Vidnami Review – Formerly Known as Content Samurai

Vidnami is a web-based video software (formerly known as Content Samurai) to create engaging videos that turn script into a stylish video slide show with natural auto voice over.

It’s a simple yet very powerful tool for people who don’t wish to appear on camera just like me.

Vidnami is a powerful web-based video software that helps you turn your blog post, articles, script or any promotional content into professional and prestenable videos.

It is a product created by Market Samurai (Keyword Tool) which is not a stranger in this industry. Content Samurai started in 2015 till today and keep improving.

There are a lot of similar software, but not even come close in terms of feature, improving and user friendly. The best of all it is absolutely free to sign up for 7 days free trial without credit card information and no watermark. You can create as many video as you like and keep it.  

How To Use Vidnami? - 5 Simple Steps

First of all after you sign up go through their 5 step tutorial to familiarize the software. It takes you less than 20 minutes.

Now you ready with the real stuff. Get your content from your blog or any articles and convert into the script.

Here the 5 simple steps:

  1. Choose a template
  2. Title and script
  3. Scene
  4. Voice over
  5. Preview and download


Pricing - Is it Worth?

Content Samurai Pricing

As you know by now signing up for the free trial for 7 days is no risk at all. You gain everything and get to keep all the videos you created with no watermark.  

From the screen shot above of your Vidnami account have a counter. If you decide to sign up for it. It cost you $35 monthly at 25% discount. It’s less than $1.20 per day for a great tool. But if you chose to sign up after the 7 days trial you end up paying the price showing above the screenshot. 

Who is Best Vidnami For?

Video play a big part in the present online marketing strategy. You will lose out to competitors if you do not keep up in the game.  

  1. SEO
  2. Youtuber
  3. Online marketers
  4. Freelancers (Fiverr, Upwork and etc) to provide video editing services
  5. Business owners to create promotion video
  6. Amazon FBA sellers to create product introduction video
  7. Blogger
  8. Affiliate marketers

How to Make Money with Vidnami?

That’s the whole objective of getting the software right? We are not having it for fun as this is not an online game. Here are some ideas to make full use of Content Samurai.

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Apart from writing product reviews, turning your review content into video and upload to YouTube will certainly drive more traffic and exposure
  2. Sales funnel – Build a list of subscribers using video marketing
  3. Provide Video Marketing Services – Fiverr and Upwork is no something new. You can provide service to clients who need their content to turn into videos
  4. YouTube Channel – Come out with an interesting video content and gain viewers slowly. Earn from YouTube Partners


All software has its dark side, but as for now Vidnami is really a game changer. It is great and very generous to give out more that what we can expect.

Give it a try and make use of it and create a few videos to see is it the right tool for you.

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