Brand Genesis Review Brand Genesis Review – #1 Recommend Amazon FBA Private Label Course

Name: Brand Genesis
Earning Potential: Part Time or Full-time income
Price: Free 30 days access to all training $39 monthly
Who is it for? Anyone – from newbies to experts
Owners: Matt Clark
Rating: 98/100 – Outstanding Brand Genesis Review


Just imagine with the first 30 days of free access to learn valuable knowledge, tips and marketing skill for Amazon FBA business is a steal. You are allowed to access all other courses with the period of time granted to you.
It’s a program tailor make for people who like to learn about starting an Amazon FBA Business from scratch, scales up their business, marketing tactic and lot more.

Click Here to Get 30 Days Brand Genesis for Free Brand Genesis Walk-through – Step By Step Training Video

It is really a hand holding training course with step by step video which you will need to follow and take action. You need to apply what you learn. It consists of Part 1 Welcome Series and Part 2 Brand Genesis

Part 1 – Welcome Series

1. Welcome to Brand Genesis
2. A Quick Overview of this Business Model
3. Your Pre-Release Action Plan
4. Your $1000+ in Software Discount (Optional)

Part 2 – 24 Episode of Video Training

1. Picking a Product and Contact Supplier
2. Creating a Brand Name
3. Ordering Samples & Establish a Brand
4. Facebook Ad Campaigns
5. Evaluating Samples
6. Communication with Supplier
7. First Inventory Order
8. Lead Capture System
9. Keywords Research
10. Sales Copy & Brand Voice
11. Amazon Listing Bullets & Description
12. Creating a Product Launch List
13. First Products Goes Live on Amazon
14. Autoresponder Email & Amazon Sponsor Ads
15. Amazon Sponsor Ads Strategy
16. Amazon Marketing Services
17. Gathering Reviews With AMZ Tracker
18. Ads Check Up & Inventory Inspection
19. Domain Negotiation & Trademark Application
20. Feedback Genius Fix & Aweber Promotion
21. Promotion Check-in & Photography
22. Domain Purchase & Hello Profit Tools
23. Out of Stock & Lighting Deals
24. The Finale!

Click Here to Get 30 Days Brand Genesis for Free

More Hidden Goodies

There lot of hidden goodies within the membership. There are tons of training to be grabbed. You can’t believe that is giving away so much of goodies just to let you learn as much as you can. So you can give more to boost your business. Brand Genesis Review

Let don’t get overwhelmed and just focus on the business model of Amazon FBA. Let me hand pick a few that I am learning as well.

Amazon Private Label: Sourcing in the USA

Easy to Follow: Amazon FBA For Beginners

Amazon Taffic Blitz

The list can go on which add to your business knowledge in near future.


• Unlimited income potential – the more you put into it, the more you get out of it
• Work for yourself at your own pace
• No previous experience needed
• Excellent and easy to follow step-by-step training program
• Support from industry experts in the community
• New training update
• No upsells
• Free 30 days membership
• Learn to build a real online business


• It can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning with lots of information. But if you focus on the Brand Genesis and take one hour a day and apply what you learn. You will see awesome results

• You may end up just enjoying the video series like watch movie. ( It depends on you to convert it into action)

Important Notes

As you know selling on Amazon FBA platform you need to invest money. This is not avoidable. It is good to know what to sell in the very beginning. This is not about affiliate marketing, drop shipping or providing a service online. So set a realistic budget to get started in this business.

Support Brand Genesis Review

The community is friendly zone where newcomers on board introduce themselves. Look for the topic you need answered or simply open up a new question and help will come your way.
You can directly approach anyone by sending message to the person for advice.


This is a great platform by Brand Genesis. It is endorsed by Second Skill Studio as #1 Recommend Amazon FBA course for newbies to season sellers.

It covers minor and major aspect of the business model and there is no pressure at all to sign up as pay member. As I mention right in the beginning, it is a steal to get access so much of awesome training course. I can’t wait to welcome you on board and see your success story.

Click Here to Get 30 Days Brand Genesis for Free

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