How to Make Amazon FBA Reimbursement

How to Make Amazon FBA Reimbursement? – Amazon Owes You Money

Have you started your Amazon FBA business. If you are starting selling and making good sales figures, this post is for you. Amazon owes you money and the figure is way beyond you expected.

Well, Amazon FBA doesn’t mean to owe you money in purpose. They try their best to refund and reimburse any missing and damage of your products. But sometimes they do miss out due to certain issues.

These are the following types of reimbursing that you can submit for claims.

• Lost, damaged, destroyed inventory,
• Refunds,
• Returns,
• Shipments.
• Overcharged Fees.

How to make Amazon FBA Reimbursement?

There are step by steps tutorial to follow. You need to open a spreadsheet on your desktop or laptop to copy down list of items that eligible for reimburse.

Different people follow training and tutorial differently. That depends on you prefer reading material with images or in video form.

Check out the Jessica Larrew (Founder of The Selling Family) blog post written clearly on how to make Amazon FBA reimbursement. (Free Guide)

How to Make Amazon FBA Reimbursement


If you prefer in complete video guide, I recommend you to learn from James (Founder of Internet Uni). He has a complete course to guide how to make this claim.

How to Make Amazon FBA Reimbursement

Bottom Line

Hope you keep track of these as part of your business. This can recoup losses and bring in fund for time when you needed most. Share with fellow Amazon Sellers on how to make Amazon FBA Reimbursement.


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