Can You Really Make Money With Wix?

A lot of people today are looking for ways on how they can earn money from their website. But what most people don’t know is that they can actually make money from free web builder platforms such as that of Wix.

At this point, you may have encountered Wix already if you have looked for a budget-friendly way to build your own website. Wix is a platform that has simplified the way people can create websites.

The good thing about Wix is that you simply just have to sign up and design your site even without prior knowledge in coding. If the information online is correct, Wix is currently the biggest player in the web building landscape. The platform is currently hosting around 110 million websites.

Wix Review

Before you even think of making money on Wix, it’s a good idea that you first figure out who uses the platform. Wix has been utilized by many business owners and even artists looking to cut the cost of web design. The platform allows users to have a mobile-friendly website. There are also numerous apps that are available in the Wix app market as well.

You can compare Wix to a prefabricated house wherein everything has already been laid out. All you have to do is to make the necessary small changes such as painting the walls or spicing up the interior design.

The Top 5 Ways to Make Money With Wix

Now that you have an idea how exactly does the platform work, it’s always a good thing to figure out if you can earn some money out of it. Here are some strategies that you can do in order to earn some extra cash using the platform. Let’s go through the 5 ways on how to make money with Wix. 

1. Get Hired Designing Wix Website

Wix Arena

You may say that the Wix platform is already a DIY version that people can use on their own. However, keep in mind that business owners prefer to use their time to grow their business. They don’t have the time to spend on building a website. So if you really are talented or if you simply know exactly how the platform works, then you can actually be hired to design a website using Wix.

But of course, you will need to have an eye for design. You’ll need to take a closer look at the trends today and see which ones are commonly used by top players. Wix also has its own marketplace Wix Arena for web designers that strictly use Wix platform to build websites for clients.

But to be accepted by Wix Arena you have to submit the form with at least 6 premium website that you created, including one currently live. You will be notified if you are accepted. Once you’ve been accepted to Wix Arena, you can use your free or premium website on your profile. Wix Arena allows you to set your own rates for building websites for your client

2. Build Affiliate Website With Wix

Our top pick for making money online remain affiliate marketing. You can earn some cash by building an affiliate website using Wix. Keep in mind that in 2019, content still reigns supreme.

How exactly can you make money building affiliate website with WIx?

2. Blogging

One of the best ways is blogging. You can use your blog to write products review recommending to your readers to buy a particular product.

You can be an affiliate for these products that featured on your blog and getting a commission when someone buying that product from your affiliate links.

Here, you don’t need to come up with additional capital in order to sell items. You no longer have to worry about branding or even getting other affiliates to widen your network just to sell an item. By becoming an affiliate, you can sell different types of products as you are writing your blog.

However, things are easier said than done. It takes a lot of effort in order for you to attract a particular audience. You may have to engage in social media marketing to promote your blog or write a content that can pass as a good post in the eyes of your target audience. Make this a regular thing and you can potentially see readers coming back to your website.

2.2 Adding Advertisements to Your Wix Website

This is an additional revenue method for your Wix Website. Adding advertisement banners to your current affiliate website such as Google Adsense, Infolinks or put your own rate for clients to place advertisements on your website space.

You need to have a decent amount of traffic before you start to add advertisement on your site. Which you need to learn how Wix SEO works. 

3. Sell Digital or Physical products on Wix

how to earn from website

You can sell any type of digital products using Wix online store such as ebooks, music, video, design assets, software and more.

Selling physical products is same as selling digital products, but physical products need to ship out.

As you know WIx is DIY easy to customize, just chose a template and start building your online store.

Easy setup. Just upload your product, set the price and place the “buy now” button anywhere on your website.

Instant Payout. Receive an instant payment via PayPal, credit cards & offline payments.

4. Dropshipping Using Wix

For the moment dropshipping with Wix is not possible, but they are working on it. But I found a way around it.

You can use third party Wix apps Ecwid to create your online store that integrates with these four dropshipping companies. Doba Drop Shipping, Wholesale2b, Dropshipp and Printful.

We recommend Printful among the four. Printful is a Print On Demand company that have products such as clothing, hats, socks, bags, phone cases and lots more.

5. Be a Wix Trainer

At this level you should be very comfortable and expert using Wix. You can consider teaching others how to use Wix.

There are certain area where Wix users are stuck and FAQ can’t find the answers. This is where you are there to offer your helping hand.

Create an educational website template to start with. Create your online course for students to enroll. Take this website as an inspirational Wix Training Academy. Michael Strauch offers in depth training on how to use Wix and also his services.

What other ways to make money on Wix?

It does take time and effort to build up in whatever method mention above. There is no short cut or cheat code to make it work overnight.

It is a great way to create passive income and traffic source using Wix. Have you heard of others way to make money on Wix? Feel to share and comment below.

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