How Much Money Do I Need To Start Selling on Amazon FBA?


Amazon FBA is giving a promising opportunity to earn extra or even work from home to online sellers. Amazon retailers are reporting positive feedback about joining the Amazon FBA and now seeing their online business grow profitably gradually if not drastically. The point is the sooner you start an online selling business with Amazon the better your potential earnings can become. There are some predicaments for those interested to venture on Amazon FBA such as how much investment they will need in order to start. Your course of action financially will likely depend on your seller goals and objectives. Each seller has individual needs under varying circumstances with resulting different goals and requirements to meet. Thus, you need to consider different factors in order to determine how much money you need to start selling on Amazon FBA.

The Costs on products

To start off you need products to sell on Amazon FBA. Identifying the products you will sell will help you determine the costs on your investment. Products can be categorized as the ones that you must have, such as those products that are in demand from Amazon with many buyers. Then there are the luxury items which might be quite expensive but there are also some buyers but will not likely sell out immediately like hotcakes. Your investment will depend on the cost of the items that you will sell.

Product sampling

Product sampling is also important in order for you to know the quality of your product suppliers so you can look for a supplier that can help reduce the costs on your end and is willing to provide you samples for free. There are also Amazon sellers who are willing to reimburse your costs for getting sample bottles once you order from them so you might want to check it out, too. Buying sample products might cost you around a hundred dollar or so depending on the number of products you want to try out.


Getting product samples is just the first step. After finding the right products to sell on Amazon FBA you will have to purchase the product and this is where the venture becomes costly. Some suppliers will have a minimum quantity so that you can buy their products at a wholesale price. You need to consider the purchase unit that you will make and see if you can get a cheaper deal for bulk orders and perhaps a free shipping cost. Some Amazon FMA sellers find ordering at least 500 units will make suppliers willing to keep the price much lower. This equates to low cost products to sell on Amazon and gives a lower start up cost for you with potential for a much bigger profit.


The Cost of becoming an Amazon seller

In order to use the Amazon platform for selling you need to create an account with them either as an individual seller or a professional seller. For the individual account you will be paying $1 for every item sold and $40 per month for the professional seller account. If you sell more than 40 units every month getting the professional seller Amazon account is more economically advantageous for you. In order to maximize your benefits as an Amazon FBA seller the professional sellers account will provide you more access on the Amazon features like generating promotional codes in case you will be giving away products for promotion.

The UPC Code

Amazon sellers are required to use a recognized barcode on their products in order to generate the proprietary code of Amazon. To get this code you will be required to get a Global Trade Identification Number through a UPC Code. Amazon initially requires its sellers to purchase this number from GS1 being the leading global provider that charges about $250 for annual renewal fee up to 10 barcodes after paying the $250 initial registration fee. However, currently Amazon allows its sellers to purchase the number from third parties.

Costs for organic ranking on your Amazon store

As you get more sales you need to upgrade your Amazon store visibility in order to upkeep with your competitors. Thus, you need to work out on your organic ranking to help generate more sales and there are different strategies like email marketing and search engine optimization that can help you do this which likewise incurs costs. Running a sponsored ad like Amazon PPC can also help run your sales and improve in performance quickly.


Amazon is an amazing place for sellers to find customers and sell products. In order to manage the costs of your investment it is best to launch your Amazon FBA by understanding the costs that you will incur when running your business and being able to determine which options will provide you low cost approach for selling products online. How much money you will spend for your Amazon FBA will relatively depend on your marketing and selling approach.

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