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Buying on Amazon vs. Ebay- Who is The Winner?

Buying on Amazon vs. Ebay

There was actually a time when eBay was the number one e-commerce giant online. But just like any other industry online, things can change quite fast. And today, Amazon is the new leader in e-commerce.

There are more dropshippers that make use of the Amazon than that of eBay’s platform. And this isn’t exactly surprising. Amazon offers a more lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs. Amazon sellers tend to earn more than eBay sellers. There are four times many sellers hitting millions in sales on Amazon’s platform than that of eBay. There is only 3.9% of eBay sellers that make over a million dollars annually while Amazon has 16.7%.

But as a buyer, it is important to still know what to expect from both platforms. Where exactly should you go if you plan on shopping? Keep in mind that both Amazon and eBay have their own pros and cons. In order to make a smart choice whether or not to go to Amazon or eBay, it is important to take a closer look at what both platforms can offer to the table.

amazon vs ebay

What makes eBay a good option?

A lot of buyers are looking for items that are actually going to be shipped from abroad. In this case, despite Amazon being the much bigger of the two e-commerce platforms, eBay actually has better options to its customers in this department. You can choose from eBay’s one-of-a-kind goods as well as crafts that you don’t see often on Amazon.

Also, do you plan on paying items for less? What made eBay popular over the years is their online auction. Here, it is possible to actually buy an item for less. But of course, it can also be a bit frustrating at times. Especially if you are going to buy a collectible or an antique that you don’t usually see in the market. You can already expect a number of other buyers interested in the item. In addition to this, eBay is the best place where you can buy used items.

Another reason why eBay typically sells items for less is due to the fact that it has lower seller fees compared to Amazon. This means that sellers tend to have the flexibility that they need when it comes to their item’s pricing.

What Makes eBay a Bad Choice?

Unfortunately, over the years, eBay hasn’t been the same. It has failed to keep up with the much larger Amazon. For instance, seller feedback is only limited to 80 characters or less. This means that you don’t usually get as many details to track customers’ experience from the transaction.

In addition to this, product reviews are quite limited. As a consumer, this can be quite difficult since you are buying items blindly without knowing the things you could expect from an item.

It is as if the platform has been designed to protect the sellers and not provide a transparency towards its customers. And lastly, there are fewer items available on eBay than that of Amazon.

What Makes Amazon a Good Option?


Amazon, on the other hand, is a good option since there are plenty of items that you can choose from. Amazon’s platform has a variety of common items from shoes to electronics. In addition to this, they also have a good number of sellers. In fact, 40% of the total sales of Amazon came from third-party sellers in 2014.

Also, you have to consider the reviews. Consumers typically take a closer look at what other people have to say about particular items before checking out. And for Amazon, you can get an accurate review of what to expect from an item. You can also easily choose the best products based on Amazon’s bestseller lists. This way, you can browse through the products that have the most reviews and pictures.

Amazon also incorporated services such as Amazon Prime wherein you are given free second-day shipping on many Amazon products.

What makes Amazon a good option is that you can actually replace your trip to the nearest department store. You can simply take a closer look at what they are offering and shop. Also, you have to consider the developments that Amazon has been developing lately including drone shipments. Though it isn’t fully implemented yet, this innovation can offer a different type of customer experience.

What makes Amazon a bad option?

amazon vs ebay

Since Amazon has a large network and it is the biggest e-commerce platform today, sellers tend to deal with a hefty seller fee of around 12-15%. This makes items found on Amazon a bit more expensive than on eBay.

Also, though most of the products have a free shipping option, you will have to spend more than $35 for you to no longer shoulder the shipping charge.

Amazon or eBay?

As a consumer, should you be choosing eBay or should you be choosing Amazon? Like what we have mentioned, both have pros and cons. It seems that Amazon has a much larger selection of items compared to eBay. However, eBay tends to have a more competitive pricing considering their lower seller fees.

However, the price isn’t the only thing that you should be looking into as a consumer. In fact, you could be buying an item that isn’t accurately described by the seller. You also have to judge your overall user experience and the quality of items that you are getting. Given the points that we have established, there is no denying that Amazon offers the better option between the two. It has the ability to replace the shopping experience that you get from malls and other shopping centers.

And not only that, the reviews found on Amazon are quite accurate. In fact, Amazon has been investing towards product reviews in order to ensure transparency for both the seller and the customer. On the other hand, seller feedback on eBay is only limited to 80 characters.

In fact, Amazon has even launched the Amazon Vine Program wherein they provide free products to its customers for the sole purpose of getting product reviews. Though it might sound like an unconventional method of getting reviews, the information that they produce about products are definitely well-written and highly informative.

And also, Amazon tends to improve their services. They are even already thinking of using drones to make deliveries more efficient for their customers.

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