Is Kids Earn Money a Scam

Is Kids Earn Money a Scam? – Will You Get Paid?

  • Name: Kids Earn Money (aka Kids Earn Cash) 
  • Website:
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Recommend: NO
Is Kids Earn Money a Scam

In today online world everything seem to be possible. Even kids can earn money online which I found a website which label themselves for it.

It is possible for kids to make money online, but certainly not with this website name Kids Earn Money.

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What is Kids Earn Money?

 The site claims that you can make $500 today by simply invite friends to open an account on their site for $10 each. Sound pretty easy, right? Try asking 50 friends to sign up for it. I think most of your friends will be raising their eye brown.

Next, there are different domain similar to this website.

As these domains will point back to the same website. All using the same trick over and over again.

The Red Flag

You might think this is a good opportunity and well paid affiliate program. Just grab the link and start sharing and hoping someone sign up and you get paid.

But in reality there no affiliate program willing to pay you for free sign up.

There is no business in this world willing to offer to give out money with no profit in return.

Other Making Money Method

Filling up survey with reward from $25 to $50 which you need to fill in your name, email and contact numbers in order participate in the prize draw.

Submit YouTube video content promoting Kids Earn Money to earn $50. Because of this incentive, lots of Youtubers upload promotion video to sign up Kids Earn Money.

One particular video I notice speak highly about Kids Paid Money which is the same as Kids Earn Money. But later upload another video to mention she have been scammed. You can see from here because of money have ruined their reputation.



Final Thought

In my opinion, I feel Kids Earn Money or Cash or whatever they like to call it, is a scam. Totally avoid it and don’t waste your time on it.

What is the Alternative?

To be frank, there is no easy way to make money online. As long you willing to put in your time and effort. Welcome you to this big community that help one another to walk the path of success.  

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