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Is FBA Empire a good start-up course? Quite Reasonable for Start-up.

Product Name: FBA Empire

Owners: Micheal Coghlan and Nathan Richer

Price : $1,497 onetime payment

Website: fbaempire.com

Rating: 92/100

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Recently, a friend of mine introduce me to a Amazon FBA course and wanted me to look into this. I have actually heard of the course through skilible.com as FBA Empire. To be honest, there are a couple of courses on Amazon FBA and some of them charging as high as a few thousand bucks to teach you to make an income out of Amazon FBA.

Basically, FBA empire is a a course that focuses on teaching you the knowhow on Amazon FBA and to sell private label products on Amazon.  This is a very popular and profitable business model right now, so there are a quite a few people trying to cash in by launching a similar course. There are a few out there that have useful contents but most of them are just not that great.

Since some of these courses are so expensive, I thought it would be worthwhile to put create this blog post to review some course for user like you to compare.  If you read through my blogs, you’ll see that there were a couple of solid choices so I thought it was worthy of a more in-depth review.

The Brains behind FBA Empire

FBA Empire was put together by Micheal Coghlan and Nathan Richer. Micheal first started on drop-shipping and thereafter started on Amazon FBA and boom! So, Micheal and Richer met and came out with a course to help users on the knowhow of Amazon FBA.

These guys knows their stuff well and are successful entrepreneurs. They seem to be sincere (from their videos) about trying to reach out to users to include value added knowledge on Amazon FBA in their sales pitch.

You can also take a look at their starter kit and it is rather useful to start off your Amazon FBA business. It gives some information for you to consider and is quite useful if you want to start your journey.

FBA Empire

What You Get

I am blessed to have worked with many FBA owners and personally, Amazon FBA business model is rather simple to follow. It is not about like affiliate marketing where you have to think on your sales funnel each day and the kind of niche you need to research. It is a different kind of ball game all together.

For the coaching aspect, both Micheal and Nathan are enthusiastic and will help you as a user apply their teaching. The course have 8 modules (video tutorials) for you to follow and learn and I think you should have no problem following them.

So let’s take a closer look at the each module:

Module 1: The Basics

  • Video 1.1: Welcome to FBA Empire (6:50)
  • Video 1.2: Overview of FBA (13:49)
  • Video 1.3: FBA Empire Walkthrough (4:45)
  • Video 1.4: Forum Walkthrough (5:05)
  • Video 1.5: Seller Central Setup (6:44)
  • Video 1.6: Understanding Payment Gateways (3:50)
  • Video 1.7: Action Checklist (2:47)

Module 2: Niche Selection

  • Video 2.1: Introduction to Niche Selection (3:34)
  • Video 2.2: Categories to Avoid (5:40)
  • Video 2.3: Brainstorming Ideas (13:27)
  • Video 2.4: High vs. Low Competition (9:49)
  • Video 2.5: Best Sellers Rank (10:50)
  • Video 2.6: The 5 Golden Guidelines (12:16)
  • Video 2.7: Choosing an Ideal Product (11:59)
  • Video 2.8: Action Checklist (5:16)

Module 3: Choosing a Supplier

  • Video 3.1: Introduction to Choosing a Supplier (7:00)
  • Video 3.2: Finding Suppliers (14:15)
  • Video 3.3: Contacting Suppliers (19:31)
  • Video 3.4: Profit Calculator (8:03)
  • Video 3.5: Branding your Product (17:20)
  • Video 3.6: The Difference Maker (10:19)
  • Video 3.7: Choosing a Winning Product (11:11)
  • Video 3.8: Placing Your Order (16:01)
  • Video 3.9: Action Checklist (1:39)

Module 4: Creating Your Listing

  • Video 4.1: Introduction to Creating Your Product Listing (2:20)
  • Video 4.2: Keyword Optimization (8:34)
  • Video 4.3: Product Title (9:23)
  • Video 4.4: Bullet Points (7:07)
  • Video 4.5: Product Description (16:03)
  • Video 4.6: Images (9:53)
  • Video 4.7: Bonus Offers (4:54)
  • Video 4.8: Other Details (3:56)
  • Video 4.9: Product Listing Walkthrough (27:57)
  • Video 4.10: Conversion Rate (9:16)
  • Video 4.11: Action Checklist (3:28)

Module 5: Driving Traffic

  • Video 5.1: Introduction to Driving Traffic (1:58)
  • Video 5.2: Corporate Website & Blog (9:38)
  • Video 5.3: Amazon Ads (24:27)
  • Video 5.4: Other PPC Ads (5:55)
  • Video 5.5: Press Releases (8:58)
  • Video 5.6: Facebook Ads (12:54)
  • Video 5.7: Pinterest Ads (9:18)
  • Video 5.8: Coupon & Deal Sites (10:49)
  • Video 5.9: Initial Launch (17:07)
  • Video 5.10: Action Checklist (2:45)

Module 6: Crucial Tips & Tricks

  • Video 6.1: Introduction to Crucial Tips & Tricks (2:18)
  • Video 6.2: Dealing with Negative Reviews (9:32)
  • Video 6.3: Convert Feedback into Reviews (10:47)
  • Video 6.4: Super URLs (6:19)
  • Video 6.5: Price Manipulation (6:01)
  • Video 6.6: Free Product Sample (3:35)
  • Video 6.7: How to Create a Promotion (14:54)
  • Video 6.8: Amazon Reports (4:45)
  • Video 6.9: Screenshare of the Seller Central Dashboard (23:16)
  • Video 6.10: When to Add New Products (10:44)
  • Video 6.11: Daily Checklist (6:18)

Module 7: Tools & Resources

  • Video 7.1: Introduction to Tools & Resources (2:29)
  • Video 7.2: AMZShark (9:26)
  • Video 7.3: Jungle Scout (5:27)
  • Video 7.4: Feedback Genius (6:35)
  • Video 7.5: Tomoson (6:07)
  • Video 7.6: Speedy Barcodes (5:41)

Module 8: Case Study

  • Video 8.1: Supplier Information (26:43)
  • Video 8.2: Sales and Ads (22:07)
  • Video 8.3: Customer Service (16:34)
  • Video 8.4: Future Case Studies (5:06)

Below is one of the weekly FBA Empire video newsletter.

The Community

There is an active Facebook group for FBA Empire. So you can see members interacting in the FB page and discuss case study and personal experience on Amazon FBA. Because of this, I am happy to see that FBA Empire added this interaction portal to help organize and do discussion.

Most importantly is that the communities are active so I consider the quality of the community to be the most important aspect of a course.  No training could cover every possible situation, so a good social media platform should provide the information to fill in any loopholes.


I think this course is suitable for users who are staring out on Amazon FBA as this is quite comprehensive.  The Amazon FBA business models works great is you know what you are doing.

There are quite a few softwares you need to purchase inorder for you to improve on your sales and you have to look for the suitable one. This course is very good for beginners at an affordable range for an Amazon FBA course. There’s a lot of content in terms of video tutorials and to have all this information available is an advantage. However, it can be a little overwhelming to absorb. Maybe you will not learn much on your first module of 8 but you should be alright when you go through it again.

Both Micheal and Nathan are very hands-on because their goal is to keep you focused and on-track.  Whether or not you are good to go or having a hard time keeping track of all the information, you can always go to the social media platform or the community if you need any direction.

Well, this is  a good course to get you started. It is a bit on the high side but to me, it is at an affordable range whereby other Amazon FBA courses are charging more than $2,000. My recommendations do change from time to time since new courses but as of now this is one of the better course out there.

You may check out at my #1 recommended course below.


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