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How to Buy Websites on Flippa?

Building a website from scratch may sound like a good idea but let’s be honest; it takes a lot of work in order for the website to gain momentum and have a decent income. And for some that don’t have an idea how to earn online, Flippa is your next best alternative than doing all the initial legwork.

Flippa is the marketplace where you can buy websites both that are active and those that aren’t. Yes, you can buy websites that already have an audience and even those that are already earning.

But of course, it is important that you don’t just buy everything that you see right off the bat. You will also have to do your research in order to ensure that you aren’t getting scammed. So how exactly are you supposed to buy a website?

Set a Budget

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How much money are you actually willing to throw for an already established website? You will need to first have a budget before you start buying any website. Do you prefer to have a website that has a consistent income of within the $100 range or perhaps you want something less? Be prepared to pay at least 12 to even 24 months-worth of income generated by the website if this is the case.

Or perhaps, you are simply looking for a website that has a catchy name that you can eventually build from there?

Stick to what you already know

Sticking to something that you are passionate about can make a huge difference. Sticking to an industry that you barely have an idea of could easily be the biggest mistake that you could make. Not only do you not know the audience’s behavior, you can also get caught by your readers that you are not providing them with what they are looking for.

There will be instances wherein you will have to be the one who is going to make your own content in order to save some money from copywriting fees.

Evaluate the additional costs of maintaining the website


Next, you want to also have an idea about the cost of maintaining the website. Not all websites can work on its own after you bought it and generate money for you. What you want to figure out is the cost of both its maintenance and operation. Are you supposed to hire a standby web developer or a web copywriter that can produce contents for your site? Can you do any of these jobs on your own? How much are you looking at for the monthly maintenance and operation of the site?

Do extensive research before buying anything

It is quite common for many website buyers to get scammed simply because they aren’t doing the necessary research before they even decide to buy a website. For instance, you don’t just accept everything by the surface. If a seller says that a website is already earning X amount every month, be sure that you confirm these things.

Valuation is important especially when you’ve become interested in buying a particular website. Though there is no rule that can dictate the worth of a website, there are different factors at play that can allow you as a buyer to make an educated guess.

Is the site earning as of the moment? If it is actually earning as of the moment, do you think that the website is going to still have the potential for growth? Most likely, the reason why you are going to buy a website is in order to squeeze in some profits from it.

Evaluate the Content

Next, you want to also evaluate the content of the website. Now that you have the numbers relating to the site’s earning potential, you have to make sure to take a closer look at the content to see if it is actually worth it or not. Remember that content is king in today’s World Wide Web. And for those websites that contain a good number of high-quality content, then that could definitely be a good thing. But of course, expect a higher price for websites that have great content.

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Get Down to the Legal Stuff


Before you even decide to pay thousands of dollars on a website, it is a good idea if you can have a contract. You may want to hire an attorney for this. This allows giving you some sort of protection especially if you are going to spend a serious amount of money on a website.

Unfortunately, not a lot of buyers are legal savvy. And because of this, some even get scammed from their hard earned money. You have to make sure that the seller is actually authorized to sell the domain. In some occasions, domains change hands every now and then. A lawyer can help a potential buyer document all of this.

It is also a wise idea to make use of an escrow agent that can make both seller and buyer comfortable how the transaction is going to be made. The escrow agent holds your money until everything in the terms and conditions have been met.

Ask yourself if you could build a similar site yourself

It is quite common that a lot of people are convinced to buy an already established website because they are afraid whether or not they can build the same type of website from scratch.

If you could actually build a website for less the price that is being asked by the seller, then maybe it is a good idea that you reconsider your decision to buy the website.

For instance, what if instead of buying an affiliate website, why not build your own? All you just have to do is to find a way to create content that can generate traffic that you can eventually convert. Of course, building a website from scratch may take a lot of time, effort, and planning on your end but it definitely possesses a lower risk on your part.


Is it a good idea to invest on a website that you see on Flippa? Though there are some good deals that you may encounter on the site, there are also some scammers and those websites that don’t amount to its price. Always be sure to use these tips whenever you are planning to invest in a site.

Keep in mind that both parties are thinking how to earn from the transaction. On the seller’s end, it is most likely that they are trying to cash out and settle for a bit less than what they could actually get from the website if they continued and maintained its operation.


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