsells, affiliate links and invites to try and get more money off of you? This is not something that should be considered to be good marketing, nor is it the sort of marketing that you should be learning about.

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