Fetcher Review – The Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers



OWNER NAME: Greg Mercer, Shane Stinemetz and AZ Hopkins

WEBSITE: fetcher.com

RATING:  8/10

Amazon sellers are not beyond the ambit of the imposition of sales tax. So managing the sales tax aspect of your Amazon business is an additional burden and concern that you need to be mindful about. Unless you are an accountant, handling the accounting aspect of your Amazon business can be a challenge. The Fetcher Software is one of the software in the market today that offers Amazon sellers the solution in handling their sales tax and profit more meticulously and accurately. Just how reliable Fetcher software can be is something that every Amazon seller needs to know before they pay for a subscription on its services. Read this Fetcher software review to help you get a better insight about this product.

Fetcher Software – What is it?

The product is the creation of Greg Mercer, Shane Stinemetz and AZ Hopkins who combined their expertise and experience as Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs in designing a program that will help Amazon sellers get better control about their profit and sales.

This is done by using big data and tools to empower them to become more efficient in managing their accounting and business financials.

The main features of the software is to collect sales data and do some calculation which involved in business accounting like profits, refunds, fees, PPC, other income and expenses generated from operating an Amazon business. By collecting the datas, you will get a better insight about your business that can help you make wiser financial decisions.

As an Amazon seller, you will be able to have a grasp about the performance of your Amazon business and the software use varieties of metrics that will help generate better accounting on sales and profits.

Through the help of the Fetcher software, one has a powerful profit analytic tool to monitor his or her Amazon business financial status and activities. This offers more benefits to the user as they will be free from the commonly confusing business financial calculations that get more complicated as the business grows.

More on Fetcher

The monthly subscription rate starts at $19 that covers up to 2,500 orders per month, $39 for up to 5,000 orders and $99 for unlimited orders. This will give an Amazon seller the opportunity to gauge how much orders their business caters per month and pay for the appropriate subscription according to their business needs. There is a FREE one month trial to test this software.

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The Pros

Here it is.

  1. Fetcher software can make calculations of your business financials more time efficient, accurate and convenient.
  2. It is easy to use and you can get an instant access to your financial statistics to help you make immediate business decisions.
  3. The financial software is very convenient for good reasons. Whether you are an online seller or not you are still subject to pay sales tax which gets more complicated as your Amazon business expands and grows.
  4. The software will automatically collect and extract data from your business activities is a big convenience as you do not have to keep information in spreadsheets to determine your tax liabilities and profits.

Using the Fetcher software is risk free as it offers a 30-day trial without the need of providing your credit card information. The cost is also reasonable and the software gives options according to the business needs. Regardless of your subscription you get the same kind of accounting and analytic services except on the number of the orders that it can monitor and account for. One can also use multiple Amazon account for the software.

The Cons

Here comes the Cons.

  1. The interface of using the application is simple but sometimes may become boggy with glitches according to some reports.
  2. The application is more focused on profitability that can help in your sales tax but does not account well for your losses.
  3. There are feedback on the poor customer service provided for their customers especially in getting a refund.
  4. It is also not clear how the software applies its algorithmic formulas to calculate sales, profits and expenses in real time. There is no way of actually determining whether the metric calculations are reliable and accurate. The user has to merely rely on the accuracy rate claimed by Fetcher.


Fetcher software is a tool that can offer Amazon sellers convenient of monitoring their business financials. Its profit analytic tools are useful when you want a more efficient way of getting an insight about your business productivity by selling on Amazon.

While it can be good accounting software for Amazon sellers, there is no guarantee that it can ultimately provide accurate information. As a prudent businessman will do, it is wiser to still keep an eye on your financial and do not rely solely using the analytic tool to determine your income and profits.

Well, if you are a busy entrepreneur and your time is precious, you can try out Fetcher. It is an affordable software that will keep you on track with a click of a button.

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  1. I’ve been using Fetcher for a while now and I’m a fan. I think you have a fair pros and cons list here to help others make a decision on if it’s the right tool for them!

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