Can You Buy Kindle Someplace Other Than Amazon?

The recent advancements in technology now enable us to read books anytime and anywhere without bringing the actual book itself. How do you do this? Through kindle.

The kindle is a tablet-like hand-held device which is designed for reading books. It is presented with a platform that can also read and download audio files, movies, editable files and pages of books. Since it is very much light and portable, it becomes an ideal companion whenever travelling and whenever reading in the dark as it no longer needs lighting.


Among the most prominent sellers of kindle devices is Amazon. Although Amazon has proven to be a great marketer for these devices, there are still those consumers who have specific needs and requirements whenever reading their kindle books and when managing their files. So, we are now presented with the question – Can you buy Kindle someplace other than Amazon?

As a quick answer – there are actually a few alternatives to Amazon. Although the kindle products sold from other providers are also comparable to those from Amazon, they do have their own pros and cons, as well as features that users need to take into consideration.

Best Buy

Among the top contenders for Amazon kindles is the electronic store Best Buy. It also features the most popular as well as most talked about kindle books available today. One great thing about Best Buy is that it comes with a number of outlets that are easy to find in any state. Aside from kindles, they also provide a range of electronic devices such as computers, HD TVs, mobile phones, and many more.


Another alternative to Amazon for kindle devices is Target. Target stores provide a wide range of products for sale which are not only confined to electronic devices. They also offer furniture, clothes, as well as toys. They also have a wide range of accessories for any kind of devices. An advantage of Target stores among others is that they frequently offer discounts and promotions for better deals.


The office store Staples also offer kindle devices aside from the usual office supplies such as printing papers, book shelves, working stations, etc. Staples stores are also much like a one-stop-shop when it comes to electronic devices and office supplies. Buyers can find a range of electronics along with accessories and items used in the office. Just like Amazon, Staples also has a website where buyers can conveniently purchase. If buyers prefer to check the product physically, they can just make a visit to their nearest Staples store which is available almost everywhere.


Of course the number one competition of Amazon is also worth mentioning in this list. eBay features a wide range of products from papers to trucks and kindle devices are not exempted. eBay stores are known for their recent and most up-to-date products that are both very functional as well as affordable than other product dealers. eBay also provides product warranties which ensures that quality of items and products.


As a last option, buyers can also head to Craigslist postings for kindle devices on sale. Buyers can opt for the brand new or the used products which are much lower than the brand new ones. The only drawback when looking for things to buy in Craigslist is that it can take a lot of time and patients seeing that items and goods are only made available when someone is willing to sell them.

Things to consider when buying kindle

While you now understand that there are certainly alternatives to buying kindles from Amazon, you also need to make sure that you know what you are looking for in your ideal kindle. So to help you narrow down your choice of ideal kindle device, we will provide you with some of the things to consider.

3G or Wi-Fi

Kindle devices are designed with a couple of connectivity versions. You can either have the Wi-Fi version or the Wi-Fi version with 3G. The Wi-Fi version is definitely the cheaper version among the two however is not very flexible for 3G areas and devices. On the other hand, Wi-Fi + 3G versions are faster when it comes to performance as well as connection capability.

Colored Display

You can also choose to have your ideal kindle colored or not. In this regard, it is important to note where you will be using the kindle for. If you are looking to use the device simply to read books then the uncolored kindle may be enough. On the other hand, if you are looking to use the device for other purposes such as editing images, watching videos, and others then the kindle with colored display would be the better choice.


One thing that you should be aware of is that not all kindle devices have built-in lighting feature. This feature provides you with enough light for reading even in the dark. The only drawback of this feature is that it can drain the power of the device.

Size And Battery Life

Kindle devices are very much the same with tablets – they also feature a wide range of sizes. Whenever considering the size, simply think of its portability. Do you want a kindle that can be stored easily in your pocket or bag or do you want one that can be carried around like a big book.


Battery life is also something that you should consider with your kindle. The last thing that you’d want when reading is to make a sudden stop at the most crucial parts of the book because you run out of battery. Make sure that it can recharge a good amount of power to last for long hours.

There are simply a ton of options regarding kindle devices in the market today. While you now know that there are more stores available that offer kindle other than Amazon, you also know what your ideal kindle should be like. Knowing the available stores and the things to consider, you are now more confident in buying the ideal kindle device that suits your needs and your budget.

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