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How to Sell Your Website

There are different ways how you can earn money online. One of the best ways to do it is by having your own website. Once you have your site, it becomes possible to generate income from ads or from its traffic. Perhaps, you can write about something that you are passionate about? And once you have an audience, you could already start getting a monthly income on the side.

However, for others, one of the best ways to earn extra money online is by selling their website. But of course, it is not as simple as you think it is.

So what are the things that you have to consider if you want interested in getting some serious money from your website?

sell your website

  • Optimize the website for profits

First, you have to optimize the website for profit. You want to make sure that it is actually earning some money first before you start selling it. By maxing out the earning potential of your website, it becomes easier to sell for a higher price.

It is a good idea that you produce high-quality content to make sure that the website becomes valuable to its target market. Perhaps, you want to improve the content and even improve its overall SEO in order to ensure that it is going to rank. By doing so, you can also improve the overall traffic that you are going to get.

  • Ensure that your numbers aren’t stagnating

It is also important that the website isn’t just earning money every now and then. Consistency is key especially if you plan on selling it. It becomes easier to convince a buyer if they see a website as a potential source consistent income. For this reason, it is ideal that you have to wait for a couple of months before you start selling the website. The better your statistics look from your traffic to your revenue, the better price that you could get from your site.

You can make use of social media in order to further boost your site’s influence to your niche. It is also a good SEO strategy to make use of Facebook and Twitter mainly because Google’s algorithm takes a closer look at social media signals.

  • Know where to sell the website

Next, you also want to know where to sell the website. Often times, it is your best recourse to actually get yourself removed from the process and allow another party to step in. You can always get someone to do the job for you and write down the contract. Also, you can make use of selling platforms. The good thing about platforms is that they also serve as escrow which gives confidence to the buyer that it isn’t a scam waiting to happen.

  • Evaluate the worth of your website

The last thing that you want to do is to evaluate the actual price of your site. Typically, some web owners consider the worth to be at 2-years’ worth of the projected income of the website. But also, there are other factors at play. Traffic, the domain name, and the popularity of the niche are also things that you want to consider.

How to Sell Your Website on Flippa?

sell your website

Flippa is a website where you can sell your domain and your website. If done correctly, it can be a lucrative business for you. But of course, not all websites sell for the price that you want. And for this reason, here are some steps that you want to know when selling your website on Flippa.

  • Having a catchy description

What type of website are you selling? Is it a website that can be used for automated dropshipping or is it a website that can be used for a business? You will have to be clear about the description in order for the buyers to have an idea about the best use of the website.

  • Showcase your numbers

Next, you will also have to show the numbers on your ad. When showing the numbers, be sure that it is accurate. You have to show how much your site earns on a monthly basis, and how many visitors you have as well. There are also some websites for sale on Flippa that include their email list as an asset.

  • Reply to comments and private messages

You should also expect people to inquire about your website. And for this reason, you want to always interact with interested buyers.

  • Choose a reasonable starting price for the bid

You want to do a bit of research regarding similar sites for sale on Flippa. This way, you will know if the website you are selling is being sold at a competitive price.

How to Sell Your Website on Other Marketplace?

sell your website

If you feel that you are not getting the amount of money that you have in mind selling your website, then it is time that you stick to other marketplaces. First, you want to take a closer look at different websites available out there. You also want to figure out how much is the website asking for you to sell your digital asset on their platform.

For instance, Empire Flippers usually asks a 15% success fee on the seller. You should also take this fee into consideration if you are serious about making money from your site. One website that offers no fee is Side Projectors which is a website dedicated to selling websites, apps, desktop programs and even hardware.

Once you know the fee, know exactly how the platform works. It is a good idea to find a way to market your website. Showcase the strong points of your site that make it stand out compared to the other websites that are posted on the site.


There are many marketplaces where you can sell your website. There are also plenty of ways how you can attract your market and how you can make the website marketable. However, keep in mind that there will be different elements at play if you wish to sell your website successfully. With careful planning, it becomes easier for web owners to find an interested party who would want to buy their website even for thousands of dollars.

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