Amazon Affiliate Vs Amazon Sellers

Amazon Affiliate Vs Amazon FBA Sellers – Who Are The Winners?

Amazon Affiliate Vs Amazon FBA Sellers

FBA is an increasingly popular platform for online marketing. Fulfillment by Amazon offers business owners a great service that takes care of everything from packaging and shipping to customer support and returns, around the clock, worldwide. Obviously, there is a big difference between being an affiliate and a seller but both have their advantages as they offer different online venture opportunities.

The path of the affiliate means that you don’t need to come up with a product of your own to sell. Instead, all you need to do is find a good topic to cover, create a website and offer solutions to people’s problems by directing them to buy different products that in return will give you a commission.

Being a FBA seller often involves a bit more investment in both time and money before you can put something worth buying on the market. You not only need to think about production cost and profit, you also need to consider the fees per unit that Amazon will then charge to promote and sell your product worldwide. FBA is harder to start than affiliate but it can be significantly more profitable in the long run.

Let’s see exactly what both programs can do for your business, separately and when possible, together. Depending on what your industry is based on or what products you feel comfortable making and selling, it is likely that one platform will suit you better than the other.

Regardless of your decision, we will provide you with information on both revenue streams as well as recommend some other tools that are custom-made for beginners and marketing savvy business owners alike. Both platforms require more than just general knowledge and luckily, there are experts in the field always ready to support the growth of other businesses.

Online Marketing through Amazon

Amazon Affiliate Vs Amazon Sellers

It’s no big secret that Amazon offers a wide range of products, and that it is, in fact, one of the largest online retailers worldwide. You can find big brand names as well as small businesses by browsing their catalogs. If you are considering selling something or just want to earn a passive income, joining either the affiliate program or FBA platform is the way to do it.

Most of the time, being successful with either program will depend on your ability to generate quality content, dedicate time to monitor statistics along with your financial situation at the beginning of your venture. If you find a niche where you are confident you can get people’s attention, then, you can try to earn some revenue through affiliate marketing. If enough visitors are engaged on your site, they will also be likely to take your recommendations and purchase the products you promote.

The FBA platform will require more of an investment than just having a website up and running, paying for hosting, and lead generation. There are some guidelines that Amazon provides on how much money you need and what types of products are allowed. You don’t have to be earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to qualify but you do need considerably more than you would just as an affiliate.

How the Amazon Affiliate Program Works

Amazon Affiliate Vs Amazon FBA Sellers

If you already have a website and some decent traffic, it is a good idea to check how many products related to the niche you cover are available on Amazon and whether they are big sellers or not. Posting too many links on your site may cause you to lose visitors. Try to only promote the most relevant items instead of trying to get commission from everything that’s on offer.

A good balance between informative content and offering solutions is crucial to convince readers that you know what you’re talking about and you’re not just offering a website filled with ads. People can log on directly to Amazon and purchase from there so keeping the website interesting is a must if you want to have a chance of earning commissions.

If you don’t already own a website but are pondering how to set one up that can generate an income through affiliate links, there are a few services you can use that will teach you everything you need to know.

Human Proof Designs

This company can provide beginners with premade aged websites and on demand websites custom-made to cover your desired topic and help to promote useful products for your visitors. With the HPD done for your site, you have total control over what area you want to focus on.

HPD can offer more than just start-up sites. They provide support and advice on how to increase your chances of monetizing your website once it is up and running. They will notify you if the direction you want to go in can be profitable or not.

Hosting services and maintenance are also covered in the initial cost of the website. Furthermore, if you are interested in just passive earnings from affiliate marketing, HPD is also fully equipped to offer leads, content and anything else you need so that your website can grow, and you can focus on other projects you might have.

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Wealthy Affiliate

With Wealthy Affiliate you can take matters into your own hands. This platform revolves around teaching members how to build an affiliate marketing website from scratch. You will have access to tons of lessons that range from explaining the very basics of online marketing all the way up to generating leads, traffic, and going up in search engine ranks.

Apart from lessons, tools are provided for checking out the competition and real time statistics so that you can manage even multiple sites at once. While it’s not as easy as getting things handed to you by Human Proof Design, if you have an interest in learning more about this industry, Wealthy Affiliate has got you covered.

You can choose to start immediately or soak up as much knowledge as possible and then go online with a very professional and efficient website and business plan.

