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PRODUCT NAME: Brand Builders



RATING:  8/10

There are different ways of marketing sales in the internet today. The most sought after sales funnels are affiliate marketing and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). These two channels are getting more popular among people who want to earn an income at the comfort of their homes and working remotely online.

Being in the digital business can expose you to a lot of data and information that you need to manage in order to keep track of your business. There are also tools and software that can now help you improve your ability to monitor the statistics of your income and sales performance and one of these tools is the Brand Builders.

Let’s take a look on what this product can help in your affiliate marketing and Amazon sales in this Brand Builders review.

What is Brand Builders?

The Brand Builders offers a tool and software that affiliate marketers and Amazon sellers can use in order to take control on managing their sales and marketing statistics while building your own brand online more efficiently.

Many sellers are widely using Amazon as a platform where to sell goods and services. Competition is very fierce with many competitors for the same product and you need to find ways to market your products outside of Amazon. Using PPC and promotions in Amazon may not be a good idea now as there are too many sellers competing with you.

Getting more exposure in Amazon is important in order to make a good sale but sometimes waiting for Amazon to feature your products can take forever considering there are millions of products being sold in the platform.

What Brand Builder software can do is to help you get better targeted traffic to your products and services in Amazon and help it rank high on Amazon search.

Brand Builders on affiliate marketing and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

In order to appreciate what Brand Builders can do to help boost your brand image and sales on Amazon, it is important to grasp the idea of affiliate marketing and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

With affiliate marketing you will be promoting certain products and services and will try to sell this out to your target audiences. This is a good opportunity to earn without costing much as an investment since you only need to subscribe as an affiliate of a certain brand and earn a commission for every sale you make. Sounds good right?

You earn more with better exposure online with affiliate marketing that is why many opt to build their own affiliate website in order to attract more audiences and potential customers.

You will also need to provide more content and create a funnel design on how to attract people to your site and make money out of the sales you make. Affiliate marketers often engage in email marketing and content marketing in order to reach their target audience.

Fulfillment by Amazon, on the other hand, allows you to sell your own products and services directly on the Amazon platform. Unlike affiliate marketing where you only sign up to sell the brand of others, you will be marketing and selling your own brand in Amazon. Some Amazon sellers need to promote their brand by using different marketing and FBA strategies to boost exposure online. By engaging in both affiliate and FBA marketing brand promotion is important. And this is where Brand Builders come into picture in order to enhance the opportunity of branding your products and services on Amazon.



Brand Builders Solutions

Brand Builders help in brand promotions by helping you get targeted traffic and ranking your products high on Amazon. You need not have to wait for Amazon itself to give your brand more exposure on its site.

By using the Brand Builder program you can pursue a more profitable branding exposure whether you are just starting to build your site or you need an upgrade to boost your existing site’s exposure.

Among the helpful features that come from Brand Builders solutions are analytic tools, niche and demographic analysis, front and back end web design, content and on page optimization and back linking development.

You can create a branded website create an email targeted list and re-targeted customers. You can easily create organic traffic in order to drive your Amazon sales in full force. These features will optimize the online marketing of your brand and Amazon business. With a professional brand marketing strategies you can enhance branding strategies on Amazon and gain better exposure to targeted audience for your business.

The Pros

(A) Brand Builders provides Skype support for 30 days for 24/7 which gives you an opportunity to learn more about using its features.

(b) Comes with a downloadable Amazon SEO tactics ebook for free.

The Cons

(A) The product is slightly on the high side with the Brand Registry Basic costing at $599, the Brand Launch at $2799 and Big Brand Domination at $4799.

(B) These plans are good for one-time fee only does not come with a refund term.


Brand Builders does offer quite an optimized solution for affiliate marketers and FBA sellers in promoting their brand and marketing to a target audience. Its analytic tools keep you informed about the current performance of your affiliate and FBA marketing and offer you solutions on how to improve your brand exposure organically.



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