Is Copy My Email System a Scam? – Yes or No?

  • Name: Copy My Email System
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  • Owner: Unknown
  • Recommend: NO

We deal with email almost every day. Be it at work, home or while using our mobile. Today we are going through something interesting which claim by sending emails will make you money.

A warm welcome to my Copy My Email System Review

Note: I’m not promoting or associate with Copy My Email System but advise you to avoid it at all cost.

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What is Copy My Email System?

Copy My Email System claims that you can use their system to earn up to $400 per day by just simply sending emails from home.

On the landing page video presentation already over sold the ideas of making quick easy money. The guy name Bobby mention that if you make money then he makes money and is absolutely free. All you need to do is to send out an email per day. Money will not generate in thin air.

You will also be given 500 email subscribers a week and an automated system that allow you to send emails and generate profit.

Red Flags

Go through some research and found out Bobby just rebrand Copy My Email System from the actual My Email Mentor.

The system is exactly the same, as Bobby mentions very easy. Log in to your account and send emails using your affiliate links.

When someone clicks on your affiliate links, you get 20 cents. So how many clicks you are going to gain to make you $400 a day? Keep counting my friend.

This pops up another question, why don’t he send out email himself to keep those earning himself with email autorespoder? Giving you free money as good will, might as well give to charity or those needy.

Is Copy My Email System Free? Hell No!

Is Copy My Email System Free?

All the sweet talk come to an end. There a tab “make your first $100 now” waiting for you to click it. Once you click it, prepare for a cost of $34. That cover 90 days of email sending. Is it FREE? Bobby says so.

What Type of Email Are You Sending?

You will be sending email to subscribers that you not sure. What type of email are you trying to send? It’s likely to be spam mail in my opinion.

This is a risky act and certainly not a legit way to make money online.

Final Thoughts

As mention above, it is very risky to send unknown email to subscribers you don’t even know. Even it is possible to make lots of money using Copy My Email System, it doesn’t seem to be a proper way.

So do avoid it and any other so call quick and easy method to make money online.


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