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Cracked is one of the most popular websites that offer witty, entertaining, and highly informative articles that tackle different subjects ranging from movies to history.  The good news is that you can write for Cracked. The website accepts articles that are in list-form.

Are you looking to stay ahead in the game and have another stream of income? Now, Cracked can be a good form of side-hustle especially if you have the knack for writing articles. If you have some free time or if you are looking to hone your writing skills then why not get published on Cracked?


What You Need to Know About Cracked?

So what are the things that you need to know about Cracked? One, Cracked is an entertainment website. It offers articles with witty titles and even with a catchy voice that has established its popularity in the World Wide Web over the years.

Some examples of list-articles that they feature include:

  • 6 Insane Ways People Made Money Off True Crime Stories
  • 30 Iconic Performances That Were Actually Plan B (Or Plan Z)
  • 5 Movie Messages That Only Make Sense If You Ignore Reality

Given these titles that we have mentioned, you have an idea by now of what to expect from the website. As for the quality of content, you have to understand that they are strict when it comes to the process of publishing articles.

You have to understand that the articles are well written, not to mention it has a formula that makes it Cracked stand out from the rest of other websites. And just by reading the articles, it looks like their writers know quite well regarding the topics that they’ve chosen to write. In fact, Cracked make it a point to make the articles pleasurable to read for their visitors.

Next, you have to understand that Cracked is quite a popular website. Just by looking at the comments that the articles acquired, you have an idea that it has a healthy community of people who love to read entertaining articles. And for this reason, you have to understand that you have to put your best foot forward if you ever want to write for the website.

How to Write for Cracked?


By now, you might be thinking exactly how to do it. Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward approach that is offered by the website.

And yes, even by looking at the part on their website that asks you to write for them, it isn’t quite user-friendly. However, they have moderators that you can ask if in case you are having trouble in the process.

The first thing that you have to do is to check the “Write For Us” button that is located at the top right of the page. This is quite easy to find once you land on’s homepage. As for their conditions, the site says that they are willing to “pay you if it’s good”. So what’s good and what’s bad? That is up to editors to judge whether your writing meets the standard set by the website.

You will be led to join a forum dedicated to writers if you are serious about writing for them. They claim to not be too strict about any requirement what so ever before you can write for the website. Cracked claims that you just have to be passionate, creative, and respectful to get things started.

Next, once you have joined the forum, you will have to submit a pitch. If they accept your idea, then you will start writing your article later on.

In order to submit your article, you will be taken to the Cracked Comedy Workshop portion of the forum. Here, you will be able to read a number of helpful threads and an archive of articles that made it to the website. Here, you will have a solid idea not only what makes a good Cracked article, but also how to make something similar as well.

If you are successful with the steps that we have mentioned above, at that point, a moderator from the thread will give you more instructions.

How Much Are You Getting Paid?


According to their website, the first four articles will give you $150 articles each. And upon the next articles, you will start getting $250. That is actually a decent pay for outsourced work. And it even gets better from there. Cracked is also willing to provide additional bonus payment for those articles that end up on the top ten traffic pullers of the month. And for this alone, it’s an incentive for you to make the best articles that fit according to the readers of Cracked.

You will be getting the money from 3 to 10 days after the submission was made. And also, you don’t have to wait until the article is published. Cracked will tell you from the get-go that your article has been received.

To get the money, you will just need to have your PayPal account. You also have to fill out a simple online tax form if it is your first time getting published. Once you have filled that up, you are then ready to go.

Should You Be Writing for Cracked?

Should you be writing an article on Cracked? If you are the type who really loves to write, then perhaps you should do it. This can be a good addition to your portfolio as well if you decide to write for a living and if you are trying to build your clients.

Getting your content published on Cracked can be an achievement on its own. It only means that you have the knack for writing witty and highly informative content.  But if you fail the first time around, remember that it is also a skill that you can develop by continuously writing articles and learning from other authors.

Can this be a steady gig for you? Though we won’t actually suggest that you make it a full-time job, this can definitely give you a good source of income especially if you have already developed the style that Cracked is looking for in their author.


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