How to make money playing pubg

Can You Really Make Money Playing PUBG?

Are you looking for how to make money playing PUBG? I did some research as well and find the answer it is possible for both PUBG and PUBG mobile.

I’m addicted to this game name PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds in short PUBG. I downloaded the mobile version and get addicted to this awesome game.

If you have been playing PUBG for quite a while. Why not give it a try to make money with the game you love.

Let’s discuss and go through this 7 ways of how to make money playing PUBG. This post applies to both PUBG mobile device and computer.

1. PUBG Partnership and Affiliate Marketing

Can You Really Make Money Playing PUBG
Our top pick for making money online remain affiliate marketing. PUBG do offer partnership and affiliate programmes. Other than promoting PUBG, you can also recommend the devices, accessories and stuff you use to play PUBG. Such as smart phones, game controller, cooling fan, PUBG playstation and other cool gadgets.

You can set up an affiliate website and recommend your visitors these items using your affiliate links. We can help you get started.

2. Teach Beginners How To Play PUBG

When I downloaded PUBG mobile for the beginning. I know nothing about the game and completely nuke. Till now I still struggle to take good shots on an opponent. HAHA!

I need my friend to guide me what the game about and how to survive. I also go to YouTube to learn guides and tricks.

I’m surprised that there are PUBG courses on Udemy which people really bought it. Click on the link below to find out more. 

If you play pretty well now and have lots of CHICKEN DINNERS. Share your skill and tricks to nuke like me. You can make revenue on your blog, website or YouTube channel.

This is website PUBG Facts really impress me! 

You can combine affiliate marketing and how to guide into a single website.

3. Enter Tournament For Cash Prize

There are people who find this is the simplest way to make money playing PUB tournament. Register to paid online tournament as solo, duos or squads. and beat the rest of the opponent.

To me is a Yes or No. Those who have make money using this method could be a pro online PUBG player. For a nuke to fight against the top players might not stand a chance.

pubg tournament

But if you find that you been improving, you can check out these online tournament platforms that host PUBG tournament.

Join online tournament with open hearted mind and test your skill and gain experience. It is never easy to get started and win. Make friends along the way.

4. Organize Your Own PUBG Tournament

Instead of registering in PUBG tournament, you can consider organizing your own PUBG tournament. The platform for organizing your tournament can be found as mention above where players register for the tournament.

Set your price entry and prize money. A different platform has a different set of rules or ways they organize. Do read through in the details.

5. Live Streaming

Start steaming live while you are playing PUBG using Facebook Page, YouTube along with Twitch, and Bigo Live

While you are playing your favorite game and gains your followers slowly. Don’t just focus and play the game. Make your followers enjoy as well while watching you play.

You get paid through advertising revenue from Twitch and YouTube.

As for Facebook is a place you gain followers.

Bigo Live is slightly different, you will gain coins from your followers as a gift. These gifts are real money paid by your followers. You can then exchange your coins for real cash.

You can take advantage of these platform to insert affiliate links as well.

6. Sell Your Character Items

Sell PUBG items

If you only play PUBG during your free time. It’s not easy for you to play to pro level. Doing streaming can be time consuming. But you can still make some extra money from your PUBG character.

You gain battle points when you play PUBG and use it to buy crates and open it to see what you have. No one likes their character to be only with underwear or bra.

You can sell your inventory items on these websites. Gameflip, BitSkins, Csgo.Cash and Skins.Cash

7. PUBG Careers

While this is completely different from playing PUBG for fun. PUBG do have careers opening for those who can fit in their position.

There is opening in different countries.

  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Shanghai, China
  • Santa Monica, CA, USA
  • Madison, WI, USA
  • Saratoga Springs, NY, USA
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil

You may check it out and send in your resume with your relevant experience.

7. Final Words

As you can see playing PUBG for fun or make a little extra money is certainly possible. Just a little more effort to put on while playing. You can even make passive income along the way.

If you feel that you are pretty good at it, can consider moving on as a pro player and play on the eSport.  

eSport do have resources and tools for PUBG players.

As for now I still have to train a little harder for more Chicken Dinners!   

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