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FBA Stores Review: Why You Shouldn’t Try Their Products!

Product Name: FBA Stores

Website: www.fbastores.com

Owner: Chris and Adam Bowser

Overall Ranking: 5 out of 100

FBA Stores Product Overview

fba stores


Amazon is considered by many as today’s world leader in e-commerce. From their humble book selling endeavor, it has evolved as a one-stop-shop for virtually everything and anything under the sun. It currently has around 20 million products available for Amazon Prime. According to statistics, the average Prime user spends around $625 annually.

These numbers make it enticing to sell on Amazon. For any entrepreneur, it is only logical to know every detail that is required by Amazon.

That’s where FBA Stores enter the picture. Chris and Adam Bowser started FBA Stores with the goal of helping people find financial in today’s world of e-commerce.

According to them, they’ve sold over $10 million and they want to share what they know to their clients. What they are offering is extensive coaching that can teach you to make loads of money on Amazon. They are offering a number of things on their website such as the Amazon Seller System, FBA Hangout Membership, eBay Seller System, and even Live Workshops.

Should you go for what they are offering? Can they really “turn browsers into buyers”, such as their claim on their website?

My Recommendation / Avoid this one. Don’t waste your time and money.  Stick with our tried and true methods of making money online instead.

The Good

  • It is really possible to make a living solely on Amazon
  • They are offering free training video series that you can try

The Bad

  • A lot of bad reviews on FBA Stores
  • A lot of bad write-ups on Chris Bowser and crew
  • Confusing website
  • Using rebranded content
  • Overhyped products

Who Benefits from FBA Stores?

FBA Stores, chris bowser

On paper, FBA Stores was designed for people who are struggling to find success on e-commerce platforms such as e-bay and Amazon. Let’s admit that selling on Amazon can be quite intimidating. You will need to learn more about the details and even have the technical knowledge on how you can make your product visible to your audience.

FBA Stores could provide the necessary knowledge to their readers and give them the idea on how to set up their store and how to market what they are selling efficiently. If you will read their website, you may have noticed testimonials of past clients who found success based on what Chris and Adam Bowser taught them. Unfortunately, we can never confirm if these are true testimonials or not.

FBA Stores Tools and Training

  • 3-Day Free Course

There are a number of tools and training that comes with the website. For starters, let’s discuss the free training that they are offering. The free 3-day course is composed of three modules aimed to accelerate your mastery of using Amazon.

Module 1 of the Free 3-Day Course discusses basic fundamentals that you will need to know in order to get started. For the Module 2, it includes the process how you earn money from Amazon. According to the website, it teaches you how to earn from Amazon from A-to-Z. And for the last module, they’ll teach you a thing or two about how drop shipping works. In the last module, it teaches you how you can reach a worldwide audience and ship items without leaving the comfort of your home.

  • Amazon Riches Home Study Manual

The Amazon Riches Home Study Manual is a DVD set that is composed of 7 videos that tell you exactly how to build your Amazon business from scratch. It teaches you topics such as how to get started with Fulfillment-By-Amazon or FBA, how to do product research, and finding places where you can find good deals.

  • eBay Riches Home Study Manual

Now, if you prefer to operate on eBay, FBA Stores offers a 2-200 page manual that can help you find success on eBay. The course allows you to analyze your competition, find good profitable products, and make massive sales. Included is an audio CD that you can use.

FBA Stores Support

FBA Stores, amazon, ebay

If you will look at the FBA Stores website, you’ll notice that they do have a number of people involved in this project. A quick look in their about us page that they do have someone who is in charge of customer support. She’s Makenzey Staley according to their website.

FBA Stores Price

They are selling membership on their FBA Hangout. You get to have up-to-date Amazon news, Training videos, and FBA Hangout Support, and other Amazon training. They are selling this membership for $1. Not bad isn’t it? However, it is only designed to keep you hooked and buy their other products.

The eBay Riches Kit that comes with a laptop costs $895 dollar. Now, isn’t it considered a scam? Are they selling a laptop or are they really selling the eBay Riches Kit?

