Drop Ship Lifestyle Review – Can It Work For Amazon FBA?

dropship lifestyle review


PRODUCT NAME: Drop Ship Lifestyle

OWNER NAME: Anton Kraly

WEBSITE: https://www.dropshiplifestyle.com

RATING:  7/10


Drop shipping is a trend in online selling in the current market today and many are aspiring to start one as their own business. There are many advantages about drop shipping since there is less efforts to maintain your products because you will only need a supplier to provide for your customers’ orders. But starting a drop shipping business can be challenging and there are many who don’t know where to start. Perhaps you come across Drop Ship Lifestyle which offers different ways to learn how to start your own drop shipping business. But just how can this be any different from Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)? There are differences between the two and here is our Drop Ship Lifestyle review to give you an overview and insights about its system and to find out whether this can work with Amazon FBA.

Drop Ship Lifestyle Review

In order to appreciate what Drop Ship Lifestyle is you should understand how drop shipping works first. Drop shipping is another way of selling online without having to sell your own products but instead look for a supplier to meet your customers’ orders. This is a smart way of doing online selling when you do not have to purchase upfront on products to sell and all you need is an eCommerce site where customers will be making their purchases. Once they place their orders you purchase that product from your supplier and then sell it to your customer with a mark up in price as profit. Once payment is completed you pay the supplier and the supplier them will assume the responsibility of delivering the product to your customer.

Drop Ship Lifestyle features

The problem with drop shipping comes from how and where you should start. This is where the Drop Ship Lifestyle comes into help. It provides an online coaching program that will teach you how to sell products online and by leveraging on drop shipping. The program comes with training videos, tools and materials that will assist in your learning on how to build your eCommerce store, to generate sales and make a profitable business. Your subscription comes with three modules namely the niche selection, market research and creating your website. Many online sellers also lack the idea on what niche is best for their business. Drop Ship Lifestyle provides a list of niche ideas that can help you start a drop shipping business.

The training modules and videos

One good thing about the product is there are a lot of video walkthroughs and training materials that are useful in starting a drop shipping business and letting it grow. Some are basic while there are also those tackling more complicated topics. There are topics that will help you learn how to pick the right product for your business. You will also learn how to find the right supplier and getting more traffic to your eCommerce site.

The Pros

The training modules are not mainly videos. There are also texts that provide better understanding to someone who is a visual learner. The member’s area is also neat and easy to navigate. The modules come with sub-sections which makes your learning easier on a step by step process.

The Cons

Some of the videos are quite long and can provide overwhelming information. It is not efficient for learning to a newbie in internet selling. Also the quality of the video is something that needs improvements. Considering the price of the subscription for the program it is expected to provide professional video training materials to its subscribers. The product is also very pricey at $497 and there are other similar products sold cheaper with just as good features as Drop Ship Lifestyle.



Will Drop Ship Lifestyle work on FBA?

The Drop Ship Lifestyle terms do not violate the Amazon’s terms and condition so there is a good chance that you can apply what you learn from the Drop Ship Lifestyle on FBA. However, it is worth noting the difference on how both system works. FBA works by advertising your own products to Amazon and once you make a sale Amazon handles the packaging and shipping of your product. You are the one who stands as the supplier of the product and not the one who is advertising the supplier’s products as in drop shipping. So the training on how to find the right supplier in Drop Ship Lifestyle might not be applicable on FBA. But this is a matter of learning smartly and using what the coaching modules taught you on how to build traffic and picking the right product to sell and apply them in FBA.


The Drop Ship Lifestyle offers good features that are relevant in a drop shipping business. Some of its strategies and styles may also work with FBA but most likely not all. For someone who aspires to learn how to start a business on drop shipping Drop Ship Lifestyle may be a good tool to use but the downside is it is a bit pricey and lacks professional videos to justify its price.

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