how to make money with online poker

Busting a River of Gold

How To Make Money With Online Poker

The world is forever changing, and it will not stop spinning just because you want it to. You have to be strong, iron – willed, and adaptable. Opportunities will be flying in and out, in different forms and colors, sometimes in packages that one will not expect it to be in, that’s why you have to recognize the importance of grabbing what you can, when you can, because the mentality should be “earn, earn, earn”, not “yearn, yearn, yearn”. In the end, you’ll be just as surprised as I am, because I for one did not expect that a big sum of my earnings will come from an unexpected source, online poker.

Online Poker has been one of the biggest hits in the online gaming industry because it has evolved from being just a gambling game to an accepted sports and competitive event. People are now studying the game from a scientific point of view, teaching them how to calculate moves and make the best decisions possible. It has come out of its shell and has become the next big thing in the online gaming industry.

It took me around 6 months to get the hang of online poker, but in that time, I learned a few tricks in order to help me earn while I enjoy testing my perception and decision making skills. Here are a few tricks on how online poker can make some money for you, and rest assure that once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to achieve your goals in no time.


  1. Earn and Sell Chips

how to make money with online poker

Chips are really important because they serve as the currency for online poker. Although they have no real monetary value outside of the game, a large market of players tend to buy some just to get back in the game. You can use this opportunity with your earned chips and just sell them to those who really want to play. How do you earn them? Well by playing or by buying them yourself. But i would suggest you first earn some or spare some of those free chips you get when logging in or joining. Now that is where you will be getting your capital.


  1. Create and sell accounts

how to make money with online poker

Creating and selling accounts is like preloading or setting up a house or car then reselling. You can do this by creating an account and earning as much chips, experience and virtual gifts as you can then sell them to those who want to play with an advantage. There are a lot of people who don’t want to start at the bottom that’s why this is one of the most popular methods of earning money from poker.

  1. Offering Chip Loans

how to make money with online poker

For this all you need is a credit card and some good payment background from your buyer. I have had a lot of success with this because new players tend to lose their chips at a much faster pace, that’s why they come to me. I offer to buy them the chips with a little interest, around 5% is good enough to make a profit. Trust me, this will be faster than any other method of financing.

  1. Account Play Services

how to make money with online poker

Lastly, the best way to earn with online poker is by offering your skill as a poker player. I do this by asking for a playing fee from the client and I just play his or her account and get as many chips as I can to his or her account. Most of them are still new that is why they would like an experienced player like me to play for them so they can have a good time playing in the future.

Not bad right? You can earn while having fun and honing your skills as a decision maker. Its hard earned money I tell you, and nothing is better than that. Now after a hard day’s work, you can finally say to yourself, “I’m gonna sit down my couch with a six pack, watch Netflix and chill” without any guilt.

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