On the other hand, Amazon Riches Home Study Manual is sold at $1495. That is a lot of money. For a 7 video tutorial, would you really pay for more than $1,000?


Final Opinion on FBA Stores

There are many ways on how you can learn how to sell via Amazon or even on eBay. And in reality, you can do it just by reading and watching videos that you see online for free. Just a quick Google about the founders of FBA Stores, and you will see a number of red flags about this website.

In this review, for instance, Chris Browser was mentioned as a scam artist. He overvalues things that he sells, not to mention, tell stories that are questionable. The review mentioned that Chris Bowser claims to have 500 to 1000 auctions on eBay weekly. However, his name as one of the power sellers is nowhere to be found. It is also impossible to make 1000 auctions in a week during that time.

In another review, it was mentioned that Adam Bowser simply repackages things and sell it as a new product. FBAstores.com, Amazon Success Workshop, and Amazon Profits Course are just some of the names that they’ve come up with.

If you are really after success in Amazon, it is a good idea to look elsewhere than to deal with FBA Stores. Not only are they simply going to scam you of your hard earned money, you will also learn nothing new. You can simply get the same information for free. If you have questions, why not email Amazon directly? They are more likely to give you the help that you need for free.


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  1. Hi there everybody . Sure does Hurt to have your Dreams Crushed ! Very Glad that I now have Comcast so I can check all this stuff out BEFORE taking the plunge ! Want all of you to know 2 things : 1- Check out Ripoff Report . com and 2 – Look the Hell out for M.O.B.E. and M.O.R.E. For basically all the same reasons your have mentioned here . DAVE LONG – CA.

  2. I am also a Diamond Sucker and was turned down by my own credit card company asking to reverse the charges due to not getting what we paid for with a big NO! Has any body been successful with requesting a refund from their own card?

  3. Any update on class action lawsuiits? Im from NY and was scammed into the $35,000 diamond sucker as well

  4. I was also scammed into buying the diamond package. 30,000 Dollars later and nothing but credit card debt to pay back. I am never going to see the end of this debt. I wish there was reviews when I joined but unfortunately there wasn’t any!

  5. Add me and my friend to list of those duped by these shady scammers. I am very interested in taking part in whatever can be done to shut these jerks down

    1. Please keep me posted as well. Bad service and the long story to every question is my case. Non existent inventory that was offered.

  6. FBA Stores is not a scam. Explain to me how they’re a “scam”. Since joining in August, I’ve had nothing but great service from them. Ever think you’re just impatient and feel a sense of entitlement?

  7. I went to their “Free workshop” last friday. It was about 1.5 hours of slick spew about “WHY YOU MUST” join their paid workshop. lots of silly hand raising and stuff. no questions allowed till after the presentation.

    The presenter was defensive to the point of being hostile when being pressed with some real questions. I actually got 2 calls before on my answering machine, and bunches of emails. I did meet a cool person there who agreed this was not for us. I’d say this is Amway for Amazon or it felt like a MLM presentation for sure.. There weren’t even any snacks or refreshments served at all!

  8. I just left the 2nd day workshop here in New Jersey, not gonna lie that I have leaned so many stuff on their camp, but yes, they are offering this diamond plan, but nope, they aren’t convincing me, and now that I have read all of these red flags, I’m not gonna join this program, I’m gonna attend the 3rd and last day tomorrow so I can get as much as I can out of this class, but not going to fell on this scam thing.

    1. Went to the seminar told that we would get free gifts but then told we had to go on line but not on my phone then told yes you can website a joke just like adad amd chris bowser

  9. I also was Taken wow what smooth talkers wish I would have read up on this first.Please advise of lae=wsuit would like my 1,000 back.

  10. OMG!!! me and my partner almost fall into this scam. we almost ready to give our money to them when we decided to look for the reviews. Thank you so much for this trend and guys truly save our money.

