How to Get Paid From Amazon? – For Sellers Not Living in the US

So you interested to start an Amazon FBA business, but wondering how to get paid from Amazon? Amazon pays every 2 weeks to the sellers direct deposit to their bank account. As a seller myself staying in Singapore almost miles away and still manage to get paid. I do not have a US bank account, so I do it? The answer is simple, Payoneer.

Here are the steps to get started

First of all I assume you already have an Amazon Seller Central Account. If no, is ok. You only open an account if you already have products to sell.

Ready? Let get rolling…

Sign up Payoneer account and It’s FREE! You need to fill up your details, including your mailing address. Payoneer will mail you credit card.

Go under “Receive” and  adrop down menu you will see “Global Payment Service” click it and you will see the details of your account. Now your Payoneer account is consider your US bank account. You are given a bank account number.

Payoneer Review

Fill that details correctly to your Amazon seller central Deposit Method.

Payoneer Review


That’s all! Easy Peasy folks!

Payoneer Short Review

Here a quick Payoneer review. Payoneer charges 1% of every deposit or money you recieve. Once your Payoneer account is loaded with money, you can start to spend. You can use your credit card to purchase things online or pay bills at a restaurant.

Do note that when you pay using Payoneer for other currency the charges are a bit high and include of currency exchange rates. So do it wisely.

You can also withdraw money from any ATM machine around the world. Once again the charges are high and if you urgent need cash. It is advisable to do a lump sum withdraw rather than small amount. There is once I mistaken my Payoneer card as my usual ATM card. The withdraw wasn’t successful as I realize is wrong card and the mistake cost $1.

Payoneer only charge annual fee of $29.95.


I hope my blog post able to clear your mind and get ready for your Amazon FBA journey. I’m happy to with Payoneer so far. It has helped me to get paid from Amazon and Clickbank as an affiliate as well. It makes my online business so much easier for me rather than collect checks.

Sign Up a Free Payoneer Account Here 

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