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How to Find Affiliate Program? – 5 Effective Ways

You have just started your affiliate marketing journey and feel ready to make some commission from affiliate program. Feeling excited and nervous at the same time, wonder will you manage to find the ideal affiliate program that suit your niche.

Before you start looking for an affiliate program, make sure your website has enough content and a decent amount of traffic. Some merchat will reject newly set up website with little content and amount of traffic.

In this post I am going to share 5 effective ways that you can find the best affiliate program that you are hoping for. At the end, I will show you the best way I use to look for affiliate programs in just a few steps.

How To Find Relevant Affiliate Program
How to Find Relevant Affiliate Programs?

If your affiliate website is on the pyshcial products niche. Look no further, Amazon sells products A to Z. You name it, they have it.

Good – You can review any products from home kitchen, sport or travel. Let’s put an example, you’re writing a review “Kablecard“, a very simple and useful product from kick-start. List down the pros and cons. Insert your affiliate link. Someone buys from your link you make an affiliate commission, but if they end up buying any other things you still make extra commission.

You are spoil with products to promote under Amazon. There no need to hunt for any other affiliate program if your affiliate site attracts lots of traffic.

Bad – No program is perfect, so do Amazon Associate. The cookie life span for their affiliate links last only 24 hours. Which means after someone clicks your affiliate links need to buy something within 24 hours. The commission considers low from 4% to 8%.

It is best to consider recommending higher end products which can make you more commission.

2. Clickbank - Largest Digtial Marketplace

You probably have heard of Clickbank. Their main focus is on digital products such as online courses, ebook, membership site and softwares. I not a big fan of Clickbank because most vendors have created crappy products that promise wonders to the end user with never ending up sales.

But of course not all vendor products are bad, there are provide value and worth buying. So as an affiliate, please chose wisely.

Good– High payout 50% to 75% of commission in a single sale. Imagine selling a recipe and cookbook make you $10 compare to $0.4 for a cooking pan from Amazon.

Recommending membership training program that pay you recurring commission monthly. 

Check Out Clickbank University

Bad – As mentioned before, most of the products can be in the dark side. Mostly from the money making niche. Promise you the moon and sun, but doesn’t deliver. Which can be lots of commotion, but sooner or later your affiliate site visitor will lose trust in you.

Don’t be too happy when you get a sale of $199, the buyer has 60 days money back guarantee. When a buyer, not happy they can submit a ticket and ask for refund for no reason.

3. High Paying Affiliate Program

This is a site run by Bill Burniece Denver, he has put in all sorts of high payout affiliate program together. Which I often drop by to take a peep. I can say he did a wonderful job to make people life easier.

4. Ask Google - Everyone Does

This is a straight forward method which everyone uses. But are everyone doing the right way. We ask Google everything and manage to get the answer.

What if your question is not clear or Google don’t understand your question? So let make Google understand what we want.

Fitness equipment + affiliate program

You will get a list of awesome fitness equipment affiliate program. You can sign up from the private affiliate program. So to make it simple Your_Niche + Affiliate Program

5. New Platform Launch: Affiliate Programs

A newly launched Affiliate Program platform by Wealthy Affiliate which make searching for affiliate programs 10 times easier.

The search bar on top allow you to type in the keywords you want to look for. Which pulls out a list of related affiliate programs.

  • Country Availability (Is this available to you as an affiliate in your country)
  • Payout Options
  • Auto Approval (of Commissions)
  • Rating
  • Commission %/$
  • Network Fee
Wealthy Affiliate

You can also manage these by clicking the Filter tab, as shown below.

Get started to and search for your affiliate program

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