  11. I’m an FBA Seller, I just got ticket to these guys “Event” In seattle area. I could tell off the bat that they were scammers. But, if this helps any of you bring these guys down.. They’re holding their “Events”,

    Hotel Bellingham – 3895 Bennett Dr.
    Bellingham, WA Nov 7th, 2017

    Cortyard Marriott – 3003 Colby Ave
    Everett, WA Nov 8th, 2017

    Embassy Suites – 3225 158th AVE SE
    Bellevue, WA Nov 9th, 2017

    Hilton Garden INN – 22600 Bothell Everett highway
    Bothell, WA Nov, 10th, 2017

    Hyatt House – 15785 Bear Creek Parkway NE
    Redmond, WA Nov 11th, 2017

    And their “Registration number” is 800-999-7813

    1. They also had one at the Crown Plaza near Seatac on nov 10th which i attended. Worst waste of time ever. 1.5 hours of rah rah, and why you NEED to “move forward
      (today – $995). I didn’t buy anything. Also their /thankyou link goes nowhere. A real dud

  12. I agree with reviews of other folks about FBA Stores business practices and won’t repeat my story here. Stay away from them at all times.

    I tried to do something about FBA Stores by going into arbitration and lost. In summary, the ruling was: I was responsible for reading and understanding the terms and conditions before I signed the contract. Refund claim denied. See yah!
    This rest of the review is for people trying to get their money back from FBA Stores for a Diamond coaching package.

    Please like and share this post on all websites where people are complaining about FBA Stores and on the Facebook pages or websites of people that are in the same boat as we.

    The great news in that I have not given up.

    I have been reviewing the contract terms and conditions about Bonus #3 (getting a 2nd Amazon store).

    I am NOT a lawyer, but I think Bonus #3 (2nd Amazon store) is NOT deliverable and MAY/MIGHT/COULD BE/POSSIBLE grounds for breach of contract.

    If you are a lawyer, have a lawyer or contact one, please ask them to review the reasons shown below in the email.

    Don’t get too excited yet. We still have to ask FBA Stores to clarify the aspects of Bonus #3.

    You can do this by sending an innocent clarification email to FBA Stores and ask them to answer a simple question.

    Please send the following in an email to Ron Dunn (FBA Stores General Manger) at ron.dunn@fbastores.com and Kailla Walls (FBA Stores “Student” Manager) at kailla.walls@fbastores.com.

    Don’t modify the email body. This is about getting an answer from FBA Stores and NOT ranting or making demands.

    Let’s see what they say and go from there! Happy emailing! Please post your results from FBA Stores.

    [ start email]
    Subject: Amazon Insider Network Bonus #3 – Deliverability Clarification

    Dear Mr. Dunn and Ms. Walls,
    I have been reviewing the Amazon Insider Network contract terms and conditions about Bonus #3 (2nd Amazon store) and I need a clarification.

    I have a simple Yes or No question to ask:
    Is Bonus #3, in its entirety, a deliverable, contracted benefit that I paid for?

    I don’t think Bonus #3 is deliverable by FBA Stores for these reasons:
    1. It is unethical because creating a 2nd Amazon
    store is forbidden in the Amazon agreement
    2. It could do harm to my business (Amazon store) if
    Amazon shut me down
    3. Receiving the benefit I paid for would force me to
    violate my agreement with Amazon to have only 1

    When can I expect your answer to my very simple, Yes or No question?

    This is the description of Bonus #3 for your easy reference:
    Bonus #3: 2nd Store setup in Boston with fully loaded laptop and MiFi.
    We create your 2nd Amazon Store so that you
    can double your income and sell your product
    twice as fast.

    We provide you with the 2nd computer to run
    and manage your business from so that you
    don’t link both accounts together. We show you
    to how to keep everything separate so Amazon
    will never link your accounts.

    Your Name
    [end email]

      1. How did the arbitration go?

        Did anyone go to their site, businesscreditlines.us, to get a business accout to help pay for the diamond package? They wanted to charge 3400.00 to help set up the business and they asked for 1/3 down and the other payments can be put on the business card. I didn’t go for it at all. Be careful.

