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Amazon FBA: Private Label Work at Home Blueprint Review- Is It Really Worth It?

Product Name: Amazon FBA: Private Label Work at Home Blueprint


Owner: John Colley and Sergey Kasimov

Overall Ranking: 80 out of 100

Private Label Work at Home Blueprint Overview

amazon fba

A lot of individuals are interested in becoming more involved in today’s world of e-commerce. Why not? It is a trillion dollar industry that is still expected to grow in the next years.

Amazon, in 2015, made a whopping net income of $136 billion. It was reported that they have 310 million active customers. It is even said that 30% of online shoppers in the US have an Amazon Prime Membership. Unfortunately, a lot of interested individuals don’t know where to start.

Amazon FBA: Private Label Work at Home Blueprint teaches aspiring Amazon businesses how to use the platform to their advantage. The goal of this Udemy course is to minimize the time spent on learning ways on how to earn via Amazon.

Made by John Colley and Sergey Kasimov, both authors who are successful in their fields, the Private Label Work at Home Blueprint offers an interesting take on how to earn from Amazon’s Platform. What makes this course interesting is its updated information. Unlike other courses that don’t consider updating their information, they even added an Amazon  Best Seller Listing that can give you insights of the hottest niche that you can explore.

The Good

  • Simple and easy to understand concepts
  • Made by experts
  • Can potentially cut mistakes that cost a lot of money

The Bad

  • Not really for experienced Amazon business people
  • Textbook approach

Who Benefits from Private Label Work at Home Blueprint

amazon fba

A lot of people can benefit from the Amazon FBA: Private Label Work at Home Blueprint course. It can benefit primarily people who want to earn extra just sitting at home. With the help of Private Label Work at Home Blueprint, it can even help you develop a business on Amazon from scratch. It can also decrease the chances of making mistakes especially when dealing with suppliers or surviving in a highly competitive niche.

Unfortunately, though, there is really no guarantee. You can only be guided by this course regarding the most popular course of actions taken by some of the most successful Amazon sellers.

Individuals who are already experienced may find this course a bit too basic for them. However, it may also provide good insights especially if you still want to tighten up your screws when it comes to running your online business. It can also give you updates on the latest practices that you never noticed over the last months.

Private Label Work At Home Blueprint Tools and Training

Private Label Work at Home Blueprint has 6.5 hours of on-demand video tutorial plus 3 articles to get you ready for your Amazon venture. It also includes 13 supplemental resources that can come in handy, not to mention a bonus section.

The Private Label Work At Home Blueprint course has a number of interesting parts. For instance, you have the Business Strategy Overview Section wherein they discuss why you should use Amazon FBAA and questions that you want to ask yourself before you even decide to sell on Amazon.

They also give insights on how you can fast track your product research, something that a lot of experienced entrepreneurs even miss.

And to further give you a concrete idea on which products sell today, they’ve included a new bonus section which is the Best Seller Listings. Here, you’ll learn more about the best seller categories and subcategories. It also teaches you how to use the Visioko Omniscope which is a tool for data visualization and analysis.

Private Label Work at Home Blueprint Support

Since the Amazon FBA: Private Label Work at Home Blue Print is on Udemy, you can expect superb support from the makers of this course. This means that if you have any questions or inquiry regarding the discussion on their course, you can always feel free to ask them.

Private Label Work at Home Blueprint Price

amazon fba

The entire course costs $200. Included in this fee are 6.5-hour on-demand video, articles, supplemental resources, and a full-time access and access on both mobile and TV. Once you’ve completed the course, you will also be given a Certification of Completion.

But what is it really that you are paying for? If you are a beginner, you are paying for the chance to minimize confusion and mistakes when building your online business from scratch. As an experienced Amazon seller, it allows you to see new insights used by top e-commerce experts. For $200, you may be able to update what you already know and even make some of your usual practices more efficient.

Final Opinion on Private Label Work at Home Blueprint

Amazon FBA: Private Label Work at Home Blueprint is an effective tool that can easily teach you how to sell products on Amazon. It is a course that can help guide you in less than 7 hours, about everything that you need to know how to earn money using Amazon’s platform.

Should you be buying it? For $200, you get access to no nonsense information. Everything has been simplified especially for someone who has no idea where to start. Just by completing the entire curriculum, you can confidently say that you are already equipped with the needed skills that you will need to earn from Amazon.

However, it is a bit expensive. Let’s admit that $200 may be quite steep especially for an online course. Just by doing a bit of research, you will most likely encounter information that is just as good. You can watch YouTube videos and read blogs and see how these experts do it. The good thing about Amazon FBA: Private Label Work at Home Blueprint is that it is a ready-made solution that you simply need to dive into.

For someone who is already a seasoned Amazon seller, information may appear to be a bit basic. However, they are also providing you with useful insights and proven effective strategies that you may not be using. This can help to even improve your approach as an Amazon seller. However, it is quite pricey. But in terms of quality, it is one of those courses that you shouldn’t miss.

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