FBA Profit Mastery Review: A Tutorial That You Can Rebrand?

Product Name: FBA Profit Mastery

Website: http://wealthyplr.com/p/fbapm/

Owner: Jonathan Teng and Sharon Lai

Overall Ranking: 60 out of 100

FBA Profit Mastery Overview


FBA Profit Mastery Overview is a product developed by Jonathan Teng and Sharon Lai. But before discussing what they are offering, let’s take a closer look at the numbers of Amazon these days. For instance, as of February 2017, there are 300 million active users in Amazon. In 2016, there were 100,000 Amazon members that made more than $100,000 in sales. And lastly, you have 50% of US shoppers having the Amazon app on their devices.

Given these numbers, not to mention the billion dollar sales of Amazon, it is easy to see that a lot of people will find interest in joining Amazon to sell their products. Enter the FBA Profit Mastery into the picture. What it offers is a profit system that aims to teach sellers how to make money on Amazon.

But unlike any other Amazon FBA tutorial in the market, FBA Profit Mastery is a bit different. FBA Profit Mastery can be repackaged and sold as any internet marketer’s own system. Unlike other tutorials simply meant for your own personal development and consumption, the FBA Profit Mastery can be marketed as your very own idea to interested individuals looking to earn money online on Amazon.

The Good

  • Easy to digest information on Amazon FBA
  • Effective strategies used by online marketers
  • Can easily be repackaged for the website of online marketers
  • Potentially a good way to diversify online offers of an online marketer

The Bad

  • Can potentially be seen as duplicate content
  • May be noticed by potential clients as an identical lesson from other sources
  • May potentially hurt your reputation and your attempt to earn online

Who Benefits from FBA Profit Mastery

fba profit mastery

On paper, there are a lot of people who can benefit from the FBA Profit Mastery system. For instance, you have people who are simply interested in learning the in-and-out of Amazon business. They can pick up tips that can come in handy in different scenarios as they build their own Amazon business.

However, unlike other Amazon tutorials, it is something that online marketers can use. It can be used and repackaged as an additional offer on your website. Simply change the brand name and you have this profit system that you can sell to your visitors. The concept sounds simple enough. However, let’s admit that it isn’t as simple as it looks. The World Wide Web is far too complicated these days that you can simply change the name of a product and sell it as your own. In reality, it can potentially hurt your website and your attempt to sell products and services online. But, we will be discussing more of that later.

FBA Profit Mastery Tools and Training

Included in the FBA Profit Mastery system is a video training that can be used by a beginner. According to their website, it offers no fluff and detailed step-by-step information on how to start your Amazon business. It includes an introduction to what FBA is, how to set up a seller’s account, to shipping tips to name a few.

In addition to the videos, you can also make use of the pre-fabricated sales page. This is where it becomes tricky. If you will be using the same sales page on your website, don’t be surprised if Google ends up de-indexing your website. Yes, duplicate content is a grave sin in today’s World Wide Web.

Also, you get a sales video that is according to them is a “hypnotic sales video” that costs around $300. You can also get the necessary graphics along with the pre-fab customer support and legal pages necessary to make your website look legit in the eyes of your visitors.

FBA Profit Mastery Support

If you are having problems with the product or you are looking for answers straight from Jonathan Teng and Sharon Lai, you can easily contact their support page here.

FBA Profit Mastery Price

fba profit mastery

In terms of price, the FBA Profit Mastery is a great purchase. Right now, the entire package is sold for $9.95. For under $10, this can potentially be used for different purpose. In fact, given all the information that you are getting, it is already a good deal.

Once you paid the $10 value of the product, you will not have to worry about royalties. You can freely do whatever it is that you like with their product and “teach” aspiring Amazon entrepreneurs to earn a living using the World Wide Web.

Final Opinion on FBA Profit Mastery

Is the FBA Profit Mastery a good product? Let’s be honest, the FBA Profit Mastery is cheap. It simply costs $10, and you get a tutorial on how to earn a living via Amazon. They provide highly informative content that attracts beginners.

If you are going to use the FBA Profit Mastery for your own education on the subject matter, we’d say that it is a good product to invest in. You can learn a lot about Amazon in the simplest way possible.

However, if you are planning to make use of this as a means to generate profits, that’s where it gets a bit problematic. As we mentioned, you are going to commit a duplicate content if you choose everything that has been fed to you by both Jonathan Teng and Sharon Lai.

Imagine using a copy that has been used by other customers? Your site can easily be flagged for duplicate content and may never appear in search engine result pages. But of course, this doesn’t mean that the entire profit system is entirely useless for internet marketers looking for an alternate income. You can still use most of its materials as a reference on how to create a new one. You can simply change the copy and still come up with an entirely unique system that you can call your own.

But of course, expect some review websites to call you out. You can easily be spotted for selling a generic material. In reality, this isn’t something that you want to happen especially if you are protecting and building a reputation online.


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