  13. Just did the 3-day and suckered for the diamond plan. I called a “classmate” who did not buy any plans and asked if he was contacted in the days after and offered a deal to buy in for less.

    ANSWER: YES. Diamond plan for $3200 without the extras of Boston, trade show/summit. Not sure if more “extras” not in it.

  14. Hi again, this is Jen. I posted a reply back in August. My husband and I unfortunately joined as “Diamond Members”. How many people would be interested in joining a lawsuit against FBA Stores?

    1. Is there any movement on a lawsuit? Or, has anyone been successful in getting anything back from them? I am so angry at myself for falling for this. I believe in the FBA model, but was expecting to be guided through the process by paying FBA Stores for the education. We really dod not get more than a general education about FBA, which frankly, I could have gotten myself my doing my own research. There is nothing in the program that is unique.

    2. I am exploring legal options at length. They have their bases covered with limiting us to arbitration, according to the contract. I would like to be in touch.

    3. We got suckered in for the Diamond plan. What saps we were. We would love some way to get some of the money back. Has anyone been successful?

    4. We would be very interested we signed up for the Diamond package but paid them in installments. We are still out $10,000 and the $1000.00 we spent for the course. We are also out the $6,000 their “partner” changed us for getting us 0% credit cards which we could have done ourselves. Got no benefit from this program at all

  15. Hi everyone: My name is Dean – my wife (Jen-who posted a reply back in August) and I joined at the diamond level back in early March. We are now trying to get a class action lawsuit going. WE NEED AS MANY VICTIMS OF THIS SCAM TO JOIN IN! We are meeting with a few other victims of this scam this weekend to discuss plans of action. We have two avenues at our disposal: a well-known lawyer, and connections to 60 minutes. Please send us your stories and how much you have spent, the problems associated with FBA Stores, etc. if we can get 100 people or hopefully more we will have a very strong case. But we need your help! Please email us ASAP at solarpebbles@gmail.com

    1. Hi everyone: My husband and I joined at the diamond level and we are going to have arbitration meeting this coming November 8. We are here in Los Angeles. If anyone is around and want to be a witness, I will appreciate it. If you need to discuss more my email address is fdmhall4816@gmail.com

  16. Hi,
    I live in London and was trying to check out an Adam Bowser. I have received an invite to attend an Amazon Workshop being held at five different London hotels on different days, hosted by him. Is this the same outfit ? On the outside of the letter is return to KM UK Ltd. I could not find the Co at the address so was trying to delve further. Certainly sounds too familiar with FBA. All these just letters, what do they stand for. There is also the possibility of winning an iPad all for free!!! Many thanks, think I will pass on this one, regards Anne.

    1. The same organization is operating in Britain. “AWS” and “FBA” are acronyms used by the Bowser’s that are identical to acronyms used by Amazon and are designed to conflate their scam businesses with Amazon’s reputation. It’s a purposefully deceptive way to promote their overpriced product. Amazon should take them to court.

    2. You should follow Greg Mercer at Jungle Scout – for free. check out his “Million Dollar Case Studies” on YouTube where he goes into detail all the steps to launch a winning product in Amazon. His most recent MDCS was for opening in EUR market. Best to you

  17. Joined in January 2017, still waiting for training to understand how this works. The first coach did not return calls the second coach was fired the third coach is helping somewhat, however still have no products out there except for one, sent them 5 of the same product and sold 1 since April 2017, Do’nt join

  18. Thanks for these comments. You saved me! Today was day 1 of the 3 day b.s. Tomorrow I will go and take pictures and audio that they do not allow. Is there anything i can do to help what would be required for the law suit?
    I was hoping to get my $1000 ba ck for the materials but I guess the refund is b.s. too!

  19. Hi..
    My husband and I joined the FBA Stores back in Feb of 2017. Everything that is being said is very true! This is a scam!,We unfortunately fell for it and signed up under the Diamond level. Does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit getting started? I’m also wondering if the FBI should get involved.

