how to earn from website

How to Make Money With Your Own Website?

Having your own website can be an opportunity for you to create an additional stream of income. And the good news is that it is a doable plan for everyone. In fact, it is possible to turn a hobby of yours into something that really earns serious money on the World Wide Web.

But first, let’s get down to the basics of it. Here are some of the things that you will have to do first before you start thinking about generating money online.

You will need to have to cover for both the domain and hosting expenses.  You will need to think of a catchy name for your website and even find a host that will keep your website up 99.999% of the time. Also, you will need to target a specific niche as your audience. The last thing that you want is to not have a profile of your readers.

Now, let’s get to the most interesting part of this article. How exactly are you going to make money with your own website?

how to earn from website

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is among the most promising ways on how you can earn some money on your website. Affiliate marketing is a commission based method of earning money online. You get paid for purchases that come from your affiliate link. Sounds simple? It can be easier said than done though. How exactly do you increase the chances of success if you wish to be an affiliate marketer?

First, you will need to make sure that you get the trust of your audience. You just can’t offer a product and expect your audience to immediately trust your advice. In fact, a lot of people would even just ignore your affiliate link when buying the product that you just recommended. Nonetheless, it is an effective way to earn money online.

It is quite common that affiliate marketers first get their website established before they even introduce to offer affiliate links to products that they can get their commissions too. This means you will have to invest in your content. This way, you will have a pool of readers that are interested in what you are saying.

Another tip that you can use in order to become a successful affiliate marketer is finding the right product that is both sellable and has high commission rate. Even if it simply offers you a 5% cut, if you get to sell an item from your website in great volume, then this could still matter in the long run.

Also, you have to just stick to products that you know are trustworthy and are of high-quality. The last thing that you want is to ruin your reputation for a quick buck.

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Google Adsense

Next, if you already have a high-traffic website then maybe, you would want to start looking at the possibility of earning via Google Adsense. How exactly does it work? Google decides to place relevant advertisements on your content. You get paid whenever someone gets to click on the ads. The good thing about Google Adsense is that it can be a great way to earn by the hundreds or even by the thousands every month. Your only job is to create content that can be useful to your audience.

If you are planning to apply for Google Adsense, you will first have to know their rules. Google has strict rules. So getting approved is already a challenge.

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Sell Ad Space

How to Make Money With Your Own Website

Another strategy that you can use to earn money from your website is by selling your ad space to relevant companies. You can start by putting up an advertisement by the sidebar of your website that says: “Advertise with us”. How much money are you getting? It still depends on a number of factors along the way. Traffic and your site’s popularity are things that can make a huge difference in the money that you get from those side banners.

Sell your own product or services

One of the most common ways on how you can earn money from your website is to sell products. There are instances when readers who love your content will also support things that you offer. But it doesn’t always have to be a physical product. You can even sell an e-book that includes premium content.

There are also some web owners who simply use their content in order to get potential clients’ attention. Their incentive for bringing high-quality content is to make their website as their own portfolio. With this, webmasters can actually gain followers that can turn into clients.

Accept donations

how to earn from website

Another great way to earn money from your online efforts is to ask for donations. But of course, don’t expect thousands of dollars-worth of donation on your website. However, depending on the popularity of your site to your niche, it could actually be enough to fund the entire website’s operations or at least lessen the cost that you have to put up with.

Donations can be integrated with other means of earning money online. But before you even ask for donations, it is a good idea that you first establish your website as a good resource for a particular market.

Accept money in exchange for reviews and feature articles

There are websites that earn money by doing reviews and featured articles on certain products. Though you can earn some serious money out of this strategy, you have to be careful because it can also cause your website to lose some readers. There are instances wherein featured articles sound biased. And because of this, it is common that some websites that do this type of strategy lose some fans along the way.


Probably by now, you already have an idea how to earn money from your website. There are different strategies that you can use together with each other in order to increase the chances of earning more from the World Wide Web. However, it is important to consider your reputation online as well as the quality of content that you produce in order to ensure sustainability on the part of your site.

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