Can You Make Money With Reddit? – 6 Ways To Do So

We all know how important backlinks and traffic are when it comes to making money online. While there is a plethora of ways on how one can effectively earn through the internet medium, one particular website seems to making noise around the subject of internet marketing. This website is Reddit. Can You Make Money With Reddit Reddit is a popular social bookmarking website which enables its users to promote and market their websites, URLS and products to potential customers. Each user can earn votes (either upvote or downvote) which provides better visibility for them should they get a good amount of upvotes. Reddit users are also ranked according to such votes – having more votes simply means a better ranking and potential for sales while lesser votes mean otherwise. While it is undeniably true that Reddit is a great tool to use whenever marketing or promoting a website or service. Can You Make Money With Reddit? The quick answer is yes! And here are a few ways to do so.

Revenue sharing with Reddit

One great advantage of choosing to work with Reddit for your social bookmarking ventures is that you get to share revenue with them. At the moment your registration is confirmed, you can immediately link their ads on your website. This is an automatic feature from Reddit that allows them to make money through your website while you do nothing. In return, you get a small portion of that amount that has been gained through your website. This feature alone can generate a good amount of money provided that it is used smartly. The best way to take advantage of this feature is to spread the Reddit ads on relevant pages of your website.

Product promotion

Of course the traditional way of promoting products can also help you earn a handsome amount of money. Using Reddit system, you can promote your products and services in no time without having to spend much. You can promote as many as you like using Reddit.

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The important thing to bear in mind in this regard is that Reddit comes with an amazing number of users and viewers which immediately converts to potential clients. Having millions of viewers see your promotions provides you with better chances of making a sale and thus earning more money while doing nothing. Once you have your Reddit posts up, all you have to do is sit back and relax as the views start to pour in.

Using the right keywords

So how will using the right keywords help you make more money on Reddit? We mentioned before that there are a considerable amount of users and potential clients in Reddit. This also translates to having more competition that might by doing the same thing as you – making money. Thus, it is important to be careful about the keywords that you use and make sure that it is unique to others. Reddit users will find topics relative to specific keywords and it is in here that you should focus. For you to find the best keywords to use, simply stay on the alert for what’s trending, popular and what many people are talking about on social media. As soon as you get the right keyword, you can immediately use them on your posts. Keywords are essential in making money in almost any website as these details will direct the potential client where to inquire or look for answers.

Upvote selling

One unique feature that only Reddit has is the Karma score. The Karma also serves like a scoring system for a user wherein it dictates how popular and trusted a user is if he or she has a good karma score. At the same time the low score also tells that the user’s website or business is not doing well thus can have problems building up viewers and clients. The only way to build up karma score is through votes coming from users. The bad thing about this is that it takes time before karma score builds up in a profile. To counter this problem, many thought of selling upvotes instead. As mentioned upvotes are those that help a business build views and potential clients which is why upvotes are very much valued.


Blogging as you’ve already known is an effective way to promote a product or service. Writing a blog will help you connect with your potential customers and convince them to buy your products or services. Linking your blogs to reddit provides you with better viewing opportunities. Reddit has millions of viewers that are also potential clients. The more blogs you publish and link to Reddit, the more potential profits you can have.

Account selling

Selling Reddit accounts can also prove to be a good idea whenever you want to make money out of Reddit. Like we have talked in the previous paragraph, a karma score is very essential since it tells users how much trusted the profile is. With this, there are many businesses and users who have already accumulated a good karma score and are willing to sell their account for a good price. By having to purchase an existing account with good karma score, a business or user will have immediate or existing viewers for his or her content. All the work has been done and all that is left to do is put up the links and posts.

Conclusion – Things to Consider

While Reddit is very much open to marketers and users that are looking to promote their businesses and websites, they also have a set of rules that needs to be followed. These set of rules ensure the credibility of the website as well as the users and help the Reddit community satisfy their specific needs. Also, users should be careful about their content and how they interact with others. Reddit allows users to interact with each other and they are not very tolerant against trouble makers. Whenever using or working with Reddit, just remember your manners and always be careful about your marketing techniques. Use white hat marketing or white hat SEO techniques for better results and to avoid getting downvoted.

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