    1. Can someone start an FBA STORES SCAM facebook page so we al can join together against this so called company.

          1. This page is not active or we have to receive an invitation. I would like to be part of this group.

  20. Just attened the Sacramento 3-day event. During lunch break, I googled FBA reviews and was appalled by what I read. Needless to say, I did not sign up. I am going to start a Amazon business with a couple of friends the legal and ethical way. P.S. There is a lot of affordable info on how to start on Amazon without this crap.

  21. We are in the same position as you Matt. We attended the FBA Summit in Las Vegas this last March and although parts of the training were good, they tried to sell us yet another program for Private Labeling at an additional $20k on top of the Diamond package we already paid for. During the summit Chris had his #1 distributor sell the attendees “pre-vetted” product packages. It was like a high pressure auction and we had to make quick decisions on the purchases relying on their analysis. Despite my reluctance to purchase and also not doing our own analysis on the product, we went ahead and purchased from the distributor then and there. We are still sitting on that inventory and the price has dropped substantially, where we are at a huge loss on that product. The total lack of follow up, poor communication, and lack of “good” products has left a bad taste in my mouth. We have used a few of the coaching sessions, but don’t think they, or the company justify the very high cost of entry. FBA Stores has not delivered on any their promises and want my money back too. How did you approach them? Are you interested in banding together on this?

    1. Please join our Facebook Group at : http://www.facebook.com/groups/FactsversusHype
      Arbitration is the only remedy to get your money back due to non-performance.
      Class action lawsuits are not permitted by the purchase document we signed after drinking the Kool-Aid.
      There is data and information on how to go to arbitration in the Group files section. Arbitration fees are $1,250. Compare this to the almost $60K you paid that is a sunk cost. If we were playing Texas Hold-em, betting $1,250 against $60,000 is great pot odds.

  22. I will call Mass attorney general and find out why they told me this was the first time they were hearing of this problem. I have contacted Amazon with the FBAStores Diamond Membership contract and offers for making money. I have asked them directly if their Amazon Opportunity is supporting this kind of organization who makes these offers to the students as though it’s their right to create a contract with these kinds of offers that don’t exist within the Amazon business structure. I wrote to Amazon 3 times without a decent response until last week. I routed my mail to the main office as the seller store personnel contacts did not appear remotely interested nor cared about it’s real sellers. I have explained that I had the right to inquire about any seeming illegal use of their Amazon tools, and actually their entire operational structure, by an organization claiming to simply taking full advantage of this opportunity to make only their fortune. This idea of offering the Amazon opportunity and feeling so fearful to ask questions even of Amazon, whom we pay monthly for their tools, is something I cannot understand. I have made it clear to Amazon that I am inquiring about their position with FBAStores and the “second seller store”. This organization has been around Amazon and Ebay for years. Please call or write to Amazon immediately…….Not from the seller store contact email.

    1. Michelle L Kostidakis

      I called 2/2018 and they said the same thing to me. I am looking for someone in New Jersey who was scammed by them.

  23. Thanks Matt! Hope you can still read my comment. I just got the same situation. I want a refund but seems like they are pointing us to another person again. I just want to know if the case you filed is still going.

    1. We all need to keep in touch need an attorney that will take on FBA Stores. I am sorry Amazon will not step in. Their own FBA Fulfillment is being damaged by this. Amazon has been extremely helpful and there any many videos on you tube that are of great value. All FREE – FBA Stores is a scam that need so be stopped and we need to get out money back.

  24. OMG, major RED FLAGS. Just got back from their 2 hour training in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. But they used the wrong word, it was NOT training, it was a slick scam pitch. More than 50 people attended and FBA Stores, netted ~70% sign ups (just my rough guestimate)
    My comments in no particular order….
    1. Their advertising and large posters were misleading, as they absolutely gave the impression from their advertising that they were with Amazon. I asked one of their team outright in front of a crowd. Are you with Amazon or not, a YES or NOT answer. He paused and realized that there was no wiggle room and said no. There is tiny copy at the bottom of the last page that advised that they are with FBA Stores. That was my first red flag and I hadn’t even entered the room.