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Amazon FBA Sellers

The FBA platform does things a bit differently when it comes to earning money online. This is not a passive revenue stream but it is a way in which you can outsource some of the most time consuming aspects of running a business, straight to Amazon. You can think of it as having an online store that handles everything from taking orders, packaging, shipping, returns and customer service. If you sign up, you won’t have to handle those aspects of running your business.

This Amazon service will allow you to focus your energy and time into designing new products, worry strictly about manufacturing, and spend more time with your loved ones. Although this is not a free service, the fees associated are well worth paying rather than investing more into office space, storage space, branding, and generating traffic to your own website. Small businesses that produce attractive and consumer-friendly products can benefit the most from using the FBA platform.

Here are a few programs that can help you get started on becoming an Amazon FBA seller.

Amazon Bootcamp with Courses on Starting a Business

As we’ve said, the FBA platform can be your ticket to having more free time to dedicate to your loved ones. What better way to learn how to achieve this than to learn from a successful family-run business? The Selling Family is also known as the Amazon Bootcamp and they offer every bit of information you need to succeed as a FBA seller.


A great way to get started is by reading their eBook “Why Selling on Amazon Works” which is free and offers plenty of beginner-friendly advice. After that, you can start following their courses which have been designed to take you from the lowest knowledge base possible to excelling as an expert in the field.

The lessons they offer are somewhat set in stone but don’t think that they don’t do follow-ups for every single emerging online trend. This family is dedicated to showing others how to achieve financial success and have peace of mind while doing it. So, whenever strategies need adjusting, they will provide the tools and guidance necessary. They often give out tips and tricks on how to find the trendiest niches and also speculate on what products may increase in popularity in the near future.

After you complete a couple of the intermediate and advanced courses, you will notice that some principles of succeeding with FBA can also apply to an already existing business. This is awesome because you don’t have to be a beginner to benefit from the Amazon Bootcamp. Even if you are already selling your product, you can learn how to increase your sales and reduce certain costs by choosing to let the FBA platform do most of the work for you. The boot camp learning curve is just steep enough, and you’ll come away with a whole load of know-how and motivation to apply what you’ve learned.

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Jungle Scout University for Private Label

Jungle Scout is a highly acclaimed product tracker, database, and niche hunter which is essential if you plan on making a good income. Because using FBA means that you will pay Amazon for a service, finding a good balance between costs and profit is not always easy unless you have a super popular item that is guaranteed to sell like crazy.

Jungle Scout can help you in two ways. If you are just starting out and are planning to manufacture product and sell it through FBA, using this software will show you all the latest trending niches and popular items on the market. In case you don’t have any ideas at the beginning, using the database from Jungle Scout is not only highly recommended but also necessary so that your investment can have a better chance of turning a profit.

If you are already selling a product and plan on branching out through the FBA platform, then Jungle Scout can give you a nudge in the right direction. By providing you with detailed statistics on your niche and information on the competition, you will waste less time trying to come up with something on your own without the guarantee of revenue.

This three-in-one platform can do everything from giving you ideas to actually providing guaranteed avenues of success. It doesn’t matter whether you don’t know what you’re doing or think you have vast amounts of experience, this is a must-have tool for all FBA sellers.

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Affiliate marketing has been a booming industry for many years and some still make a killing from such websites. Nowadays, if you plan on starting up a similar venture, you just can’t expect to get rich quickly. Because so many have already taken this path, the competition is fierce and more dedication is required to make a living this way.

More and more people tend to lean towards becoming FBA sellers because there is a lot more profit to be made when you’re actually making your own product instead of settling for small commissions from other companies. It can require a bigger investment and you need to follow some very strict guidelines but as long as you can create something worth buying, letting Amazon take care of more than 60% of the customer service aspects is a good idea.

After completing several courses and gaining a better understanding of the ins and outs of online marketing, you will see that in certain niches there is room for combining both platforms. By partnering up with another seller that offers a complementary product to your own, or even an accessory that wouldn’t be in your interest to manufacture, you can then help each other boost sales and earn commissions.

There is no right or wrong when debating whether or not to be an Amazon FBA seller or Amazon Affiliate. Depending on what your niche is and what you can or cannot sell, your choice should be easy to make. Of course, there is no reason why a combination of both marketing tools cannot be used to your advantage so that you can benefit from multiple revenue streams.

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