Elementor Pro Vs Thrive Architect – Which One Is Better?

Guest Blog by Beid Hoth Founder of Magichoth

Clash of the Titans: A User Review of Elementor Pro and Thrive Architect

The 2010 fantasy adventure film based on the Greek myth of Perseus “Clash of the Titans” came to mind when I was testing out Elementor Pro and Thrive Architect, probably two of the biggest and most popular page builders for geeks, digital nomads, internet marketers and entrepreneurs. Because on not one, but three of my sites did I experienced the inability of one plugin to function normally whenever one of the other plugin was also installed in the same WordPress system.

For instance, Thrive Architect would stop working when I installed Elementor Pro, and will only work again when I had disabled Elementor Pro. The same is true for Elementor Pro, which only works when I disables Thrive Architect.

I’ve reached out before to the support crew of both plugins but they were unable to advise me further but only told me to disable the plugins individually to see which one is causing the problem. This was how I found out that both powerhouse page builders cannot work with each other.

Date of Launch

Thrive Architect, which used to be called Thrive Content Builder and was just officially released in August 2017, is a WordPress plugin that helps you build your website and landing pages.

It is an inline and ‘what you see if what you get’ (WYSIWYG) editor so whatever changes you make in the software will automatically reflect in the page so you can see what it looks like immediately. Shane Melaugh, its Swiss-Irish founder and a marketer, built Thrive Architect so that users who don’t have knowledge of development languages such as pHp, html or css can also build websites.

Created by Yoni Luksenberg and Ariel Klikstein in 2016, Elementor Pro is also a WordPress plugin and page builder. Its main features include a WYSIWYG fast front end page editor, spectacular designer templates, mobile responsive options and performance optimized features.

Dashboard and Interface

The dashboards of Thrive Architect and Elementor Pro look eerily similar. Take a look below.

Seeing that Elementor Pro was launched a year earlier, it is most likely that Thrive Architect has been greatly inspired by Elementor Pro’s software, and have taken some of the elements to modify them for their own users.

I think both plugins’ dashboard and sidebars are clearly laid out and intuitive, allowing us to easily navigate through each individual segment and just drag and drop what we like to our page. However, I prefer Thrive Architect’s way of letting us change text directly in our pages, rather than Elementor Pro’s way of only letting us change text in the sidebar because the space is a bit limited to see probably what you’ve typed.

And also, Thrive Architect allows you to choose which side you can display the sidebar, but you can’t do the same thing in Elementor Pro.

Library of Templates

Thrive Architect is more of a marketing-focused, conversion-centric tool for marketers because most of its templates have a focus on landing pages for ebooks, videos download and there are also many simple thank you pages. It is lacking in templates for homepages and other pages that a standard website have, such as About, Services, Products or Contact Us like Elementor Pro, which is more of an all-rounder page builder because it has a variety of spectacular, user-friendly templates such as homepages for a law firm, restaurant, coffee shop, and also templates for mandatory pages such as About, Contact Us, Portfolio, Services and Products, Pricing, Logins and of course, the landing pages.

One other thing that I don’t like about Thrive Architect is that you have to click on each set of templates in order to view more templates, while for Elementor, it is already laid out side by side neatly for us to just scroll and choose what we want.

One more thing that I like about Elementor Pro is its shape divider function, which allows us to have more creative backgrounds and features in our pages. Take a look here.

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Overall Usability

Thrive Architect feels a bit more user-friendly when creating our page. For one, you don’t have to click on the ‘Add New Section’ red button to add new widgets onto your page, but just drag and drop it into your site. For Elementor Pro, although there is a ‘or drag widget here’, I’ve tried many times to just drag and drop a widget into the page but failed. I still ended up using the ‘Add New Section’ or ‘Add Template’ buttons to insert my widgets.

For Thrive Architect, it is very easy to create and modify the widgets, especially your columns, while in Elementor Pro, I had a bit of difficulty in looking for a way to create or just drag my widgets or columns.

Both plugins allow you to still keep your pages looking the same when you deactivate your theme or change to another theme, and that’s something that I personally like a lot. Overall, in terms of usability, I don’t see much difference between the two plugins once you get used to working with it.


When it comes to pricing, Elementor Pro wins head-on because besides having a free version Elementor which offers limitless design possibilities, its Pro version, at USD49 for 1 site, USD99 for 3 sites or USD199 for unlimited sites is also reasonably priced. Here’s a document comparing Elementor and Elementor Pro.


Thrive Architect offers a single license for USD67, a 3-license pack for USD97 and a 15-license pack for USD147. It does not have a free plan. But unlike Elementor Pro whose unlimited plan includes only 1 year of updates and support, Thrive Architect’s plans include unlimited updates to the software, though customer support is also limited to a year only. The support at Thrive is a bit lacking, because sometimes they do not answer your queries online and you have to send them another message again. Also, if you want to get access to all of Thrive’s products, you can also become a Thrive member at USD19 per month for individuals or USD49 per month for agencies.

Both Thrive Architect and Elementor Pro seldom have discounts or promotions, and if they do, it’s mostly during holidays such as Halloween, Black Friday or Christmas. You can sign up for their mailing lists to be updated of such promotions.


Overall, I definitely work faster when I’m using Thrive Architect, but that could probably be because I was using it longer than Elementor Pro. But for beginners with a small budget, I would suggest you start out with the free Elementor plan, and then subsequently upgrade if you feel there is a need, or when your site starts to make money, because Elementor is a bit more user-friendly for beginners in terms of its interface.

For experienced marketers, it might make more sense for you to use Thrive Architect because it is more marketing oriented with a keen focus on ROI, something that is lacking in Elementor Pro. It also have some advanced elements such as ‘countdown timers’, ‘content reveal’ and ‘click to tweet’ that are not available in Elementor.

Thrive’s other products such as Thrive Leads, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Themes, Thrive Leads and Thrive Ultimatum can all seamlessly integrated with Thrive Architect and you don’t have to fret over whether a widget or plugin that you are planning to buy or a marketing or email campaign that you are planning to run will work with your page builder. But of course, there are additional costs you need to fork out for these products.

Overall, both plugins work excellently for marketers though both could probably become better with some tweaks here and there. But as mentioned before, it is better to keep one plugin to one site, and not install them together in one WordPress site as I’ve tried because I wanted to use the better-looking templates from Elementor Pro and also used the conversion-focused landing pages of Thrive Architect. Both plugins simply do not work well together for me.

This guest blog post by Beid Hoth. Like to know more about her check out her website magichoth.com

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