    2. The first 100 minutes, the front man said a helluva lot of nothing. Every time he looked at me, I looked at my watch. The last 20 minutes was a race to get us to the back of the room.

    3. No questions to the front pitchman, he ignored me.

    4. 100% money back on the 3 day course after 6 months. I asked for a copy of the guarantee and what were the list of conditions. First they said there were none, just call up and they refund the money. Then I asked someone else and she said that I would have to stock 25 products for 6 months before I qualified for the money back.

    5. I asked about the UPSELL in the 3 day course – there is always an upsell as no one is travelling clear across America to sell a $1K course. They said they would have consultants on hand to help me build my plan and that each person would have a 1-1 one hour n/c session to determine which level I wanted to go. I practically had to wrestle him down Nate Diaz style to get the price range, $5K-$40K.

    6. The testimonials provided only spoke of sales, revenue, money brought in. NONE of them spoke about their profits. Just as an aside, one of my friends did $100K in revenue last year on Amazon and $5K in profit. Sad but true.

    7. I asked if there would be coaches on hand for the 3 day seminar because teaching classes of 50 will net a lot of questions and one teacher and 50 newbies will get sidetracked. The guy said no! That is a fail whale right there.

    8. One of the pitchmen was telling me about the 3 day seminar and seemed to suggest that the purpose of the 3 days was to get your plan in place with your consultant. I was nearly shouting so others would hear me and said, “I thought the purpose of the 3 day course was to get me SET UP and ready to sell after day 3” He said, “well that too”.

    9. They didn’t like me and no one was chasing me down as I left the event, but they were hunting down others.

    10. One of them asked me if I was in this business. I said no, but I had been a victim of businesses like theirs a couple of times. He stared back with that glazed look.

    11. 90 days post-course customer support. I asked what that meant exactly; phone and voicemail, live call, email, what were the hours, how would they account for an up to 4 hour time zone change from EST to PST? I was told it could be whatever I wanted – whatever that means, lol.

    12. The 4 step training they kept promising is Product/Source Product/FBA Delivery/Pricing. Front pitchman spoke about this for 5 min, maybe less.

    13. Their FBA Hangout I believe is the same as JungleScout. When I asked 2 of the pitchmen this question, they ALL said with a straight face they had no idea who JungleScout was. I felt the need to educate them and so I did and asked them what their competitive differentiator was over JungleScout. He finally admitted that in addition to the $40 per month for the FBA Hangout, that they do scrap from the top a small % of all the products offered on FBA Hangout. Double dipping.
    FBA has one more seminar in Surrey, then Coquitlam tomorrow, and Vancouver Friday. Feel for all those who sign up over the next few days and hope this saves one or two people from signing up.

    1. FBA Stores are a SCAM – Chris Bowser and his brother Adam Bowser are scams. The company is run and funded by real estate fake artist Jeff Adams – who has never sold on Amazon. STAY AWAY… don’t pay $1000 at the end of their 2 hour free preview – to be sold a $35,000 “package” at their 3 day workshop where they teach you how to violate Amazon policy and try to get away with it. BAD NEWS!

    2. waooooooooo I’m in shock right now I just took the 2 hours presentation today and sing up for the 3 day course in San juan Puerto Rico I wish I had read this info before sign it up

    3. This was my exact experience from that so called “free workshop”. The presenter was defensive when answering a few questions at the end of this Turkey.

  25. Hi Matt, We need to fight these crooks together. I have filed complaints with bbb, FBI, etc. The FBA stores from Chris and Adam is totally looting people. God knows Chris and Adam and their associates will go to hell!

  26. I do too!
    I went to their Seminar last week. It was a pitch for their 3 day training. Since I am so at a techie disadvantage, I am concerned. (Maybe my age- 57) But somehow, someway, I am going to figure out how to do this. Its really not an option for me anymore. I will do this. I need the income.
    I think the pitch was for $1,000 for the 3 day training. I did sit through the whole 2 hours and listened attentively. I did not purchase, but as I was leaving, I did notice there were about 6 people approaching the sign up table.
    Today, I received a text from the event coordinator. (Will keep names out of this)
    It seems like they had a few people register, but their payment declined. They were wondering if I was interested in attending at a reduced cost, to please call back asap.
    I did not call… But its things like this, that upset me. Most likely taking advantage of people that probably can’t afford being taken advantage of.
    Thank you for sharing!

  27. Matt Lovelace

    I have posted this as a Google review for FBA Stores.
    I don’t know how to put the link to my review in my comment so I pasted it here. You can use my FB mattrlovelace in the byline.

    I have filed complaints with the MA Attorney General, the BBB and filed a Demand for Arbitration case with the American Arbitration Association get my FBA Stores fees refunded.
    I will be starting a blog soon to relay my negative FBA Stores experiences to everyone thinking of signing up for their services..
    The preliminary title is: FBA Stores Broken Promises.

    Google review
    There is not a zero or negative star which is what I would use to rate FBA Stores at this time. I had to give a star rating in order to post my review.

    Be aware that this is a longer-ish post with facts and data, but no ranting or cursing!

    I signed up for the FBA Stores Diamond coaching program in January 2017 that promised items to sell on my Amazon store with ROI >= 20% and a “lifetime of great deals for your store”. That has not happened.

    On 4/24/2017, I performed a detailed analysis of FBA Stores items for purchase. These are just a few data points (certainly not highlights):
    48% had <= 20% ROI with 28% had ROI <= 0%;
    81% had Net Profit/Item = 4;
    48% had Sales/Month <= 25.
    One item had a minimum purchase quantity = 1,117.
    At the Sales/Month rate and the number of competition sellers, this comes out to be 586 months = 48 YEARS of inventory for whomever purchased the item. It was no longer on the website the last time I looked.
    I have other data points available.

    A low Sales/Month and a low Net Profit along with a high number of competition sellers does not make a "great deal" regardless of a ROI%.

    A request for refund has resulted in low ball offers ($20,000 to ~$26,000) out of ~$36,000 in fees and a unilateral denial of discussion points (e.g. return of inventory) in good faith negotiations.

    They valued their coaching sessions at $500/hour which is way too much for a re-hash of the 3 day training class. It is interesting that we did not touch on analyzing or purchasing FBA Stores items to sell. We spent the time searching for 3rd party wholesalers which is great, but why no FBA Stores items that were promised as great deals. I'm just saying!!!

    FBA Stores has not met their promises.

    1. Hi Matt,
      we are going through the same situation. We need to start something to stop this abuse. Chris Bowser is using the Arbitration Agreement as a power tool to violate people’s statutory rights. We also signed for the Diamond package but never ever sold anything because they sent us a product that was branded and couldn’t sell. Instead we got messages from the Amazon to stop and do not sell or we’ll face legal action. This happened on May 16. We want our refund and they only want to give us half. Only half for nothing and yes, they said that the coaching sessions are $500 each. We only got 5 and that was it. This has to be illegal somehow and we need to reverse any law that allows business owners to abuse the arbitration agreement and to enable embezzlement, false advertisement, breach of contract, etc.

    2. Thanks Matt for doing the analysis on the junk that FBA Stores has available for it’s “cherished” students. They explain that they have such great, highly profitable products available for years to come for their students’ stores. When my wife and I finally were able to see the inventory they have, I felt sick to my stomach and thought, “Wow! Have I been scammed?”
      Now trying to obtain a refund and they are pressuring us to settle for only half of the money after only having 5 training sessions.

    3. Thanks Matt! Hope you can still read my comment. I just got the same situation. I want a refund but seems like they are pointing us to another person again. I just want to know if the case you filed is still going.

    4. I can only write a quick reply to reverberate the call to bring FBA Stores to justice. I’m in a unique situation with the company and would like you to let me know how I might get in touch with you (that is, Matt) so that I can pursue my case with them!

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